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Agilence Point of Sale Retail Transaction Logging Integration with exacqVision

We are pleased to announce a new integration with Retail 20/20 from Agilence, Inc.  Retail 20/20 pulls data directly from the POS (point of sale) transaction logs and synchronizes it with the exacqVision VMS software, linking an individual item with its associated video image. Together, Retail 20/20 and exacqVision provide retail loss prevention and operations teams with a single solution to identify operational inefficiencies and reduce fraud.

Agilence Retail 20/20 and exacqVision
Agilence Retail 20/20 Integration With exacqVision


“The integration of Retail 20/20 and our exacqVision VMS will provide customers with a high quality retail analytics solution to improve loss prevention,” said Dave Underwood, President, Exacq Technologies. “We look forward to working with Agilence to offer this innovative POS integration to our customers.”

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

ELERTS App Integration with exacqVision

ELERTS LogoWe are excited to announce a new integration with ELERTS Corporation. ELERTS provides a smartphone app used to report incidents as they happen. The ELERTS integration with exacqVision uses the GPS location information obtained from the smartphone reporting the incident to pull up the nearest camera connected to an exacqVision Video Management System (VMS). This integration gives exacqVision users the capability to intercept and appropriately act upon suspicious activities as they are happening at their facilities.

ELERTS exacqVision Integration

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.