Prism Skylabs Integration with exacqVision

Prism SkylabsExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new integration with Prism Skylabs. This integration gives exacqVision customers a turnkey solution to more effectively manage their business, including:

  • Powerful analytics, from foothpaths to counting to product lift
  • Infinite cloud storage of data and images
  • Real-time access to enhanced and privacy-protected images that can be viewed on a phone, laptop, or tablet

Prism Skylabs’ cloud service service analyzes video from any exacqVision system camera to create easy-to-understand visual summaries and reports that can be simultaneously accessed by any number of users. The visual summaries and reports help business owners understand traffic patterns and user behavior in the store.

Prism Skylabs Pathmap example
Prism Skylabs Pathmap Example

Prism Skylabs Heatmap Example
Prism Skylabs Heatmap Example

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

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