exacqVision Command Line Interface Released

exacqVision Command Line InterfaceWe’ve officially released a major part of the Software Developers Kit for the exacqVision client .  The exacqVision Command Line Interface (eV-CLI) allows the playback of selected recorded video thru a customized, configurable exacqVision client window from within any application.

An access control system may want to display a live video window from a camera pointed at a doorway when the door sensor indicated the door has opened.  A POS data management application may want to open a searched video window from the camera and time corresponding to a particular transaction.  The exacqVision Client supports these types of applications by being highly configurable thru the eV-CLI.

All of the attributes of eV-CLI are specified in a user-defined XML file.  Variables include layout and position attributes of the exacqVision window, the server name or IP address, camera, serial and audio inputs, and search attributes.

A translation program is also included for applications such as POS systems which may not map directly to the eV-CLI.  This translation program also includes an editable XML which specifies the mapping of POS terminals to inputs on an exacqVision server, and maps the time format of the POS system to the Unix time of the exacqVision server.

One of the new features of last week’s exacqVision Version 2.6 release is exacqReplay, which provides immediate playback of any live video.  exacqReplay also utilizes eV-CLI for its operation.

eV-CLI manual and source code are available on the Exacq downloads page

exacqReplay utilizes eV-CLI for its operation
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