Streamlined Features for Accelerated Task Performance with exacqVision v19.09

Whether your role is installing exacqVision, monitoring live video, or administrating enterprise deployments, exacqVision 19.09 provides streamlined features to accomplish exacqVision tasks.

Administrators using Enterprise Manager can now transfer camera channels of a license between Network Video Recorders (NVRs) at no charge with a current Software Subscription Agreement (SSA). An administrator can easily transfer any unused channel of a license to another NVR. This feature saves significant time by enabling administrators to perform transfers immediately, without the delay of purchase order processing.

The Live Camera page within exacqVision now offers keyword filtering on any defined camera attribute, providing fast filtering of thousands of cameras. Using metadata to define camera attributes permits rapid camera filtering and allows users to create dynamic live groups, rather than relying solely on the camera name. Filtering results quickly makes it easy for users to view all cameras in the same building or on a specific street, and other use cases where producing fast results matters most.

For installers integrating Illustra cameras, Illustra’s built-in profiles can now be selected from exacqVision, offering pre-built camera configurations for a wide range of scene types. Exposure profiles provide a way to automatically adjust camera settings according to how the camera is used, optimizing streams for the type of scene. Streamlining this configuration process for installers by providing access through exacqVision is convenient and reduces installation time.

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