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exacqVision is Now Integrated with Mango DSP + Mate Viper Automated License Plate Recognition System

Mango MateExacq is now integrated with Mango DSP + Mate Viper automated license plate recognition (ALPR). The combination of exacqVision video management system (VMS) software and Viper ALPR gives customers a unified solution within one interface.

The Viper ALPR solution is a standalone, plug-n-play system that automatically detects vehicle license plates for fixed installations up to the speed of 30 mph. The Viper ALPR system analyzes the video input, captures vehicle license plates and sends results to the hosted server.

ALPR and exacqVision
Within the exacqVision Viper ALPR integration, users can view video associated with detected license plate readings. Users can also create alarms that will be triggered if certain license plate numbers pass through an area, sending a notification through exacqVision. Additionally, the integration allows users to search for a partial license plate number to find the video associated with it. The plate information is then displayed in the exacqVision client software and includes the following data:

  • License plate number
  • Timestamp of when the license plate was captured
  • Camera name

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.4 or later, an exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license and Mango DSP + Mate Viper ALPR software and an ALPR camera device.

For more information on this exacqVision integration visit our video analytics partners page.

Jeff Davis County Schools Selects exacqVision to Improve School Safety

Jeff Davis County Schools educates nearly 3,000 students and employs more than 300 faculty members in Hazlehurst, Georgia. The school district is comprised of 4 schools: primary school, elementary school, middle school and high school.

The Challenge
Jeff Davis Schools needed to replace their aging analog system with a new, updated IP security system. Their main goals for their surveillance solution were to have better quality video and an easier management software to search for relevant video.

The Solution

exacqVision VMS at Jeff Davis Schools


  • Nate Miller
    Nathan Miller, Network Engineer, Jeff Davis Schools

    Better image quality to identify students involved in incidents

  • Saves time searching for video evidence
  • Increased school safety
  • Improved student behavior and reduced student vandalism

“The biggest differentiator that set exacqVision apart from the competitors was its intuitive and user friendly interface. Our school administrators rely on exacqVision to prove what actually happened in incidents and remove the hearsay element.”

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JD Case Study

Dubai Courts Rely on exacqVision

Dubai CourtsSince 1970, Dubai Courts has provided justice, equality, ingenuity, excellence, teamwork and independence

The Challenge
Dubai Courts wanted to implement a way to easily monitor day-to-day operations and easily export video of incidents. They needed a reliable server that stores video for a long period of time.

Dubai Courts Building

The Solution
Dubai Courts selected a security solution that included Arecont Vision cameras, exacqVision network video recorders (NVRs) and exacqVision video management system (VMS) software.

Dubai Courts VMS


  • Reduces the number of disturbances
  • Easily monitor video remotely
  • Protects employees and visitors
  • Improves image quality
  • Enhanced server operation and stores video longer

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exacqVision Integrates with AMAG’s Access Control Security System

AMAGexacqVision is now certified with the latest version 8.0 of AMAG’s Symmetry access control system. The Symmetry integration allows exacqVision users to view live and recorded video from Exacq-managed cameras within Symmetry’s client software. Now, with version 8.0, users can enable and disable motion alarms for each camera. Together, exacqVision and Symmetry provide users a complete end-to-end system increasing situational awareness and visitor identification management.

Symmetry Enable

This integration allows exacqVision users to:

  • View live and recorded video from exacqVision VMS software within Symmetry GUI
  • Associate access control alarms to video
  • Displays exacqVision video with motion alarms
  • Control PTZ with preset position support

Symmetry Motion DetectionThis integration requires exacqVision version 6.6 or later with a current exacqVision Enterprise license using the evSymmetry v1.2.2 or later driver and is valid with Symmetry v8.0. Download the plug-in.

Learn more about this powerful integration with AMAG on our Access Control Integration page.

exacqVision and Illustra

Illustra IP camerasThe easiest high-definition cameras with exacqVision

exacqVision offers a complete high definition solution with the Illustra line of IP video cameras. Illustra cameras combined with exacqVision recorders provide the easiest, high quality, high definition video surveillance solution.

  • Illustra 610Pro Series cameras with excellent low-light color video quality, facial quality enhancement and blur detection
    • Blur detection: alerts when camera focus or cleaning is necessary
    • Facial quality enhancement: automatically increase video quality around detected faces
      Blur Detection
  • illustra-fisheye-825_p3_01_na_wFisheye cameras for 360 degree situational awareness
    • Multi-streaming to optimize and balance video quality, storage, and networking requirements
    • Pan, tilt, and zoom to the area of interest


  • Illustra PTZPTZ cameras with ultra-low latency, fast rotational speed and exceptional image quality in the most demanding low light conditions
    • Exceptionally responsive with low latency video transmission and fast 500 degree/second rotational capability
    • Amazing 1080p image quality even in the most demanding environments low light environments


  • Illustra FlexFlex Series cameras provide high quality video at an affordable price
    • Excellent low light color and BW video quality with true day/night with IR illuminator and IR corrected lens
    • Wide dynamic range for impressive high and low light video


Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range

All cameras feature:

Illustra IP CamerasLearn more about the Illustra line of high-quality, high-definition IP video cameras and how they work with exacqVision recorders on our website.

Milan Cathedral Migrates to IP with exacqVision Hybrid Solution

Milan CathedralLocated in the city center of Milan, the Milan Cathedral is one of the most important Italian monuments. The Cathedral hosts more than five million tourists yearly.

The Challenge
The Milan Cathedral had an aging CCTV analog security system in place. To upgrade to new IP technology, they wanted a security solution that would allow them to utilize their existing infrastructure while adding new IP cameras.

The Solution
The exacqVision solution proved to be the most cost-effective and efficient. The solution included:

Milan Cathedral VMS


  • Utilized existing infrastructure
  • Improved image quality
  • Easier search functionality
  • Scalable for future additions
  • Safeguards historic value and assets
  • Assists to better monitor visitors and deter crime

Read the entire case study here.

Exacq Technologies Partners with VoloForce

The VoloForce integration provides exacqVision users with a new brand and product management retail solution

VoloForceWe are pleased to announce that exacqVision is now integrated with the VoloForce Real Cadence, a software as a service (SAAS) real-time retail execution solution. Real Cadence goes beyond loss prevention to provide retailers with a tool to manage strategic branding and store operations.

VoloForce Integration

Real Cadence by VoloForce enables exacqVision users to control their global brand appearance and improve the customer experience through operational insight. With the integration, users can visually see their product placement in each individual store throughout the world and ensure their brand is being properly executed. This integration allows corporate office users and regional store managers to associate the exacqVision video of specific retail locations with corporate checklists and brand processes within Real Cadence, saving them time and reducing operational costs of traveling to each location.

VoloForce Brochure

Video from the appropriate camera is automatically mapped to the zone within the store department. Real Cadence also connects exacqVision video to the traffic counter feature to verify the video with the number of people entering and exiting the store. At any time, a regional manager can view and receive the necessary insight into all locations operations.

This integration requires an exacqVision server with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license.

Learn more about the integration with VoloForce on our Retail Integration page.

Exacq Technologies Integrates with CEM Security Management System

exacqVision is now integrated with CEM Systems AC2000 security management system (SMS). AC2000 is a powerful, fully integrated access control, alarm processing and photo badging system. The integration with CEM further unifies our integration with Tyco Security Products access control and physical security information management solutions.

The seamless integration between exacqVision and AC2000 enables users to associate access control alarms with digital video footage. AC2000 receives video alarms, such as video loss, motion and recorder offline, generated from the exacqVision system. These alarms are centrally displayed through the AC2000 system. Users can view up to 16 cameras on their exacqVision recorders in the DVR viewer application. With this integration, end users can utilize one control center to quickly view access control events with the related video and update camera presets.


Key features of the integration include the ability to manage the following VMS functions from the AC2000 interface:

  • Control pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras and adjust presets
  • Detect cameras and configure automatically
  • View video associated with alarms as they occur
  • Set up video alarm actions
  • Playback alarm videos and download live and recorded video clips

This integration requires exacqVision server 6.0 or later with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license. Learn more about the integration with CEM on our Access Control Integration page.


Top 5 exacqVision Software Features of 2014

As the year comes to an end, we look back at 2014 as an innovative year filled with many noteworthy feature releases in exacqVision. Here are our top 5 new features introduced this year:

  1. EasyConnect EasyConnect allows users to find, address and connect multiple IP cameras to their network automatically. This feature saves time and greatly simplifies the process of adding IP cameras to a modern day, network-based video surveillance solution. EasyConnect supports more than 400 cameras from several major manufacturers including Illustra, Axis Communications and Arecont Vision.EasyConnect

EasyConnect VideoWatch Our EasyConnect Overview Video

  1. SpeedSearch – Searching video in exacqVision is now radically faster and much more intuitive than ever before. Video frames automatically populate on the screen upon conducting a search and advance as the timeline cursor is moved. This new feature allows users to start investigating video while it’s still downloading, providing faster access to needed evidence. Ideal for users with low bandwidth connections, exacqVision users can conduct investigations without waiting for an entire video stream to download.SpeedSearch
  1. VideoPush – More than just a video wall, VideoPush gives exacqVision Enterprise users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor, such as a public view monitor (PVM) or a video wall. Ideal for retail applications, VideoPush adds the opportunity for collaborative viewing of video between multiple locations and users.VideoPush

VideoPush Overview
Watch Our VideoPush Overview Video

  1. Bookmarking & Case Management – This new feature lets users permanently save, label and manage important video clips on the server. With bookmarking, exacqVision users can tag, name and retail video clips for long-term, server-based retention of important evidence.  Case management provides a tool to organize all related bookmarks together into one case. All bookmarks within a case can be easily exported in one simple step.

bookmarking video

Watch Our Bookmarking and Case Management Overview Video

  1. Enterprise System Manager – ESM is a new, powerful, browser-based health monitoring system for the exacqVision VMS. With more than 25 user-defined warnings that can be selected by the user for immediate notification, ESM provides extensive server health monitoring across the entire surveillance system. The new ESM Failover feature ensures the high availability of mission critical security video and data.This proactive monitoring tool helps large installations improve uptime, reduce software maintenance and diagnose problems before they become critical.


In addition to the dozens of software enhancements we added in 2014, we’ve also upgraded and added new hardware products to our NVR offerings.


Now that 2015 quickly approaches, we are looking forward to developing more significant new features for exacqVision including simplifying common security functions to make exacqVision users’ jobs easier and company operations more efficient.  If you haven’t tried these features, check them out now.



What would you like to see in 2015? We welcome your suggestions and feedback to help us make the exacqVision client better for you!

Tips for Selecting a Cost-Effective, Efficient Municipal Security System

Challenged with patrolling a large area and protecting thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses, local governments and police departments need an efficient video surveillance system. Today, municipalities face a variety of new security challenges including geographical disparity, scalability and remote monitoring.

Camera on Building

Government and municipal projects often have tight budget restraints and require a cost-effective surveillance system that covers a large area while providing expansion opportunities for future security needs.

Union City, N.J., and Prospect Heights, Ill., are two cities that have recently implemented cost-effective video surveillance systems. As a result, each city has seen a reduction in crime rates and a vastly improved public safety system by considering the following elements in their solution.

View Video Remotely
To provide a successful municipal surveillance system, find a video management system (VMS) software that law enforcement officials can easily use remotely. Police departments need to view live and recorded video from their desks, phones or vehicles from anywhere throughout the city, day or night.

Prospect Heights Police Department strategically placed cameras in the highest risk public areas. With exacqVision VMS software all government officials can download the free Exacq mobile app or run the free client software on any web browser. This allows them to assess situations as they are happening and provide guidance to on-the-scene officers. Additionally, the exacqVision software has given them the opportunity to monitor their risk, assess the environment they are entering and prioritize issues immediately from their devices. Remote video monitoring enhances situational awareness, enabling them to respond quicker and more effectively at crime scenes.

Implement a Wireless Solution
When tasked with monitoring a city consisting of thousands of residents, consider implementing a wireless mesh network for the most effective security system. In Prospect Heights, Illinois, the surveillance system acts as a force multiplier, allowing the police department to keep more officers patrolling the streets and letting the cameras cover high crime areas. With this solution, video from the cameras is transported wirelessly to a nearby building and then transmitted to the police station over the secured network. The wireless system connects the police department with the community  areas for real-time viewing of activities. By leveraging this capability, Prospect Heights can monitor crime in neighborhoods without the need for full-time police officers to constantly patrol the area.

Police Station VMS Monitors

Be Resource Efficient
Replacing an entire security system can be very expensive. As an alternative, law enforcement officials can leverage their current infrastructure, wiring and analog cameras while also updating their security system. This maximizes the initial security investment while providing the flexibility to upgrade the system later. Union City, N.J. was able to utilize their existing analog infrastructure while also adding new technology, while Prospect Heights Police Department fully integrated the surveillance system with their broadband wireless network to better leverage resources.

Find an Easy-to-Use VMS Software
Simplify the process of searching and exporting video by selecting an easy-to-use VMS software. Most police departments and local governments suffer from lack of time and limited resources. The exacqVision client greatly improved operations and reduced investigation time for Prospect Heights Police Department. In the event of a reported crime, police officers can use the exacqVision VMS software for post-incident investigation and research. Officers can quickly search the exacqVision client for the time of the incident and can then export real-time evidence and footage to be used in court if necessary. Chief of Police Jamie Dunne noted, “The exacqVision software has allowed us to quickly capture video clips of incidents that we have used to bring criminal investigations to successful conclusions.”

exacqVision Search

Prepare for Future Growth
Communities continually grow and crime hot spots change. Therefore, municipalities need to be forward thinking when designing a security solution. Scalable solutions provide an easy method to add cameras and expand the security system as the population demographics adjust. Prospect Heights initially designed their wireless security solution with future additions in mind. They accounted for the ability to add cameras moving forward and adjust the system as needed.

Visit our Solutions page to learn more from these Case Studies, or contact our Sales team and we’ll answer your questions.