Introducing exacqVision Facial Matching Solution at NRF 2020

exacqVision’s new Facial Matching solution debuts this weekend at the NRF 2020 show in New York, January 12-14. Using highly accurate deep learning analytics, Facial Matching provides immediate recall of recognized visitors that arrive on premise, such as a suspected shoplifter returning to the store, or to detect persons of interest entering a high-profile sporting event or a place of business.

Surveillance with the retail industry is a crucial part of loss prevention and operational safety. Whether your surveillance needs are for a single location or if you are a large retailer with multiple sites looking to optimize storefront operations, prevent shoplifting or fraudulent activities, the intuitive features of exacqVision can help:

  • Match faces prior to loss prevention instances
  • Match faces to prior loyal customer events
  • Register faces based on events or manual tagging
  • Scan faces upon entry and send notification on match
  • Send push notifications to Exacq Mobile with the date, time, and image of matched person of interest
  • Manage cases, easily transfer camera licenses, and the ability to push video to public view monitors with exacqVision Enterprise Edition VMS software
  • POS Integration with keyword triggers and transaction details overlaid on camera

In a retail setting, exacqVision Facial Matching continuously compares faces against saved profiles, even with hats, glasses and facial hair, providing instant confirmation of the presence of persons of interest with color-coded facial bounding boxes. Integrated directly into exacqVision for easy configuration and deployment, the solution can capture and automatically enter into the database acceptable facial views triggered by Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) pedestals or Point of Sale (POS) keywords, growing the database of faces with minimal user interaction. Users can also be added manually into the system.

In addition to retail businesses, Facial Matching is also ideal for the education, healthcare, and commercial business markets. This solution is currently being offered in an early adoption phase before the official market launch in 2020. For more information, or to inquire about participating in a field trial of this new solution, please contact Jordan Linback, exacqVision product manager.

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