exacqVision User Manual Updated

exacqVision User ManualWe’ve updated the exacqVision User Manual.  This latest version incorporates all of the new features up through Version 2.9, including the IP megapixel camera cropping, the right-click instant camera properties, and a detailed discussion on the Manual Events function; how to set up these soft triggers to manually trigger a variety of actions.

As always, the exacqVision client contains the full, up-to-date, context-sensitive Help file that can be accessed from any screen or function from within the application, and contains the same material as the User Manual.

The latest exacqVision User Manual is dated February 20, 2008, and is available for download on our Downloads page, or can be downloaded directly here:
http://www.exacq.com/reseller/evmanual-022008.pdf (13.0 MB)
(requires reseller password)  

exacqVision User Manual

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