exacqVision 7.2 Release Simplifies Access Control Management & Searching

The latest version of the exacqVision video management system (VMS), version 7.2 is now available.

Watch the exacqVision 7.2 Release Overview video

Kantech EntraPass Integration for Seamless Management of Entry Points

KantechThe exacqVision 7.2 Kantech EntraPass integration provides users with the ability to control doors and locks directly from the live view page of the exacqVision client. Door controls can be associated with cameras using exacqVision Camera Links. This integration puts the most needed access control commands at the operator’s fingertips to vastly improve response time to critical alarms and events.


The integration displays door status on maps and allows for configuration of Event Linking actions triggered by EntraPass door status alerts. All exacqVision users can see the door status on linked cameras, but must input Kantech permissions to operate doors.

Kantech EntraPass Camera Links are available for:

Kantech Camera Link Events

Setup Indicators Save Significant Installation Time

Setup Indicators, available in exacqVision Professional and Enterprise with a current Software Subscription Agreement (SSA), guide installers through common configuration options to optimize their exacqVision configuration. These indicators, available only to Power Users and Admins, provide guidance on configuring motion detection, ensuring network connectivity, changing default passwords and more to ensure no installation steps are missed during configuration.

Power Users and Admins have the ability to dismiss all indicators of a certain type, for a specific system or just individual indicators. By double-clicking a setup indicator, the user is taken directly to the associated page to configure.

exacqVision Setup Indicators

Setup Indicators Include:

      • Network connection less than 1gb/s
      • No motion window set for camera
      • Motion recording scheduled, but camera doesn’t support motion
      • No email servers configured
      • Camera time is too far off
      • Server time is too far off
      • Server is using default password
      • Camera is connected to more than one server
      • Not enough licenses for all cameras
      • Client cannot listen to audio (no speakers)
      • Client cannot use 2-way audio (no mic)
      • Client disk space low
      • Client unable to connect to server
      • Estimated content & estimated archive content age
        • If the disk is not yet full, the client will predict the estimated retention

List Search

The new exacqVision 7.2 list search feature gives users another search option in addition to the Timeline and Thumbnail search features. With list search, users can greatly reduce investigation time when reviewing video associated with events, such as point-of-sale transactions, access control, and other data events. List search is available on exacqVision Start, Pro and Enterprise VMS software.

With List Search, users can:

      • See a summary of the total number events in the search
      • View an animated thumbnail of the search result
      • Adjust the size of the preview thumbnails
      • Quickly filter search results without resubmitting search query
      • Sort search result by columns

exacqVision List Search

AD/LDAP Improvements

exacqVision Enterprise AD/LDAP has been improved in this release, allowing configuration of multiple servers at one time. AD/LDAP is now supported on exacqVision Edge platforms. In addition, SSL encryption has been simplified and Service Principal Name (SPN) can now be generated from the exacqVision client.

Multistreaming Client Options

The new exacqVision 7.2 multistreaming client options improve bandwidth management in exacqVision, providing users the option to:

      • Treat all streams as “quality” streams
        • Streams with different fields of view normally register as “ROI “ streams and display as different cameras
      • Option to hide quality streams in navigation tree
        • Rely on exacqVision to pick the best stream


push notificationsWeb & Mobile Client Updates

Exacq Mobile now includes Push Notifications, allowing users to push notifications to a mobile device when an event occurs, even when the mobile app is closed. Exacq Mobile app users can open the event in the triggered state from the notification.

In addition, the web client now supports native H.264 video encoding. This reduces the transcoding load on web servers, increasing server capacity.

ESM Alerts for Quicker Monitoring of Important Events

In Enterprise System Manager, administrators can prioritize events in order of importance. The ESM rules engine can now be used to create alerts. Alerts can be promoted to display only the most important events in the dashboard for quicker monitoring and more effective security management.

New IP Camera Support

We have added support for more than 65 new IP camera models in the exacqVision 7.2 release and updated over 325 test records. exacqVision now supports nearly 3,000 IP cameras.

Added Illustra 825 fisheye dewarping enhancements to the zoom levels. Aspect ratios will always be 4:3 when dewarped.illustradewarping
Illustra EssentialsSupport for the new Illustra Essentials

Axis CommunicationsAXIS

  • A8004-VE
  • Q1615
  • P1365
  • Q6115
  • V5915
  • P3224-LV
  • Q6045-MKII PTZ
  • P3225-LVE
  • V5914
  • Q6114
  • Q6000

  • V2X Encoders
  • V3X Encoders

  • 19 new models
Open EyeOpen Eye

  • 5 new models

  • 5 new models

  • Added support for motion notification

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try

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