exacqVision Version 2.7 Released

exacqVision Version 2.7 ReleaseWe have just released Version 2.7 of the exacqVision IP video surveillance software. This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision systems, continues our quest to issue incremental releases (about every six weeks) in response to customer-requested features and enhancements.

Version 2.7 can be downloaded here.

Key features in the Version 2.7 Release:

  • Virtual Matrix Switching & Event Monitoring – a powerful new feature for alarm monitoring and assessment
  • Increased Data Authentication – secure, accurate and defendable video authentication
  • Panoramic IP camera support – support for panoramic cameras from Arecont Vision and CBC America
  • Playback Enhancements – more FF/RW control
  • ePlayer enhancements – substantial feature enhancements to ePlayer, the player that is automatically included with video exports
  • Enhanced audio support

Here are some of these features in detail:

Virtual Matrix Switching & Event Monitoring
Version 2.7 adds full virtual matrix switching functionality, plus event monitoring and acknowledgement to exacqVision. Whether you’re running exacqVision in a single-monitor mode or in a multiple-monitor mode, the new feature enables video pop-up alarms, immediate playback and assessment, and acknowledgement of alarms.  This is a powerful new feature, and is best explained in the video clip we posted a couple of weeks ago:

Increased Watermark Authentication
exacqVision Data AuthenticationVersion 2.7 adds a substantially increased secure level of watermark authentication on exported video using the industry standard, NIST-approved Hash Message Authentication Code, or HMAC.  For any export of video, regardless of the number of cameras, types of cameras (analog or IP), or length of export, the entire export is authenticated with HMAC.

This is a highly secure, accurate and defendable means of verifying the authenticity of any frame of any camera in the video export.  The authentication would not pass if any frame of any camera had been modified, deleted or added. 

New Panoramic IP Camera Support

Arecont Vision – Added support for the Arecont panoramic cameras, models AV8180 and AV8360.

CBC America – Added support for the CBC America MP8D panoramic camera

The complete list of exacqVision supported IP cameras is available here

Playback Enhancements
exacqVision FF/RW enhancementsPlayback of video is now enhanced through unlimited acceleration forward of backward by pressing the FF or RW button. Go from 1x to 2x to 4x to 8x to 16x and on and on.

ePlayer enhancements
exacqVision ePlayer Substantial improvements have been made to ePlayer, the program that accompanies exported video.  ePlayer is included with all video exports and allows the viewer to play back exported video in the same way it was recorded without needing the exacqVision client or system. 

ePlayer allows for simultaneous camera playback, just as it was recorded, and allows the viewer to perform additional searches and exports, as well as save and print individual frames, and more.  Numerous enhancements have enabled ePlayer to have most all of the functionality of the exacqVision client, including:

  • Digital PTZ – zoom in and pan around any video frame while the video is playing
  • Status information – new options to enable display of camera names, time stamps, alarm mode, and more.
  • Enhanced FF/RW – clicking on Fast Forward and Rewind buttons now allows unlimited speeds forward and backward, just like the new feature in the exacqVision client.
  • HMAC Authentication – ePlayer allows the viewer to quickly verify that the video is authentic using the enhanced HMAC authentication added to exacqVision.

Numerous Enhancements
A long list of enhancements accompany the 2.7 release, including:

  • improved audio playback support for Axis and ACTi IP cameras, as well as exacqVision Pro Hybrid audio inputs
  • enhanced Arecont Vision IP camera performance
  • various bug fixes

As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings.  Version 2.7 of exacqVision is available on our Downloads page.

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