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VideoEdge Go Mobile App Now Available for Android

The VideoEdge Go mobile app is now available for Android devices. Access live and recorded video from your VideoEdge network video recorders with the VideoEdge go mobile app. This allows you to conduct investigations and stay up to date on activity in their facilities any time of day from your mobile device.

VideoEdge Live Video

VideoEdge Go allows users to:

  • Immediately view and respond to events from anywhere any time of day
  • Download free for any number of users
  • Search and playback recorded video
  • Save images and video clips to device image gallery to quickly send via email or text message
  • Create fixed views from multiple recorders or sites for easy daily use
  • Control PTZ cameras or perform digital zoom functions

The latest mobile app version supports VideoEdge 4.2 and higher. Android v4.4 and above is recommended.

Download the app now
VideoEdge Go App

The VideoEdge Go mobile app is also available for iOS.

If you have any questions, contact your local sales representative.

Providing Storage Security to a Diverse Customer Base

Concern for security and privacy has become part of modern life, both personally and commercially. Whether it’s storage of a hospital’s sensitive medical documents, an individual’s family heirlooms, or a small business’s legal files, everyone wants to be assured that their valuables are kept as safely and securely as possible.

Storage SecurityIn turn, storage businesses are expected to meet every customer’s needs and requirements and to provide broad and specialized levels of security for their stored goods, no matter what the type. It is not uncommon for businesses in the storage industry to face challenges in providing this level of highly individualized and effective storage security, especially with many storage facilities being located in open rural areas and only protected by a chain link fence.

Due to their location, and the contents contained within, storage facilities can be an easy target for thieves. In June, two people were arrested after witnesses saw them stealing tools and a pressure washer from a storage facility in East Gadsden, Ala. Police expect the suspects to be connected to a string of storage unit break-ins in the area.

Even though Kentucky Underground Storage, Inc. is situated in a unique and discrete location, it invested in upgrading its security solution to greatly improve its security coverage and capabilities. KUSI, located near Lexington, Ky., is a family-owned business that has been in operation since the late 1970s.

The company wished to expand their surveillance coverage, and update their cameras to provide varying types of security for their customers. KUSI needed better review capabilities in order to replay surveillance video and zoom in with clarity and detail when needed. The facility also wanted the ability to zoom in and clearly capture the image of a face and/or vehicle, in order to identify and monitor visitors, and sought to improve the security of its parking lot.

To meet their multiple needs and those of their customers, KUSI and integrator, Tyco Integrated Security, chose Illustra HD cameras from Tyco Security Products. The Illustra HD cameras provide high-definition, clear video that can be accessed easily and consistently by KUSI employees.

In addition, KUSI’s system includes remote monitoring, an essential for its security staff. Remote monitoring lets the company’s staff track surveillance from anywhere, via a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. With its new system now in place, KUSI can upgrade cameras as needed, without replacing its entire security system.

Security is not just a necessity for large corporations, hospitals and schools, it is also a necessity for a variety of smaller businesses who need to provide ongoing protection of their assets and those of their customers.

Read more about KUSI’s security upgrade.


What questions do you have about HD IP security cameras? Leave me your question in the comments section below.

Keeping Eyes on Home with Video Surveillance System

Busy professionals are always trying to keep up with activities at home. As one of the U.K.’s premier broadcasters, Gabby Logan’s job has taken her to Poland, Ukraine, South Africa and back again.

The former gymnast turned sports presenter began her broadcast career in 1992 as a radio personality, and then quickly expanded into television with Sky Sports, ITV and BBC. Gabby has covered the London Olympics for BBC and England’s football team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2012. Gabby also served a short stint in Brazil covering England’s football team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, making a quick return to the UK to present from the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland beginning in late July.

To balance full time careers and life at home, Gabby and her husband Kenny, an ex Scotland International Rugby star, realized that they needed to implement some type of system that would allow her to keep an eye on things at home while she took care of business on road. Whether gone for the day, or away on a trip thousands of miles from England, a home security system that incorporated video surveillance was the solution Gabby needed to stay connected to her family when Kenny was back at home in charge of the family and property.

Working with Vindex Systems in West Sussex, a specialist integrator of CCTV, access control and automatic number plate recognition solutions that works with both public and private sector clients, the Logans selected a system from Tyco Security Products’ American Dynamics range that incorporated the VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Illustra 600 indoor/outdoor IP Mini-Dome cameras.

Using a monitor at home, Gabby and Kenny can actively watch the video from the cameras on the grounds, or view recorded video with the VideoEdge NVR. The system even allows the Logans to save snapshots of specific video images.

Video Surveillance SystemBut the real selling point of the system was the ability, through an iPhone application, to watch live and recorded video from her home surveillance system from anywhere she may be. Now, Gabby has the ability while on the road to check on her home, her family, and any situations that may occur through the VideoEdge Go app.

VideoEdge Go is a full-featured video surveillance viewer that delivers added value to the system and enhances the day-to-day experience by facilitating remote monitoring and forensic investigating from anywhere.

The free, downloadable app works with Logan’s iPhone or other Apple iOS device. And because the video is streamed via a wifi, 3G or 4G connection in H.264 rather than MJPEG, it takes up less space on whatever device she is using.

While England was competing in the World Cup in June, Gabby was onsite with the team, but also in touch with home through her surveillance system and the VideoEdge Go app.

Download the Gabby Logan case study for more details.

Small Businesses | Big Video Options

Small business security applications (less than 17 cameras) make up nearly 50% of the market share in video system installations, and yet, many small business owners are faced with legacy systems, expensive storage, or inefficient cameras that are too complicated to manage and monitor. Many video system manufacturers offer, “good, better or best” packages, which puts small businesses at a disadvantage if they want to implement the same high level of security as larger facilities. Let’s face it… whether it’s a large healthcare facility, medium-sized retail store, or a small business location, each need to protect their people, property and intellectual data.

small business video security optionsA much better option comes from manufacturers who offer the same high caliber solutions, in small, medium, and large packages. This makes it easier for small businesses that may require 16 cameras or less to install and maintain their security systems, while utilizing the feature sets and integration capabilities once reserved for large, commercial systems.

Most small businesses have no need for hundreds of cameras or around-the-clock security officers. Their individual requirements, however, are just as unique as any other security application. For example, a large daycare facility may need continuously recorded video during its daytime hours while children are present, but only motion-triggered recording at night in the event of a break-in.

A variety of plug-and-play camera types and storage options make it possible for small applications totailor a customized solution to their needs at an affordable price. Small business owners find high-level features in these systems from basic video analytics and alarm features to mobile device management and alerts. Choosing the appropriate type of camera and feature sets is particularly important for small business applications to maximize their investment, while answering their specific security needs.

For example, the number of hours that a business needs continuously recorded video has a direct impact on the amount of video storage capacity required for that system. And while storage can be expensive, utilizing the latest video compression technology can provide high-resolution video in a small file size helping to keep storage costs down. This allows a small business owner to focus on maintaining a high-level of security, without taking on the large overhead.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes for small businesses is the accessibility of IP video solutions. For those with existing analog cameras, turnkey hybrid systems make it possible for small businesses to take advantage of the superior performance of IP technology without discarding their analog cameras.

IP video systems offer higher-resolution, crystal-clear video quality with vibrant colors, and better performance in low-light conditions. For those of us used to the high-quality and portability of images captured on smart phones, IP video solutions are a comparable reality. Not only does the switch to IP offer clearer images and easier to manage video, but particular applications demand it: such as retail for monitoring cash registers or banking for surveying ATM vestibules.

With the technology that is now available, high-quality, high-level video systems for the small business world is more obtainable than ever before, allowing business owners to focus on the other important aspects of running their companies.

For a more detailed overview, please watch a recording of my recent webinar covering small business options for video security.

Watch Video Solutions for Small Businesses webinar


As a small business owner, what concerns do you have about your security system?
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Security: There is an app for that

mobile security apps

If there is a smart phone in your pocket, purse or briefcase, then chances are you are also someone who has downloaded an app—or 10 or 20, or probably even more.

As mobile networks have advanced since their inception in the 1980s, so too have the capabilities of the devices we use. It’s pretty much standard practice today to have a built-in camera, GPS capability and voice activation in our smart phones. Apple, creators of the iPhone, offers more than 650,000 apps, which have been downloaded more than 30 billion times. And Android, the other leader in this field, is close behind.

In the security world, creating apps to go with the smart phones that travel with us wherever we go helps to extend the capabilities of existing security products, whether it’s a video management system or the software tied to an access control product. But the key goal in creating these apps isn’t to replicate what security professionals or even homeowners are doing on their desktops, but ratherapps should be about creating a value-added user experience.

In some instances, that may mean using these apps, developed with security in mind, for non-security purposes. A retailer, for instance, who already has security cameras in place and is able to monitor them via a smart phone app, could also use this same video for monitoring inventory as it moves in and out of the stockroom, or for evaluating staffing levels at certain times of the day. Manufacturers could use those same security-developed apps for supervising product flow in the factory, or movement of those items within the warehouse.

Of course, anytime security is involved, there is a concern about protecting the information. Fortunately, those who are developing apps for the security field are ensuring that the proper authentication processes are in place.

So where are we likely to see the app world heading in the next few years, especially when it comes to security? Consider the concept of near field communications (NFC) —a standard whereby smart phones in close proximity can carry out transactions or exchange data. Developers are also exploring the use of a single app to bring multiple, independent systems together on a single platform, such as connecting video monitoring, event management and access control. This is an example of a great value-added for the end user, which is what apps should be all about.


What non security related tasks are you performing with a security-developed app? Leave us a comment below with your examples.

Digital Video Recording: Taking it mobile

Have you ever heard of these scenarios? A building manager gets a call at home in the middle of the night because the senior VP of one of her largest tenants can’t gain access to the building for some important documents and his identity can’t be verified by onsite staff. A security director of a petrochemical company is traveling to one of his company’s more remote facilities and hisassessment of some video footage is needed while en route. A police officer is responding to a call of a traffic accident and video from the camera at the intersection nearest the scene could help him better respond to the situation. Mobile security is already here and helping people like these, and many others, perform their job more effectively and efficiently.

digital video recording taking it mobile Not only has the mobile device become a ubiquitous part of our personal lives — sharing family photos with friends, making restaurant reservations, winning that final round of trivia on game night — but it’s an increasingly critical tool in the business environment. We’re already well accustomed to having instant communication with colleagues and customers and access to the business intelligence we’d normally have only in our office.

Extending this access to video surveillance systems — as well as to physical access control and other business management functions — is a natural extension of our new, portable business environment. Having the functionality to remotely control PTZ cameras in real time or search recorded video from anywhere and not just in your organization’s command center — extends the reach of your security and minimizes time and equipment needed on site. Being able to access security data in the field or elsewhere on a mobile device can add value to your security system, by enabling other departments or business functions within an organization to have mobile access to surveillance video or other security data useful to their operations.

And as far as our building manager, security director, and police officer go, gone are the days of having to be present to verify identities, lengthy incident review processes, and inappropriate accident responses due to incomplete information. Today, the building manager is able to verify the identity of the senior VP on the lobby cameras and grant him access to the building’s elevator and to his office on the 13th floor, all from her iPhone sitting on the nightstand. The petrochemical security director is able to aid his staff in the appropriate incident response while waiting for his connecting flight to Abu Dhabi. And the police officer is able to call for additional assistance to the accident scene after seeing footage from the traffic camera, before he even arrives, that the crash was more serious than first reported.

Without a doubt, mobile applications are changing how security professionals conduct business on a daily basis. What’s in store for the future? Have an opinion; leave us a comment.

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