exacqVision 5.10 Released

The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 5.10 is now available. This release adds additional two-way audio functionality, event source groups, over 150 new and updated IP camera integrations and more.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the new Enterprise System Manager (ESM), a solution for increasing the uptime of your exacqVision servers across the enterprise.

exacqVision 5.10exacqVision 5.10 is available for download at https:exacq.com/download

New exacqVision 5.10 features include:

New IP Camera Support

We’ve added support for over 150 new IP cameras models in the exacqVision 5.10 release bringing the total number of IP cameras supported to over 1650.

American Dynamics

Illustra FlexexacqVision 5.10 supports the American Dynamics Illustra Flex 1MP and 3MP complete product line. These bandwidth efficient cameras include 3D noise reduction and true night mode with IR cut filtering.

  • ADCi600F-Xxxx
  • ADCi800F-Xxxx

This release also includes a native driver for the American Dynamics Illustra 625 PTZ and 600/610 series compact domes.

  • American DynamicsADCi625-Pxxx (PTZ)
  • ADCi600/610-Mxxx (compact mini-dome)
  • ADCi825 (upcoming fisheye)


Over 14 new Samsung models added to the exacqVision 5.10 driver, with improved PTZ control and faster connectivity. Models included:

  • SamungSND-5083, 5084, SNV-5084
  • SNP-5300, 5300H, SNP-6200RH
  • SND-6011R, SNO-6011R, SNV-6012M
  • SNV-6084
  • SNP-6201, SNP-6201H
  • SNF-7010
  • SNO-7082R

Other IP Camera Model Integrations

The exacqVision 5.10 native driver now supports these IP cameras:

  • IP CamerasAxis
    – M3024-LVE, M3025-VE, M-3026-VE
  • Arecont
    – MegaBall 2 series
    – MegaView 2 series
    – MegaDome 2 series
  • Sony
    – SNC-CX600W cube
    – 5th gen hybrids
  • Canon
    – VBH41
  • Hikvision
    – 20+ models
  • Pelco
    – New Sarix lines
  • Ganz
    – New models

ONVIF IP Camera Integrations

  • ONVIF CamerasDSC
  • Digimerge/FLIR/Sunell
    – 20+ models
  • Dahua
    – New models
  • DRS Technologies
    – Thermal camera
  • Hikvision
    – 1 and 4 channel 67xx encoders
  • KT&C
    – multiple new ONVIF models
  • LG
    – 10 models
  • Oncam Grandeye
    – Fisheye camera
  • ViewZ
    – Public view monitors

OncamNew Client De-Warping Support

The exacqVision 5.10 release also includes the following de-warping support:

  • Integration of the Oncam de-warping SDK
    – ONVIF conformant Evolution series
    – Support for Windows
  • ACTi and InAxsys Integration of the ACTi de-warping SDK
    – Support for ACTi KCM-3911, KCM-7911
    – Support for Inaxsys IN-DI4MHEM
    – Support for Windows and Linux clients

Two-Way Audio – Phase II

Phase II of the exacqVision two-way audio offering now supports audio output to IP cameras with audio output. Phase I supported IP audio output from the exacqVision server.

exacqVision Two-Way Audio

Phase II of Two-Way Audio works with the following Axis and Arecont camera models:

  • AxisAxis
    – P-Series (except P3353/P3354)
    – Q-Series
    – M-1031, M1033, M1054
  • Arecont VisionArecont Vision
    – All models with -A designation
    – Must have firmware 65218 or later

Event Source Groups

This new feature allows users to set triggers based on a combination of events. An action will be triggered if ANY or ALL events in a group are true, depending on the configuration you have selected. Grouping events helps improve the accuracy of triggered actions by creating advanced event linking rules.

Example Use Case 1

Event Source Group Example 1

Example Use Case 2

Example Case 2

Exacq Mobile version 3.2 User Interface Update

Exacq MobileThe Exacq Mobile version 3.2 App for most smartphones and tablets including iOS (Apple), Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone 8 has been updated with user-friendly icons and user interface improvements. Download a copy of this free app for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Total refresh of the user interface
  • Faster to navigate
  • Easier to use

Exacq Mobile Downloads

Enterprise System Manager

In conjunction with the release of exacqVision 5.10 comes the new Enterprise System Manager (ESM). ESM replaces Enterprise Health Manager. This version of ESM provides extensive server health monitoring across the enterprise. ESM monitors and alerts administrators when critical server specifications fall out of normal range. This proactive monitoring tool helps large installations improve uptime and diagnose problems before they become critical. ESM is supported on exacqVision systems with an exacqVision Enterprise VMS license.

    • Maximize uptime of your exacqVision Enterprise servers with constant server health monitoring of more than 25 events such as storage warnings, temperature alarms and disconnected cameras
    • Instant health assessment of all exacqVision Enterprise servers from anywhere using the intuitive dashboard to visually confirm the health of all exacqVision servers from a PC browser, tablet or smartphone.
    • Highly flexible e-mail notifications allow individual users, or groups of users, to be e-mailed real-time or periodically. Sleep easy knowing you will be notified of critical problems without being bugged about minor issues.
    • Reduce software maintenance time with scheduled software updates. In a matter of minutes you can schedule hundreds or thousands of servers to receive the latest exacqVision features. Minimize business interruptions by scheduling updates during off hours.
    • Monitor camera health and events to confirm camera uptime and proper positioning.

Enterprise Systems Manager

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