Exacq Summer Intern Program

While some college students are traveling or working on their tans, others are embarking on an internship. This summer at Exacq we welcome four interns to our 12-week hands-on program.

And by intern, we do not mean coffee maker, our summer intern program gives students the opportunity to apply their classroom training and specialized skills to real world projects.

Exacq Interns On The Line

Meet Our Interns:

Flynn LeMonnier

Purdue University

Flynn is working with our product integration team this summer. He’s an electrical engineering major and has participated in audio engineering and acoustical club, Purdue Bitcoin Club and WCCR Radio. Flynn chose to intern for Exacq because of the positive interaction he received from our Exacq employees. He appreciates how we train our interns, and how we don’t make him do the “grunt work.” Flynn also enjoys the hands on nature of his work, giving him a real feel of how a career in electrical engineering works. Flynn currently plans to pursue a career in electrical engineering after graduation in the spring of 2018.

Luc Talatinian

University of Dayton

Luc is working with our web/mobile team, and is computer engineering major. Luc is a local to Fishers Indiana, and alumni from Fishers High School. Luc has a fondness for the outdoors and participates in the Outdoor Adventure Club. Luc chose to intern at Exacq because he enjoyed the positive professional culture within Exacq, as well as experience new technologies and frameworks outside of his current curriculum at Dayton. After Luc graduates, he wants to continue to work in the field of software, where he can work with multiple different technologies and see the results of his work. Luc plans to graduate in the spring of 2017.

Mark Brooks

Purdue University

Mark is working with our Enterprise team. He is computer engineering major and a member of the Purdue Water Polo team, as well as participating in Purdue Web Development. Mark has always wanted to work in the field of software development. He knew Exacq would provide him with the training necessary to pursue his dream. Mark also wants to have a professional software project under his belt before graduation, and knew Exacq could provide him with the best opportunity to achieve his goal.  Mark plans to graduate in the winter of 2017.

Tim Morris

Franklin College

Tim is working with our Marketing team. He is a Graphic Design major and a member of the Franklin College Football team. He is also the treasurer for his fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha. Tim chose to work for Exacq, because of the positive culture of the company as well as the opportunity to work professionally as a graphic designer. Tim wanted to be challenged to do actual work for the company, and knew that Exacq could provide him with that challenge. Tim plans to continue to pursue professional work as a graphic designer after he graduates in the spring of 2017.

We are excited to build future talent and foster innovation this summer with our interns! Welcome to Exacq. If you’re interested in working for Exacq Technologies, check out our complete list of job openings.

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