exacqVision Network Video Recorders Include More Storage at Same Price

exacqVision ELP-Series, A-Series and Z-Series network video recorders (NVR) now include a larger, 120GB solid state drive(SSD) at no additional cost. This enables our video surveillance users to reliably store critical operating system and exacqVision files.

  • Minimize system boot time with high speed solid state technology
  • Increase reliability with solid-state operating system drive and no moving parts
  • Lower energy consumption than with spinning drives
  • Save money and rack space by installing Certified Software Application (CSA) approved third-party software directly on the larger standard drive

exacqVision Certified Server Application (CSA)
exacqVision CSA testing qualifies third-party software will run properly on an exacqVIsion video server simultaneously with the exacqVision server software. Several third-party technology partners such as access control systems, video and retail analytics and point-of-sale (POS) systems have been tested and approved by Exacq for exacqVision CSA. These applications can be installed and loaded on select exacqVision recorders.

To learn more about our CSA option, read our What is an exacqVision CSA article. To see which third-party applications are CSA tested and approved, look for the CSA icon on our Partners pages next to the applications.

Learn more about the exacqVision NVR product line.

If you have any questions, contact your local sales representative or call 317-845-8710.

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