exacqVision Version 2.8 Released

exacqVision Version 2.8 ReleaseWe have just released Version 2.8 of the exacqVision video surveillance software, for all exacqVision Hybrid and IP NVR systems. This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision systems, continues our quest to issue incremental releases (about every six weeks) in response to customer-requested features and enhancements.

Version 2.8 can be downloaded here.

Key features in the Version 2.8 Release:

  • Multi-Monitor Drag-and-Drop – drag any video camera into any monitor in a multi-monitor client
  • Instant Zoom Box – instantly zoom in on any selected area of the screen on both live and playback
  • New IP Camera Support – support added for Vivotek IP cameras, as well as the new Sentinel Series of external IP cameras from IQinvision
  • Exhanced Axis IP Camera Features – support for Axis’ new HTTP Digest Authentication
  • Expanded PTZ Procols – Bosch, GE-Impac, GE-ASCII PTZ protocols added
  • Searched Image Export Enhancements – quick copy searched image to clipboard

Here are some of these features in detail:

Enhanced Multi-Monitor Mode
Drag-and-Drop videos between monitors

exacqVision Multi-MonitorVersion 2.8 has significant enhancements for running multiple monitors on a client station.  Perhaps the most significant is the ability to drag any video camera – either the video window or the camera name from the camera tree – into any other viewing pane of any other monitor.

Creating video walls, or having specific functions in each monitor: viewing in one, search in another, event monitoring in another, the multi-monitor mode of the exacqVision client is very powerful.

Video Demo – We’ve created a video demonstrating the capabilities of the exacqVision multi-monitor mode, which you can view here:

Instant Zoom Box
Press Control-Z in the exacqVision client, and use the mouse to draw a rectangle around any area of an image for instant zooming to that section of the image.

Enhanced Axis IP Camera Support

Axis CommunicationSecurity – To further strengthen the security of their video products, Axis added support for HTTP Digest Authentication in most of their products. HTTP Digest Authentication is used for more secure authentication over both HTTP and RTSP.  exacqVision Version 2.8 now supports Digest Authentication in Axis cameras.

Enhanced PTZ Presets – Version 2.8 adds more robust PTZ preset modes for the Axis 212, 215 and 233D cameras.

New IP Camera Models Supported

VivotekVivotek – Added support for the entire line of 6000-series and 7000-series Vivotek IP cameras.

IQinvisionIQinvision – Added support for the new Sentinel Series of all-weather outdoor POE IP cameras.

exacqVision IP camera supportThe complete list of exacqVision supported IP cameras is available here

New PTZ Protocols Supported
Bosch and GEAdditional PTZ protocols for analog PTZ cameras for use on exacqVision Hybrid Servers have been added.  These new protocols include Bosch, GE-Impac, and GE-ASCII.

exacqVision Linux Status
Exacq at ASIS 2007 8We are getting closer to officially releasing the Linux version of exacqVision.  For our current Linux Beta Testers, we have updated the exacqVision Linux release to Version 2.8 as well, and you can download that using the same download links we provided you initially.

The first release of exacqVision Linux will be based on the Ubuntu 6.06 distribution, and will be identical in form and function in every way to our Windows version of exacqVision.  Both client and server will be available in Linux versions across our product line.  You can freely mix and match: Windows clients can be connected to Linux servers, and vice-versa.

We anticipate releasing exacqVision Linux by the end of November, 2007.

We continue to make a great deal of progress with our feature set.  We released Version 2.0 in December of 2006, and have had steady releases every few weeks since then.  Here’s our growing list recapping some of the recent release highlights:

Version 2.7 Release, August 8, 2007
– Virtual Matrix Switching & Event Monitoring
– Increased Data Authentication
– Playback Enhancements
– Panoramic Camera Support

Version 2.6 Release, June 19, 2007
– exacqReplay
– Joystick Support
– Shortcut Function Key Support
– New Wide-Screen Modes

Version 2.5 Release, May 7, 2007
– Bandwidth Throttling
– View Tour & Enhancements
– Enhanced exacqRecall

Version 2.4 Release, March 27, 2007
– Arecont & Panasonic IP Camera Support
– Audio support on Axis Cameras
– Time-Lapse Mode
– Pre-Motion Recording

Going back further, we had IP Camera Finder in Version 2.3 (Feb 07), Multi-Monitor support in Version 2.2 (Jan 07), and many, many other enhancements and bug fixes.

As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings.  Version 2.8 of exacqVision is available on our Downloads page.

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