Facial Biometrics Improve Investigation Time

VideoEdge introduces facial biometrics for immediate detection and verification of individuals. Facial biometrics includes the VideoEdge system’s ability to identify faces in the camera’s field of view and distinguish if they match known faces in the system.


With facial biometrics, VideoEdge users can quickly conduct a SmartSearch to automatically find a matching face and view the associated corresponding video. First, users can index and capture faces. This allows security operators to quickly identify criminals, terminated employees, VIPs and other persons of interest. Easily search for persons across the entire enterprise to discover facial matches.

American Dynamics Facial Biometrics screenshot

How Does It Work?

VideoEdge users can enroll faces into a database. Users can save up to 1,000 faces per NVR enrollment database. From there, VideoEdge will match multiple points on a detected face to the images stored in the enrollment database. If it matches a specific number of points on the face to one of the stored images in the database, then it alerts the user. The points it users are face, mouth, nose, ears, eyes and distances between each.

The facial biometrics engine is built in to the powerful VideoEdge NVR eliminating the need for an additional server. Housing the intelligent feature within the recorder reduces operational costs and improves efficiency.

Integration with Access Control

VideoEdge users can utilize the facial verification feature with victor Unified and Software House C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform for a complete, unified solution. Access control card holders are immediately detected and verified. If the system detects an unauthorized card use, operators receive instant visual notification.facial biometrics_swh access control integration

How Can I Order Facial Biometrics?

There aretwo licenses required to activate each video surveillance deployment. You must order a minimum of a camera license(s) and enrollment database license. One enrollment database license is required per unique enrollment database deployed or replicated across NVRs.


Strategies to Avoid Security System Downtime

All of your customers want to avoid system downtime, but yet it continues to be an issue. When it comes to building security, they simply cannot afford to risk any downtime. If the video management system (VMS) software, access control system or other building security systems go down, it can mean sites are compromised and risks increase, often with serious consequences.

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