Sophisticated Performance from an Affordable NVR


The G-Series PoE network video recorder offers an easy-to-use video recording solution for customers looking to utilize the full sophistication of exacqVision MS on an affordable NVR, without the hassle of wiring cameras to a power supply.

Customers have substantial flexibility on camera choices and provides a simple plug-n-play setup. The G-Series PoE also doubles as a live-view monitoring station, with 8 full-HD simultaneous streams at 15fps, providing a high-quality experience when viewing live or searching stored video. With a generous PoE budget, it delivers 15 watts simultaneously on all ports, and up to 30 watts on any port. For select camera models, just plug a camera into one of the PoE ports, and the NVR automatically finds and configures the camera and starts recording.

Shipping with free IP camera licenses that complement either 4 or 8 PoE ports and unlimited software updates for 3 years, the G-Series is a versatile, cost-effective network video recorder.

Currently the G-Series PoE is only available in the United States and European Union.

For more features and specifications, please refer to the G-Series PoE Data Sheet.

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