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Small business security applications (less than 17 cameras) make up nearly 50% of the market share in video system installations, and yet, many small business owners are faced with legacy systems, expensive storage, or inefficient cameras that are too complicated to manage and monitor. Many video system manufacturers offer, “good, better or best” packages, which puts small businesses at a disadvantage if they want to implement the same high level of security as larger facilities. Let’s face it… whether it’s a large healthcare facility, medium-sized retail store, or a small business location, each need to protect their people, property and intellectual data.

small business video security optionsA much better option comes from manufacturers who offer the same high caliber solutions, in small, medium, and large packages. This makes it easier for small businesses that may require 16 cameras or less to install and maintain their security systems, while utilizing the feature sets and integration capabilities once reserved for large, commercial systems.

Most small businesses have no need for hundreds of cameras or around-the-clock security officers. Their individual requirements, however, are just as unique as any other security application. For example, a large daycare facility may need continuously recorded video during its daytime hours while children are present, but only motion-triggered recording at night in the event of a break-in.

A variety of plug-and-play camera types and storage options make it possible for small applications totailor a customized solution to their needs at an affordable price. Small business owners find high-level features in these systems from basic video analytics and alarm features to mobile device management and alerts. Choosing the appropriate type of camera and feature sets is particularly important for small business applications to maximize their investment, while answering their specific security needs.

For example, the number of hours that a business needs continuously recorded video has a direct impact on the amount of video storage capacity required for that system. And while storage can be expensive, utilizing the latest video compression technology can provide high-resolution video in a small file size helping to keep storage costs down. This allows a small business owner to focus on maintaining a high-level of security, without taking on the large overhead.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes for small businesses is the accessibility of IP video solutions. For those with existing analog cameras, turnkey hybrid systems make it possible for small businesses to take advantage of the superior performance of IP technology without discarding their analog cameras.

IP video systems offer higher-resolution, crystal-clear video quality with vibrant colors, and better performance in low-light conditions. For those of us used to the high-quality and portability of images captured on smart phones, IP video solutions are a comparable reality. Not only does the switch to IP offer clearer images and easier to manage video, but particular applications demand it: such as retail for monitoring cash registers or banking for surveying ATM vestibules.

With the technology that is now available, high-quality, high-level video systems for the small business world is more obtainable than ever before, allowing business owners to focus on the other important aspects of running their companies.

For a more detailed overview, please watch a recording of my recent webinar covering small business options for video security.

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