Exacq Announces S-Series

Archiving Storage for exacqVision Edge
The new S-Series Network Storage device provides a fully integrated video and audio archive solution for exacqVision Edge cameras. Simultaneously search local and network stored video with no special steps required. Easily administer exacqVision Edge cameras and S-Series storage devices using the free exacqVision client interface.

Expand Edge Camera Storage

S-Series Edge Storage Expansion

Archive High-Value Video and Audio or Everything

S-Series Archiving

High Performance Archiving

S-Series High Performance Archiving

Flexible Scalability
Available with 4 -32TB of raw storage space per S-Series. Add multiple S-Series devices to increase archiving capacity.

Visit the exacqVision S-Series page, or the product catalog for more information. To learn more about exacqVision Edge, click here.

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