Introducing Tyco 360° Radar Detection

An ideal answer for advanced perimeter security needs, Tyco 360° Radar Detection offers long-range protection, which means quicker detection of breaches for areas seeking upgraded perimeter safety, such as power plants, transportation hubs, critical infrastructure and other governmental, industrial and commercial sites. An end-to-end site solution providing a cost-effective integration with existing video management systems.

Tyco 360° Radar Detection easily integrates with exacqVision software, providing an easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable solution that offers video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping and intrusion detection. With exacqVision, the user can effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time.

With a high level of power efficiency, on-board signaling and processing, and superior performance in all weather and lighting conditions, Tyco 360° Radar Detection is a site solution that ensures 24/7, 360-degree coverage for sites of all sizes. The radars are available in 250, 500, and 1,000-meter range sensors, with accessories and management software also available for purchase. Download the product data sheet to learn more.

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