Whether it’s a store from a big box retailer in a local shopping center, the resident branch of a bank or a nearby convenience store, businesses with smaller locations can benefit from an all-in-one video surveillance solution with an attractive total cost of ownership.

Supporting up to 24 IP and 16 analog cameras and bringing together an optimal combination of performance and affordability, the new exacqVision Q-Series offers security administrators the flexibility to choose from IP-only or hybrid systems to incorporate existing analog cameras and IP cameras into the same network video recorder.

Many businesses across distributed locations where there are smaller footprints might be currently utilizing an analog camera network, with years of service still possible. Choosing a flexible solution like the Q- Series is cost-effective, allowing businesses to leverage the benefits of a truly hybrid system, while slowly migrating to IP cameras as necessary.

Keeping costs down with centralized servers and storage clusters is a common video management strategy, but for business locations with smaller footprints, the Q-Series is an ideal solution, accommodating local storage needs and is quite easy to setup and maintain.

Shipping with 4 exacqVision Professional software licenses, this system combines NVR functionality and live monitoring in a single box. Surveillance personnel can monitor the display with 16 live, full-HD streams simultaneously at 15 frames per second. And with support for thousands of camera models, the Q-Series offers the freedom and flexibility to architect a security solution that best fits the customer needs, rather than being restricted to specific camera manufacturers.

To learn more about the benefits of an IP-capable system without sacrificing any existing analog infrastructure, check out the exacqVision Q-Series product page.

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