Exacq Integrates with the New Sensormatic Synergy Series EAS System

exacqVision is now integrated with Sensormatic Synergy Series electronic article surveillance (EAS) system. Together, exacqVision and Synergy EAS provide retail customers with an interconnected solution to improve loss prevention and minimize theft within one interface.

Synergy Detection SystemSensormatic-Synergy-Series-integration

The recently launched Sensormatic Synergy Series provides powerful capabilities, enabling AM detection, RFID item level reporting, traffic and video surveillance into one networked connection system.

Synergy offers a sleek and modern design to blend nicely into the retail environment. Ambient lighting and alarm cadence can be configured to distinguish different types of alarm events.


Theft costs global retailers $128 billion per year. This includes anything from employee theft and administrative errors to shoplifting and organized retail crime. Combining video into the EAS system gives retailers better insight into what is occurring in their stores and enables greater loss prevention. Users can view real-time video corresponding with alarms or search recorded video after an event occurs for further visual verification and investigation.

  • Faster shoplifting investigations with video linked to EAS alarms
  • Search previous EAS system alarms to visually verify shoplifting occurrences
  • Reduce false EAS alarms with offline deactivator notifications
  • Combat organized retail crime (ORC) with integrated foil detection card triggers within exacqVision. Integrated foil detection cards detect foil-lined bags or clothing when they enter the store.
  • Jammer Detection – Set up triggers within exacqVision to record video based on an EAS pedestal jammer detection alarm. Shoplifters often use transmitters to jam the EAS system. Synergy detects the presence of a jammer and triggers an exacqVision alarm, giving store personnel video of the jammer suspect.
  • Power Save – Synergy pedestals consume about 90% less power when they are in power save mode. Transmitters will be powered down when no customer traffic is present for a specified time without degrading performance.



This integration requires exacqVision version 7.6 or later and Sensormatic Synergy firmware 101.03.00.

Read the integration guide.

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