Digital Video Recording: Taking it mobile

Have you ever heard of these scenarios? A building manager gets a call at home in the middle of the night because the senior VP of one of her largest tenants can’t gain access to the building for some important documents and his identity can’t be verified by onsite staff. A security director of a petrochemical company is traveling to one of his company’s more remote facilities and hisassessment of some video footage is needed while en route. A police officer is responding to a call of a traffic accident and video from the camera at the intersection nearest the scene could help him better respond to the situation. Mobile security is already here and helping people like these, and many others, perform their job more effectively and efficiently.

digital video recording taking it mobile Not only has the mobile device become a ubiquitous part of our personal lives — sharing family photos with friends, making restaurant reservations, winning that final round of trivia on game night — but it’s an increasingly critical tool in the business environment. We’re already well accustomed to having instant communication with colleagues and customers and access to the business intelligence we’d normally have only in our office.

Extending this access to video surveillance systems — as well as to physical access control and other business management functions — is a natural extension of our new, portable business environment. Having the functionality to remotely control PTZ cameras in real time or search recorded video from anywhere and not just in your organization’s command center — extends the reach of your security and minimizes time and equipment needed on site. Being able to access security data in the field or elsewhere on a mobile device can add value to your security system, by enabling other departments or business functions within an organization to have mobile access to surveillance video or other security data useful to their operations.

And as far as our building manager, security director, and police officer go, gone are the days of having to be present to verify identities, lengthy incident review processes, and inappropriate accident responses due to incomplete information. Today, the building manager is able to verify the identity of the senior VP on the lobby cameras and grant him access to the building’s elevator and to his office on the 13th floor, all from her iPhone sitting on the nightstand. The petrochemical security director is able to aid his staff in the appropriate incident response while waiting for his connecting flight to Abu Dhabi. And the police officer is able to call for additional assistance to the accident scene after seeing footage from the traffic camera, before he even arrives, that the crash was more serious than first reported.

Without a doubt, mobile applications are changing how security professionals conduct business on a daily basis. What’s in store for the future? Have an opinion; leave us a comment.

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Beyond CCTV: Growth within Tyco Security Products

Recently we had the pleasure of announcing our exciting plans to grow our intrusion technology portfolio. With our signing of an agreement to acquire Visonic Ltd a few weeks ago we expect to be officially welcoming them into the Tyco Security Products fold very soon. We’re thrilled with our plans to acquire this unique and innovative company that has deep roots in the security industry and strong strategic sales channels. It represents a key opportunity for us to increase our market presence in the intrusion space in key global markets.

While this is a major move for our intrusion portfolio, it’s only one area of growth within Tyco Security Products. Acquiring new technologies has historically been part of our strategy, but our investments into R&D and engineering are also a significant driver behind the inventive solutions we strive to continually offer the market. The push for continued product development and for integrationsbetween our different technologies is a hallmark of our individual brands and of Tyco Security Products as a whole.

To insure our roadmap development and integration plans are supported and evolve to meet the changing needs of our global customers we continue to make investments into the resources required – like engineering and product management. In fact, in 2010 we added about 200 new employees worldwide, with the greater majority of these new resources being engineers. The hard work of our combined product teams and other valued employee resources has enabled Tyco Security Products to retool each of our major product offerings over the past two years to ensure that we maintain a competitive edge and continue to offer relevant solutions to today’s security issues.

Beyond CCTVLast month at ASIS we had the opportunity to show the industry some of the fruits of this talent pool. Several recent new innovations have been added to our product portfolio,including some that made their debut at the show. Our newIMPASSA wireless intrusion system offers a unique feature set including two-way wireless functionality, an integrated communicator for secure alarm communications and a distributed wireless approach for easier installation and setup.

On the video side, we introduced a new version of our victor unified video client and VideoEdge NVR, furthering our strategy to simplify video management for large sites like airports, hospitals and universities. This means easier prioritizing and sharing of video within the facility’s operations center for improved response time. In addition, our easy-to-install Illustra IP video camera family continues to grow, with the addition of the Illustra 600 minidome camera.

Finally, our access control offerings – Software House’s C•CURE 9000 and Kantech’s hattrix securityservice platforms – continue to break new ground in their respective segments of access control and expanding new possibilities for large and small organizations alike.

Armed with these recent advancements and the power within our individual brand legacies, I look forward to the accomplishments we will achieve in the next six months as we gear up for ISC West.

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