Maximize uptime with OS redundancy to ensure high availability and peace of mind

As security systems are often part of critical business infrastructure, maximizing uptime is an essential consideration. exacqVision now offers an operating system (OS) redundancy feature as an option available on multiple systems to ensure high availability and peace of mind in the event the system experiences a solid-state drive failure.

Benefit from fault tolerant systems that save time and effort in a failure scenario 

The new exacqVision OS Redundancy feature – now available as an option on Z-Series, S-Series, EM-Series, and A-Series  R4A and F2A systems – guarantees that the system will continue to operate as expected in the event of a solid-state drive failure. The dual solid-state drives that ship with this option contains data mirrored between drives, allowing for one of them to step in when the other fails.

The solid-state drives not only contain the operating system, they also store exacqVision binaries and associated configuration data of the video security solution.  These configuration setups are a result of significant investment of time and effort by customers, setting up the VMS to their specific needs. By mirroring this data on a redundant drive, the system is able to tolerate a drive failure and continue to perform security functions seamlessly.
Stay current with software event notifications

Stay informed and trigger corrective action when the system experiences drive failure. exacqVision Client or the Enterprise Manager will proactively alert users, so that a replacement solid state drive can be sourced and scheduled for replacement,  all while the system continues to operate as expected despite the unexpected drive loss. This minimizes disruption to the business and allows for immediate and actionable situational awareness surrounding the health of the operating system.


Synthesize services and support from a single vendor

Customers can leverage the benefits of having service and support from a single vendor. When a redundant operating system fails on a third-party hardware, customers may not be notified and face the task of replacing the faulty drive independently. With exacqVision VMS running on exacqVision hardware, not only does the VMS generate alerts on any storage systems failure, a single support team can address all aspects of troubleshooting, seamlessly taking the required detailed steps to restore the systems to its original healthy state.

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