Strengthen Your First Line of Defense with exacqVision 20.06

Now more than ever the safety of employees and customers is top of mind for businesses, and the newest features available in exacqVision 20.06 are designed to support the needs of today’s dynamic security environments.

Be Proactive Against the Spread of Infection

We are living in a new normal, where businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic are looking for ways to detect persons who may be exhibiting symptoms of the virus such as an elevated body temperature. exacqVision 20.06 introduces support for select thermal detection cameras integrated directly into exacqVision, allowing operators to be alerted of potentially infectious individuals.


Facial Matching Custom Classifications

Customers that use Exacq Intelligent Alert Facial Matching can now create customized classifications to better reflect their unique business environment. Previously, they were restricted to using 5 pre-defined classifications (Person of Interest, Loyalty Customer, Guest, Employee, and Trespasser), which may not be relevant for every customer. For example, a school district isn’t likely to use the Loyalty Customer classification for facial matching. Adding the flexibility to create custom classifications makes this solution more scalable for today’s dynamic business environments.

Exacq Facial Matching customers now have the ability to adjust confidence thresholds to fine tune their face match results. These thresholds are set to 95% by default, but they can be overridden with custom values. For example, retail environments using a higher confidence percentage for Employee classifications would yield fewer matches, while a lower value for Person of Interest classifications would result in more matches.

Backup and Restore Enterprise Manager Configurations

The new Enterprise Manager configuration backup and restore provides customers with peace of mind that their data is protected in the event of a system hardware failure, natural disaster, or as in recent events, a global pandemic. Previously there was no way to back up Enterprise Manager configurations, so in the event of a catastrophic failure Enterprise Manager had to be re-configured. With the newest release, administrators can back up their Enterprise Manager configuration either manually or based on a schedule. These backups can be used to quickly restore the system in the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster, providing redundancy and ensuring high availability for enterprise deployments.

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