exacqVision Now Integrates with MASterMind

As part of the Connected Partner Program, Exacq and MAS Monitoring are joining forces to offer a powerful integrated solution. This integration allows customers to utilize verification services and live video from exacqVision’s Network Video Recorder (NVR) to efficiently receive calls at the monitoring station call center when an event occurs.

MASterMind provides consolidation and integration capabilities for multiple security-related systems, including intrusion, digital video, fire detection, and access control. Its integrated design permits the MASterMind database to become the main repository for all security and compliance-related data throughout the entire system. This centralized management provides an enterprise-wide view of relevant activity across the organizational landscape from a single source.

exacqVision VMS software is incredibly scalable, integrating with more than 4000 IP, analog, or hybrid cameras. Exacq offers network video recording solutions for small-single camera systems to large, complex systems. When exacqVision software records events, these events can be automatically sent to the MAsterMind database where video can be viewed, mapped, and more.

Mastermind includes interfaces and support for common alarm industry receivers and signal format protocols. The MASterMind receiver interface library includes support for over 60 receiver classes and over 100 signal format protocols.

To see the expanded list of integrated features, read our full-integration sales sheet.

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