exacqVision 4.7 released

exacqVision 4.7Version 4.7 of exacqVision Video Management Software has just been released. This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision Hybrid and IP video surveillance systems, incorporates new features and enhancements, and continues our quest for rapid, incremental updates.

Version 4.7 is available for download here. Key features in the 4.7 Release include:

  • Enhanced Search Page
  • New Client Login/Logout capability
  • Dewarping for 360-degree lenses and cameras
  • New Enterprise Notifications page
  • New camera additions and enhancements

Here are some of the features in detail:

Enhanced Search Page
Version 4.7 has a freshly-designed search page, the first of many search page improvements coming. The new search layout is more intuitive, and includes a number of new search features, including the ability to set start time and end time. The search results appear in a dynamic timeline that scales appropriate to the start and end time parameters. The cleaner layout enables more screen real estate for the video windows.

exacqVision Search Page in 4.7

A close-up view of the new search bar is here:

exacqVision 4.7 search page closup

The new Search Page is in the 4.7 versions of exacqVision Start, Pro, and Enterprise.

Client Login/Logout
A new enhanced security feature in version 4.7 adds the ability, on a per-server basis, to require user login for each connection. This new setup option appears on the Add Systems page:

client login in Version 4.7

When that login parameter is chosen, a prompt for user login credentials will appear when attempting to connect to that system:

The new Client Login is included in the 4.7 versions of exacqVision Start, Pro and Enterprise.

Real-time Dewarping for 360-degree cameras
Support has been added for real-time dewarping for 360-degree cameras and lenses, including those from ImmerVision. Expanded Digital PTZ Settings on the Camera Setup page enable configuration of the 360-degree parameters:

In the fully zoomed-out mode, the camera shows the entire view in the warped mode:

Using exacqVision’s Digital PTZ, you can zoom in and pan around the image in a fully dewarped mode. You can also set up multiple camera views, giving the effect of multiple, individual cameras watching different parts of the viewing field:

ImmerVisionThe full line of Panomorph lenses from ImmerVision are supported:
  – IMV1-1/3
  – IMV1-1/3NI

ImmerVision issued their own press release on exacqVision support here.

The new dewarping function is available in the 4.7 versions of exacqVision Start, Pro and Enterprise.

Enterprise Notifications page
A new feature added to exacqVision Enterprise is the Enterprise Notifications page. This is a new item in the "My Enterprise" tree:

Enterprise Notifications enables the configuring notifications for all exacqVision Enterprise-enabled servers from one screen:

exacqVision enterprise notifications

IP Camera Enhancements and Updates
There are numerous additions, tweaks and enhancements for the various IP camera plugins in Version 4.7, including:

Zoom support has been added for the full line of KCM-Series cameras from ACTi.

Support has been added for the new AV20185DN and AV20365DN 20-Megapixel panormaic cameras from Arecont.

ArktanSupport has been added for the AT-16SD180-N 180-degree panoramic camera from Arktan Systems.

BoschEnhancements to the exacqVision Bosch ONVIF driver include support for encoding interval parameter, as well as frame rate for the supported cameras from Bosch.

IQeyeSupport has been added for the new  IQA33 and IQA35 Alliance Pro models from IQeye.

OnvifEnhancements to the exacqVision Samsung ONVIF driver include multi-profile support and H.264 support for the supported cameras from Samsung.

PelcoNumerous bug fixes, as well as added support for the Sarix PTZ cameras from Pelco.

SamsungEnhancements to the exacqVision Samsung ONVIF driver include multi-profile support and H.264 support for the supported cameras from Samsung.

SanyoSupport has been added for the new VDC-HD3500 and VDC-HD3300 HD IP cameras from Sanyo.

VivotekSupport added G.711 audio for all 8000-series and some 7000-series models from Vivotek.

Recent Releases
With this release we continue to make rapid progress with exacqVision, and incremental releases have hit about every 2 months. A large number of new features have been added in a short period of time. You can see the full release history of exacqVision here:
exacqVision Release History

Download and Installation
As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions can always be downloaded from the exacqVision Downloads page, or you can click on ‘Check for Updates‘ within the ‘About‘ box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

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