V19.06 introduces newly automated and time-saving features that enhance the intuitive functionality that exacqVision is known for. The latest release of exacqVision is firmly grounded in cybersecurity, cloud solutions, unification, and automation – driving the industry forward with solutions that meet critical business needs.

exacqVision v19.06 Feature Highlights

Save administrative time with automated video transfer

Data accessibility is crucial, and the latest version of exacqVision delivers more robust failure management for Enterprise Manager customers by automating video transfer in the event of a server failover.  This saves significant time for administrators, and provides accessibility to video when it matters most.

Respond faster with dynamic access control from exacqVision

With the release of v19.06, exacqVision offers a dynamic integration with C•CURE 9000, where users can control door actions in Live mode, use metadata to search video, and trigger actions from control panel information at no additional cost.


Mobile connectivity, simplified and cybersecure

With cybersecurity and scalable technology top-of-mind, Exacq has introduced a cloud-hosted web relay service to connect mobile app users to video without any inbound connectivity to the NVR. NVRs with an active Software Subscription Agreement (SSA) will receive unlimited cloud relay connectivity.  NVRs without an active SSA will receive cloud relay connectivity with limited resolutions suitable for mobile devices.  This provides easy access to video while ensuring sites remain cyber-resilient.


Ensure critical recordings are stored in exacqVision with ONVIF support

Knowing video is still recording even when the network is down or the NVR is offline offers peace of mind and ensures critical surveillance video is not lost. Now exacqVision can retrieve video recorded on the camera from selected and tested ONVIF Profile G-conformant cameras after a network connection has been re-established.  Video recorded to a camera’s SD card is automatically pulled to the exacqVision server and integrated into the recording timeline. Users can take advantage of this feature for both free-run recording or event-based recording.


Fine-tune motion zone and sensitivity settings for Illustra camera users

exacqVision v19.06 offers enriched motion configuration settings for Illustra camera users, now allowing the configuration of up to three motion zones, each with its own motion mask and sensitivity.


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