exacqVision integration with Micros 9700 POS System

Micros 9700 integration with exacqVisionWe have just released evMicros, the Micros 9700 HMS Point Of Sale System integration with exacqVision VMS.

The Micros 9700 is a widely used point-of-sale solution in the leisure and entertainment marketplace, and links POS transactions, back office functions, and guest management capabilities. Video surveillance capabilities are included to provide playback of digital video from within the auditing tools.

evMicros.exe, the exacqVision-Micros 9700 integration program, integrates a Windows-based exacqVision system with a Micros 9700 server via the Micros Video Security System Interface. evMicros separates the combined device data from the Micros 9700 server into individual streams for display on the exacqVision system. evMicros runs as a service on the exacqVision system, and each device is configured inside an XML settings file.

evMicros.exe and associated documentation is available for download here.

exacqVision serial-over-IP port setup for Micros 9700

exacqVision integration with Micros 9700 registers

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