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Camera Links, EasyConnect Enhancements and More Highlight the exacqVision 7.0 Release

The latest version of the exacqVision video management system (VMS), version 7.0 is now available.

Watch the exacqVision 7.0 Release Overview video 

CameraLinksCamera Links

exacqVision 7.0 introduces Camera Links, which allow exacqVision users to configure overlay controls that will display when hovering over a camera in live view. Camera Links give exacqVision Professional and Enterprise users the ability to put their most important commands at their fingertips and improve their response time to critical alarms and events.

Camera Links are completely customizeable. Users can adjust the text color, font, style, transparency and location on screen to fit the specific camera view needs from the camera settings page. Under the associations tab, users can select the available controls, associated controls and display options.

exacqVision IP Camera Link Associations

The overlay controls include:

  • Audio inputs and outputs
  • Alarm outputs
  • Input triggers
  • Soft triggers
  • Serial data
  • Manual record

EasyConnect Status Messages

The EasyConnect feature on the exacqVision VMS software allows users to find, assign, address and connect certain IP cameras to their network automatically. Camera connection in exacqVision 7.0 has been improved to show more detailed connection status feedback when connecting Illustra IP cameras and exacqVision E-Series encoders. There are now more than 20 unique status messages. Each message is color-coded for fast identification of issues. Users can hover over the status for troubleshooting guidance. Connection messages include:

  • Duplicate IP address
  • Address not responding
  • Address found but device not responding
  • Wrong username/password
  • Video not streaming
  • Camera time unsynchronized

EasyConnect Status Messages

Having comprehensive, specific information regarding the connection and the suggested troubleshooting guidance saves users time and money during installation.

Watch our EasyConnect video to learn more about the feature that makes connecting IP cameras as easy as analog.

Automatic Check for Client Updates

Check for UpdatesThe exacqVision client can now be configured to automatically check for new updates. To enable the automatic check, go to the “About” button in the client and check the new option, “Automatically check for updates.” The client will check 30 seconds after it opens for new updates.

Visual Hard Drive Storage Status

exacqVision 7.0 adds a graphical representation of hard drive status for exacqVision systems equipped with RAID storage such as the exacqVision Z-Series, A-Series and S-Series. When a drive failure occurs, exacqVision users will see a display that indicates the physical location of the drive that needs replaced, minimizing the risk of removing the wrong drive. Go to the storage page under the hardware tab to see the graphic assessment of the hard drive status.

Visual HDD Storage Status for RAID systems

Exacq MobileExacq Mobile

Several improvements to Exacq mobile have been added in this release including event monitoring and two-finger swipe capabilities.

The Exacq mobile app now supports viewing event monitors that have been configured within the exacqVision client. Event monitoring ensures mobile app users are aware of the most important video relating to events like motion detection, alarms and other triggered inputs to the system.

Exacq mobile also introduces a new two-finger swipe navigation for faster review of all camera views. Users can swipe to the left to load the next set of cameras into the viewing layout.

The web client now has a server configuration page for monitoring and managing servers.

exacqVision Enterprise System ManagerEnterprise System Manager (ESM)
ESM Bulk Save Server Configuration

Administrators can back up the settings of all exacqVision servers across the enterprise at one time. Users can also specify which servers are backed up with a filter.

ESM Open and Unacknowledged Events

View all open events as well as new, incoming unacknowledged events within one dashboard in ESM. This prevents the user from switching back and forth from two different lists. Under the list section in the dashboard is a new option “Open or Unacknowledged Events” which includes both lists into one.

ESM Filter Indication

ESM users can see a visual indication when filters are active on a page. This icon prevents a user from getting confused why all results are not showing. A new clear filter button allows users to clear a data filter without having to open the filter dialog.

ESM Clear Filters

New IP Camera Support

We have added support for more than 75 new IP camera models in the exacqVision 7.0 release and updated over 240 test records. exacqVision now supports nearly 3,000 IP cameras.


Support for the new Illustra Pro 3 MP mini-domes:

Illustra Pro 3 MP minidomes


Support for the new Illustra Pro 5 MP mini-domes:

Illustra Pro 5 MP minidomes

AXISAxis Communications

Support for digital auto tracking


  • E59


  • SNB-8000
  • SNV-8080


  • WV-SFN313(LH)(H)
  • WV-SPN313(H)
  • WV-SFN531
  • WV-SFR531
  • WV-SFV531
  • WV-SFN-531
  • WV-SFN533(LH)(H)
  • WV-SPN533(H)
  • WV-SFN532(H)


  • NBN-80122-F2A


  • VC8201 – includes client-side dewarping support


  • D5230PTZ
  • D5118PTZ
  • D5220PTZ
  • S5118PTZ
  • S5230PTZ
  • S5220PTZ
  • NET5501 and 08 encoders


  • TVD-3201
  • TVF-3103 Fisheye
  • TVB-3201
  • TVC-3201


PTZ cameras are now supported with their latest firmware release fw 2.210.0004.0.R.A.1210

Other Integration Partners Recently Added

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here:

Try exacqVision software for free here:

Z-Series Field Repair Kits

Give Your Customers Additional Peace-of-Mind with exacqVision Z-Series Field Repair Kits

Increase the reliability assurances of your exacqVision Z-Series customers by supplementing the high reliability design with single trip, onsite repairs of the most common hardware service requests.


Z-Series Spare DriveexacqVision Z-Series field repair kits include hard drives, power supplies, fans and instructions to address over 90% of hardware service calls anytime without having to call Exacq Tech Support. Once complete, you can exchange the serviced part for a new one with the RMA form included in the kit.

Order repair kits using the following part numbers:

  • 5000-65000 – Z-Series 2U and 3U field repair kit
  • 5000-65001 – Z-Series 4U field repair kit

View the Exacq product catalog for more information.

Exacq Technologies Integrates with Sensormatic Anti-Theft Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System

SensormaticexacqVision is now integrated with Sensormatic anti-theft electronic article surveillance (EAS) system.  The combination of exacqVision and the Sensormatic EAS system gives retail customers a unified solution to improve their loss prevention efforts and capture loss event data and video within one interface.

The Sensormatic pedestals capture valuable loss prevention data to create a surveillance zone at the end of checkout lane or at the store exit. When an alarm event occurs, the system notifies store employees when someone exits the store or if merchandise has the electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag attached.

With the exacqVision integration, retail customers have the benefit of an added layer of video surveillance and real-time loss event insights.

Sensormatic combined with exacqVision allows retailers to:

  • Connect surveillance device data with video
  • Notify employees when someone tries to remove an EAS tag from a location or exits the store
  • See live exacqVision video images of the alarm event as it is occurring
  • Search previous EAS system events and see the corresponding exacqVision video at the time the event happened
  • Quickly identify suspects for potential theft instances
  • Improve real-time response to shrinkage control

EAS Pedestal shot

This integration enables retail store managers to quickly identify suspects for potential theft instances and improve real-time response to shrinkage control.

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.6 or later, and Sensormatic Local Device Manager Configurator version 8.3.

Learn more about this exacqVision integration.

Updated Exacq IP Cameras Webpage Makes Searching Easier

The new Exacq IP cameras webpage allows you to filter by specific features to find all the supported cameras compatible with exacqVision in addition to using the search box. These new search filters make it easier for you to find the IP cameras you are looking for. The new filters include:

  • Megapixel (search for cameras with desired MP resolution)
  • Fisheye
  • EasyConnect (IP cameras compatible with exacqVision EasyConnect)
  • Audio
  • Two-way audio
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
  • Analytics
  • Edge
  • Encoder (search for analog to digital video encoders)
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • Multi-streaming
  • Other Devices (I/O modules, Surveillance Keyboards, etc.)

exacqVision supports more than 2,200 IP camera models from nearly 100 manufacturers. Additionally, you can sort by manufacturer, model, number of streams supported and more. Be sure to view the test results to see all the integration details and functionality.

IP Camera Search Filters

Sample Test Results
Sample Test Results

exacqVision A-Series Now Provides Higher Performance and Increased Reliability at a Lower Cost

exacqVision A-Series network video recorders (NVRs) now offer you higher performance and increased reliability at a lower cost. Through thousands of installations worldwide, the exacqVision A-Series recorders have provided an ideal balance of performance, reliability and capacity for mid-sized analog and IP camera recording applications. 

exacqVision A-Series NVR


Watch the New A-Series Video

Proven Performance

  • Continuously record up to 550 Mbps of video for high concentration of HD cameras
  • Stream up to 1,800 frames per second of live and recorded video to local/web/mobile clients
  • Optional quad network interfaces for fastest archiving or mass client performance


Designed for Reliability

  • Minimizes system boot time and failure risk with a high reliability sold-state drive
  • Record even with one failed drive on 4U with optional RAID5

exacqVision Recorded Video

Mainstream Capacity

  • Record up to 64 IP and 64 analog cameras
  • Includes 4 or 8 IP camera licenses
  • Store up to 32TB of video
  • Compatible with nearly 2,300 IP camera models, all exacqVision recorders and software for maximum scalability

Lower Cost

  • The new exacqVision A-Series NVRs are now even more affordable, with a price reduction over the previous generation

Visit the exacqVision A-Series product page to learn more.

See Exacq at ISC West 2015

ISC West is only one week away!

ISC WestVisit Exacq Technologies in the Tyco Security Products booth #20011 at the ISC West Conference, April 15 – 17, 2015 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas.

See our IP video surveillance solutions and a live demo of exacqVision 6.8, with faster IP camera discovery using EasyConnect and VideoPush for Exacq Mobile devices. Also see the new A-Series hybrid servers and IP camera servers.

Partner Booths
You can also find exacqVision video management system software displayed in the following partner booths:

Partner Booth #
Samsung 14079
Axis 14059
Messoa Technologies 32073
Talkaphone 20109
Anixter/Tri-Ed 16039
Bosch 14051
StarDot 23117
PCSC 14109

Open vs. Proprietary Platforms: On Which Should You Build Your Future?

While you are there, join Scott Dennison, Director of Marketing for Exacq, and other industry experts as they debate the virtues of open versus proprietary security platforms at this ISC Panel Discussion.


  • How you decide which platform is the best system to use?
  • Are you better off with open vs. proprietary solutions?
  • The pros and cons of open vs. proprietary platforms.
  • Recommended industry resources to catalog, analyze and classify your choices for present and future needs.
  • Methods to test if your manufacturer is properly positioned for the future.

Open vs. Proprietary Platforms: On Which Should You Build Your Future?
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Moderated by
Brian Coulombe, DVS Security Consulting & Engineering

Manufacturers on panel
AMAG; Exacq/Tyco Security ProductsHID, JDG Security Management & Consulting Inc.

Track: Dealer, Installer, Integrator

This session is open to all conference attendees. Learn more about this panel discussion
and sign-up on the ISC website. While you’re there, be sure to visit Exacq at ISC West in
the Tyco Security Products booth #20011 and see our latest video security product offerings.

Booth 20011
ISC West 2015

Tyco Security Products Booth #20011
Sands Expo & Convention Center
201 Sands Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-2617
TEL: (702) 733-5556
April 15 – 17, 2015

There is still time to register and join us in our booth.  We’d love to see you there.

exacqVision Integrates with Brickstream LIVE for Advanced Loss Protection and Retail Analytics

NOMiexacqVision is now integrated with the Brickstream® LIVE sensor from NOMi, a dominant in-store marketing and analytics provider, for a unified security and retail analytics solution in a single platform.

The new Brickstream LIVE sensor uses stereo vision analytics to provide highly accurate and anonymous information about how people move into, around and out of physical places such as stores, venues, hospitals and more.

BrickStream 3D Device

This solution combines exacqVision video with data from the Brickstream LIVE sensor for advanced loss prevention and retail analytics without the need or expense of deploying multiple systems. Users can create event linking actions, line masks and rules through exacqVision. The associated video related to behavior actions within one interface offers visual verification. Together, the exacqVision and NOMi integration reduces investigation time, aids to better identify instances of potential theft, improves customer service, optimizes employee and visitor experiences and ultimately increases revenue.

exacqVision Search

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.6 or later, an exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license, Brickstream firmware or later.

For more information on this exacqVision integration and other new updates and offerings, go to

VideoPush for Mobile and Faster Camera Discovery Highlight the exacqVision 6.8 Release

The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 6.8, is now available. The focus of this release centers around VideoPush for Exacq Mobile and faster camera discovery through EasyConnect. With added support for over 75 new cameras in this release and 250 new test records, the exacqVision VMS now supports nearly 2,300 IP camera models.

exacqVision 6.0 logoexacqVision 6.8 is available for download

Faster Camera Discovery

The EasyConnect feature on the exacqVision VMS allows users to find, assign, address and connect certain IP cameras to their network automatically. Camera scanning for EasyConnect in exacqVision 6.8 has been improved to find more cameras on busy and noisy networks, including cameras on different subnets.

  • More efficient: Scans complete in about half the time
  • Better performance: Find more cameras on busy networks
  • Hardened: Avoid conflicts with other services using discovery ports


 64-bit exacqVision for Windows®

Windows 64Use the exacqVision 6.8 64-bit version for improved operating system memory management for environments with high input/output (I/O) demands.

How to upgrade to 64-bit?

exacqVision Groups Enhancements

The exacqVision 6.8 groups page allows you to create logical groups of cameras and other items connected to one or more systems. This is useful when you have a large number of cameras spread across multiple buildings or a campus, and you would like to place cameras in logically named groups such as first floor or second floor instead of viewing your cameras in default groups based on their connection to the systems.

With exacqVision 6.8, you can now upload and assign custom icons to groups, making it easier to find groups of interest at a glance. You can now also sort items within a group.


VideoPush for Exacq Mobile

exacqVision 6.8 now supports video push to mobile devices. VideoPush gives exacqVision Enterprise users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor, such as a public view monitor (PVM), video wall and now to mobile devices.

This feature allows video to be sent and shared with officers on patrol or other remotely stationed personnel for on-the-go collaboration. For example, when users identify a suspicious event occurring in an area, the video can immediately be pushed directly to the mobile device of a person closest to that area.

video push mobile

VideoPush is available in the exacqVision Enterprise VMS at no extra cost, with no limitation on the number of public view monitors, video wall, or mobile device connections.

Exacq Mobile H.264 and other Mobile Improvements

Several usability improvements have been added to Exacq Mobile in this release including:

  • H.264 video compression format (also known as MPEG-4) playback support for iOS, Android, and Windows phone devices. This enhancement saves bandwidth and CPU on the server running the web service. The video is either streamed or transcoded to H.264 based on mobile device performance
  • Improved mobile device responsiveness, allowing touch-drag of cameras to display camera freeze frame while dragging
  • Pressed Exacq Mobile buttons now clearly show the pressed-button state
  • Exacq Mobile icons have been redesigned for better visibility and recognition

Exacq Mobile

  • View cameras by group, as defined in the exacqVision client. With support for groups, Exacq Mobile users can quickly view relevant cameras.
  • The Web Client now offers more configuration support of exacqVision recorders, including the System Information page and Add Cameras page, with the ability to enable/disable cameras and manually add new cameras.

Enterprise System Manager (ESM) Version 3.2

ESM Backup Configuration

Automate the backup of recorder configurations in Enterprise System Manager (ESM) 3.2. Administrators can schedule backups (exports) of multiple recorder configurations at once. These backups are stored on the ESM server and can be restored (imported) to the recorder to “reset” the recorder to a known earlier good state. This ability to configure and schedule exports on multiple servers simultaneously eases the management of large environments.

  • Export recorder configurations to ESM (backup)
  • Import recorder configuration from ESM (restore)
  • Exports are manually executed server by server
  • Imports (restores) can be scheduled and performed in bulk

ESM Event Duration Rules

Short events that occur frequently can result in hundreds or even thousands of entries in a batch email notifications. With ESM 3.2, you can filter those events from triggering multiple notifications using the new “lasts for at least” rule. This ensures that the event duration lasts long enough to warrant a notification.

Last for at least rule

ESM Bulk Server Edits

You can now edit all of the servers in the ESM server list using the new bulk edits option. Click on the new bulk edit iconbulk edit icon to update basic connection properties that should be the same on every recorder. The bulk edits feature also allows you to delete all servers in the list .

Bulk Edit

New IP Camera Support

We’ve added support for more than 75 new IP camera models in the exacqVision 6.8 release and updated over 250 new test records, bringing the total number of supported IP cameras to nearly 2,300!

IP Cameras

New IP Cameras

New native driver IP camera support and updates for the following cameras models are included in this release:

IllustraIllustra Flex

Now supported with Illustra3 plugin

  • Enables 4 motion windows in upcoming firmware version 3.0.X

Illustra EssentialsIllustra Essentials

  • IPC-HD1100CN
  • IPC-HD2200CN
  • IPC-HFW1100SN
  • IPC-HFW2200SN
  • IPC-HDW1100SN
  • IPC-HDW2200SN

AxisAxis Communications

  • P3365
  • Q3505
  • P3214
  • Q8414-LVS
  • Q6045-MKII PTZ
  • Digest authentication support


  • Client-side dewarping now available on the following camera models:
    • E919
    • E923
    • I51
    • I71
    • E98
    • E15
    • E16
  • Native driver support for the following models:
    • B24
    • B45
    • B27
    • B44
    • B41
    • B25
    • B84
    • B47
    • B81
    • B21
    • B85
    • I71


  • WV-SPW631(LT)
  • WV-SFV611(L)
  • WV-SPN311
  • WV-SPW611(L)
  • WV-SPN310
  • WV-SPN631
  • WV-SPN611


  • P1220 PTZ


  • Support for receiving analytic events


  • SNC-VB632D


  • FE8180
  • FD8154
  • FD8367
  • FD8169
  • FD8373
  • FD8165
  • FD8155
  • FD8173
  • FD8167
  • FE8391
  • SD8364E PTZ

 Other Integration Partners Recently Added

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here:

Try exacqVision software for free here:


What is an exacqVision Certified Server Application (CSA)?

Certified server application (CSA) testing qualifies that third-party software will run properly on an exacqVision server simultaneously with the exacqVision server software.

Several third-party technology partners such as access control systemsvideo and retail analytics and point-of-sale (POS) systems have been tested and approved by Exacq for the exacqVision CSA. These applications can be installed and loaded on select exacqVision recorders including the exacqVision A-Series with the CPU, RAM and hard drive upgrade and any exacqVision Z-Series.


High-End Retailer Utilizes exacqVision CSA for All-in-One Solution
CSA partners combined with exacqVision recorders can save end users the expense of additional systems. For example, an internationally known, high-end retailer wanted a solution that would integrate video surveillance and video analytics into one easy-to-manage system. They tested several competing systems in their highest trafficked store in Los Angeles on Rodeo Drive. Their goals for the test included an accurate people counting tool, easy-to-use video management software and one server that could handle all the systems simultaneously without requiring additional expenses and maintenance. After 90 days of testing, they found exacqVision and intuVision to be the ideal solution.

exacqVision Z-Series Provides Performance to Host Third-Party Software
As a result of the test, the retailer installed 15 exacqVision Z-Series network video recorders (NVRs) integrated with intuVision video analytics throughout their stores worldwide. Since the intuVision solution is approved by Exacq as a certified server application (CSA), it can be directly installed on the Z-Series recorder without the need for additional computers servers to run the analytic software.

Intuvision CSA

We invested in a better server to run all of our applications including intuVision Video Analytics on one NVR,” said the Director of Loss Prevention. “The exacqVision recorders saved us additional hardware and maintenance expenses.

With the high performance, reliability and capacity, the exacqVision Z-Series recorders delivered the power and speed needed to successfully conduct the video surveillance and run the intuVision video analytics software.

Read more about the results of this intuVision CSA implementation.

To see which third-party applications are CSA tested and approved, look for the CSA-check-logo tested icon on our Partners pages next to these applications.

Exacq Integrates with TrueVUE Retail Analytics Solution

Exacq Technologies Combines with TrueVUE for Comprehensive Retail Surveillance Solution

TrueVUE logoexacqVision is now integrated with Tyco Retail Solutions’ TrueVUE inventory loss reporting system. The exacqVision integration provides users with the ability to utilize video associated to shrinkage events for better forensic analysis.

With the TrueVUE exacqVision integration, users have video evidence to support their object tracking and people counting reports to better understand store trends in loss prevention and enhance virtually every aspect of store operations. The key metrics of TrueVUE and the combined video from exacqVision retail customers are now empowered to make better decisions to ultimately lower costs.

The TrueVUE integration allows exacqVision retail users to:

  • Visually verify loss prevention events
  • Capture and send video clips to law enforcement for faster theft identification


  • Provide video evidence to support object tracking
  • Associate video to improve reporting on key metrics like loss prevention, inventory and traffic
  • Enhance store operations and lower costs

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.2 or later and exacqVision web service 3.9 or later, with a current exacqVision license using the TrueVUE 6.0 or later version.

Learn more about Exacq’s powerful integration with TrueVUE on our Retail Analytics page.