ASIS 2011: the power within our community

It’s been a year since we announced our rallying cry for the Tyco Security Products’ business, “the power within,” representing the individual and collective strengths of our American Dynamics and other flagship brands, our employees and our partnerships. We’ve sought to recognize the unique characteristics of our internal talents in engineering, worked to expand and refine the integrations between our flagship products, and recognized industry partners for their expertise in our technology and dedication to our products.

ASIS 2011: The Power Within Our CommunityThis year at ASIS 2011, Sept. 19-22 in Orlando, we’re introducing the next evolution of that rallying cry, “the power within our community.” This concept extends the power within Tyco Security Products outward, in recognition of our commitment to partnerships, collaboration, and communication. We also recognize that those affiliations, so crucial to our success, depend on you — our partner, customer, and colleague. We invite you to join our community and experience the power of these shared relationships and unique talents that make our company and community an exciting, diverse and vibrant environment. Some benefits of becoming a member of the Tyco Security Products Community include free webcasts, try and buy programs, new releases at a glance, and more!

To illustrate the diversity and size of our community at ASIS we’ll be debuting our Tyco Security Products Community Mosaic – a fun, social, and interactive experience for security enthusiasts that will tighten the community in which we live. Join our community today and we will add your photo to our growing mosaic of talented, likeminded security professionals. On or about Sept 9, 2011, the Sponsor or its agent will select the names of the first 50 respondents to the contest. The winners will be mailed an Amex gift card in the amount of $25.

Your photo will be added to our booth mosaic and if you are planning on attending ASIS, stop by booth #2101 to upload your photo (again!) and you could instantly win one of 25 prizes, including iPads, Nooks, and cash!

Have an idea for our community? Leave us a comment telling us how to help make our community more beneficial.

Digital Video Recording: Don’t be the Next YouTube Sensation

Digital Video Recording

Being the next YouTube sensation can have its perks: instant fame and fortune, endless media attention, and maybe a recording contract or two. Unless you’re trying to be the next Justin Bieber (and presumably most security directors are not), having video of your organization viewed on millions of computer screens and mobile devices around the world, is the last thing a head of security wants to see. This is particularly true when the clip originated from your video system.

The exploding popularity of sharing video on sites like YouTube and a host of others, makes it far more likely that embarrassing or potentially harmful video from your parking lot, emergency room, office lobby or conference room could end up as the viral video of the week. Remember the YouTube video of the security footage showing a woman falling into a mall fountain because she was walking and texting? This was made much worse because of the security officers laughing in the background as they replayed the CCTV footage of her fall from multiple angles.

Modern Video Management Systems (VMS) are becoming increasingly more sophisticated by providing necessary protections to prevent digital video from being easily exported from a video management solution. These checks and balances are extremely important, not only to prevent embarrassing or potentially liable moments from becoming public, but they also provide necessary internal controls. Multiple layers of clearances and access rights among authorized users are vital when it comes to the crucial role some VMS systems play within an enterprise.

Gone are the days when surveillance footage was solely an asset used by the security department alone. With the widespread use of video, footage captured by surveillance cameras is now an informational resource used by many different departments for multiple functions within an organization. By enabling different access levels and additional layers of protection in these systems, video can be shared at the appropriate levels, providing maximum security.

Video Management Systems have greatly improved with regards to security and functionality. Find out more on how those improvements provide a solid foundation for future systems by reading Video Management Advancement, an article published in Security Technology Executive.

Author David Jackson is senior product manager, video solutions, American Dynamics.

Let us know how your organization is protecting your surveillance video by leaving a comment. What other concerns do you have about securing video content?