Digital Video Storage | the Impact of the Thailand Flooding

Even though the flood waters in Thailand have mostly receded, the flooding caused by record monsoon rains this year has had a significant impact on the storage industry. Almost one-third of the world’s hard drive manufacturers facilities were under water this fall and some areas remain flooded. As a result, storage device manufacturers have been challenged with keeping up with demand, driving up the cost for storage by as much as 50 percent.

Low supply and higher prices present several challenges for the security industry, which requires enterprise-class hard drives that are designed for continuous, 24/7 operation. Not all hard drives are created equal. While consumer grade hard drives can often be less expensive, security industry recording requirements need to be more reliable and to continuously read and write multiple video streams simultaneously. As a result, security Hard Disk Drives should never be low-cost consumer drives such as those used in a desktop or laptop computer, as these components were not intended to process information 24 hours a day.

digital video storage

Systems integrators need to be vigilant when it comes to buying hard drives for their customer’sdigital video storage needs. Here are a few simple tips to follow:

  • It’s important to know where your products are coming from and to work with a reputable supplier in the industry that will maintain product integrity. The cheapest storage device is not always the best.
  • Since most integrators don’t have the financial backing to maintain large inventories of hard drives, be sure to maintain a dialogue with your vendor about your storage needs for future projects. Provide your solution provider with a list of upcoming projects so you can get your order in early, avoid wait times and perhaps save some money.

It will take several months before the hard drive storage industry returns to normal and inventory levels to recover. In the meantime, it’s important for Tyco Security Products customers to know that we are working closely with our hard drive storage device suppliers to maintain inventory levels of our various storage solutions and to ensure that we continue to deliver quality products to the marketplace.

Lets us know how you have been affected by the hard drive shortage by leaving a comment below.

Tyco Security Products looks ahead to new opportunities with Visonic

Approaching the end of yet another year makes us all reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the past 12 months and look ahead with optimism at the year to come. Our outlook for 2012 at Tyco Security Products, particularly for our intrusion portfolio, is especially exciting as we begin the process of integrating new technologies, new employees and new vision into our already dynamic organization.

Visonic logosLast week we announced the completion of our acquisition ofVisonic, a global developer of wireless intrusion and personal emergency response systems. Based in Tel Aviv, this nearly 40-year-old company has proven itself as a fellow innovator in the wireless space. Along with that innovative spirit, Visonic brings to Tyco Security Products strong sales channels in Europe and a state of the art manufacturing center in Israel.

The addition of Visonic to our intrusion business will add not only complementary geographic coverage in sales and distribution but additional technology platforms for several Tyco Security Products brands to leverage. The company’s newly introduced PowerG long-range wireless technology will further our goal of making inroads into the emerging commercial intrusion market.

And there’s so much more this acquisition adds to our portfolio.  Visonic’s personal emergency response systems bring those capabilities to our lineup for the first time, along with additionalexpertise in RFID tracking through Visonic’s flagship Elpas technology. We envision that in combination with our existing access control brands, this active RFID technology will enable us to offer new strategic benefits to customers in markets such as healthcare and corrections, providing us the ability to add not only people tracking but asset tracking for loss prevention and business management purposes as well.

Along with the great technology platforms, Visonic will add about 500 new employees and state of the art manufacturing and R&D facilities in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Gat, Israel to our fold. These facilities will be used in tandem with our own R&D and manufacturing locations in Bridgeland and Toronto, Canada.

Above all, we were most pleased to find this caliber of a company that shares not only complementary technologies and presence but some of the corporate values we hold dear — customer focus, quality, creativity and integrity. That alone will make our work of coming together as one organization much more seamless and more immediately beneficial to our customers, employees, and shareholders.

We hope you will join us in welcoming the Visonic family to Tyco Security Products and we look forward to the new possibilities that our expanded team can create for you.