Exacq ranked #4 on IBJ’s 2012 list of fastest-growing Indianapolis private companies

Indianapolis Business Journal Indiana 100 supplement 06-18-12This week’s Indanapolis Business Journal contains the annual Indiana 100 supplement listing the top 25 fastest-growing Indianapolis-area private companies. Exacq Technologies ranks #4 on the 2012 list. The IBJ ranked the companies based on revenue growth from the fiscal years 2009-2011. Last year Exacq ranked #7 on the list.

In addition to the list, the IBJ also had an article that highlighted the top ten companies. The feature on Exacq begins:

Exacq Technologies Inc. President Dave Underwood shows potential clients a video of a jewelry store customer palming a $47,000 three-carat diamond ring. He explains that with older, analog technology, even though the robbery would have been caught on camera, you couldn’t have seen the sleight of hand because there wasn’t enough resolution in the pictures. But with the Internet protocol megapixel cameras, you can see exactly what’s going on.

That video helps Exacq, which develops the software that manages the security cameras that are ubiquitous in businesses and public buildings, win over new customers who need video surveillance to protect their inventory, work force and clients.

The article goes on to talk about Exacq’s value path for customers:

Underwood said Exacq offers a product line that allows clients to integrate the high-resolution equipment while retaining their older technology. So instead of replacing all their equipment, clients can add cameras where it makes sense. Exacq integrates the cameras with its software and systems, and retrofits the analog cameras with a modern system. Underwood compares the upgrade to replacing your home or office computer every few years to update technology. Because security cameras are standard equipment everywhere from banks to fast-food restaurants, Exacq’s growth has been exponential.

“People are willing to switch out when there’s a value in switching out to the new technology so you can see something you couldn’t see before,” Underwood said. “And that’s one of the reasons we’re growing rapidly.”

The full article can be read here. The list can be viewed here.

Exacq ranked #4 in 2012 Fastest-Growing Indianapolis-Area Private Companies

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