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Introducing Illustra Pro 3 & 5 Megapixel Mini-Domes

The new high definition Illustra Pro 3 & 5 megapixel mini-dome IP cameras provide unsurpassed video quality in the most demanding conditions. Watch this video update link to see the Illustra video quality compared to others.

illustra_pro_5mp_outdoor-04-wSMALLExceptional Video Quality

  • 3MP & 5MP resolutions at fast frame rates
  • Industry leading low light maintaining color video quality to see important details
  • High performance wide dynamic range to simultaneously view high contrast areas

Optimize Your Video

  • Blur detection alerts when camera focus or cleaning is necessary
  • Intelligent analytics to save bandwidth for lower, optimized network traffic and storage

Indoor and Outdoor Models for Most Environments

  • Operates in extreme temperatures as low as -30° C with PoE or -40°C with 24Vac power
  • Durable indoor and outdoor models with IK10 rating to protect against vandalism, outdoor models are IP66 rated with an environmental enclosure to protect against water and dust

Learn more about the new Illustra Pro Mini-Domes on the Illustra website or exacqVision website.

Multicasting vs. Multistreaming in IP Video Surveillance Deployments

One of the advantages of IP video vs. analog CCTV is the distribution flexibility of IP networks. With IP networks, video can easily be routed anywhere on the network, to one or more endpoints as desired. In turn, users have the potential to over-utilize network bandwidth and compromise the overall performance of the video management system solution.

Drawbacks of Multicasting 
Some consider IP multicasting as the solution to minimizing IP streaming bandwidth, when in actuality the advantages of multicasting are limited to specific scenarios. With multicasting, bandwidth savings only occur when multiple subscribers view the same live video stream. Several drawbacks to multicasting should be considered including:

  • UDP video streaming – UDP does not guarantee every packet gets delivered and it exposes the video stream to any unreliability of the underlying network, resulting in poor video quality due to lost or duplicate packets.
  • Higher complexity – multicasting implementation requires special equipment and knowledge beyond fundamental IP network configuration.
  • Variable bandwidth savings – the amount of bandwidth savings can fluctuate depending how many people request the same content. Multicasting only delivers benefits when the same live camera stream is being viewed by multiple people.


One advantage of multicasting is that only one stream of video from the camera is required to support many viewers.  exacqVision provides this same benefit without the complex configuration. exacqVision is designed to efficiently support many clients viewing live video using only a single video stream from the camera.

exacqVision Saves Significant Bandwidth with Multistreaming
exacqVision is able to deliver significant bandwidth savings through the support of intelligent multistreaming, instead of multicasting. exacqVision will automatically deliver the full resolution stream or low resolution stream based on the viewing need of each client requesting video. Users can override the automatic choice and manually select high or low resolution streams for viewing as needed.


Read our Exacq IP Multicasting and IP Video Surveillance Deployments whitepaper to find out solutions to bandwidth challenges using exacqVision VMS software.31

Exacq Introduces Illustra Edge

Complete High Definition IP Video Solution as Easy as 1-2-3

Exacq introduces the first complete edge out-of-the-box solution. Illustra Edge provides a complete high definition video system as easy as 1-2-3 with a high quality Illustra IP camera, integrated video management system (VMS) software and SD card storage included in one out-of-the-box ready solution. Simply mount the camera, connect and start monitoring live and recorded video. Illustra Edge comes pre-configured with an included server license for simple, automatic installation.

Easy as 1-2-3

Illustra Edge presents everything you need for full-featured video recording. Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Solution – With an edge video solution, fewer components are installed. Video servers and rack equipment are not required. Since Illustra Edge comes with everything bundled into the camera, it saves end users a significant amount of money. Illustra Edge provides a high quality IP cameras integrated video management system (VMS) software and SD storage included in one out-of-the-box ready solution. It even saves money in the long-term with fewer components and no server maintenance.
  • Completely Bundled, Easy to Install – Simply plug in the Illustra Edge IP camera, connect to a powered network switch and watch video. Illustra Edge requires minimal configuration and hardware installation. To make it as easy as possible, it features automatic licensing and motion-based recording on first power on.
  • High Reliability – Illustra Edge stores video on the camera’s premium video surveillance grade SD card for onboard storage of critical video. Illustra Edge cameras record even when the network is down. There is no single point of failure; if one camera fails, the other IP cameras will continue to stream and record video. Illustra Edge offers distributed recording with a long-life SD card. Store 5-15 days of typical internal video expandable to months or years.
  • Network Friendly – The security camera to server traffic is internal, resulting in low network traffic. Therefore, the Illustra Edge solution does not use valuable network resources and bandwidth as functions are performed at the edge.
  • Scalable – If more storage is needed, users can add exacqVision S-Series networked storage devices or network attached storage (NAS). Illustra Edge can be a stand-alone solution or scalable as part of a full exacqVision recorder solution.

Ideal solution for:

  • Small system installations
    • Perfect for 1-10 IP camera installations
  • Remote sites where servers are not practical
    • Power sub-stations
    • Generator stations
    • Wind farms
  • Environments with unreliable wireless or WAN connectivity
  • Covert surveillance independent of the primary video surveillance system

Illustra Edge is available in three models:

FisheyeIllustra Pro 5MP Fisheye

  • 5 MP
  • High Resolution 360 degree situational awareness

Illustra Compact MinidomeIllustra Pro 2MP Compact Mini-Dome

  • 1080P
  • Wide field of view

illustra-compact-bulletIllustra Pro 2MP Compact Bullet

  • 1080P
  • True day/night
  • IR Illumination
  • Wide dynamic range

Learn more about the Illustra Edge solution on our website. Download the exacqVision Edge Illustra installer.

New exacqVision Serial Integration User’s Guide

How to configure and use serial data integrations within exacqVision

exacqVision is an open-platform video management system (VMS) software which supports integration with other systems such as access control systems, retail analytics, point-of-sale systems and Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM).

These integrations give exacqVision users the freedom to build a best of breed physical security system. Exacq tests and maintains many of these serial integrations so they operate easily and efficiently for customers. By combining other technology partners with exacqVision in a single interface, users have a complete video surveillance solution.

exacqVision has the ability to process serial data in many ways. The data can simply be stored as human readable text and used for overlaying on live views, or it can be used to trigger actions such as:

  • Call a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) preset on a camera
  • Record video
  • Record audio
  • Trigger an alarm output
  • Change a view
  • Send an email
  • Export a video

Serial Profiles

Serial profiles are configured in exacqVision for processing serial data that may come from POS, ATM or access control systems. After users have configured the serial profile correctlythe user can process these data segments further into more meaningful textual structures and set up actions such as keyword matching, line masks, string replacements and rules.

Serial Profiles

Keywords in Event Monitoring
Event keywords are a method for triggering exacqVision to react upon detecting a keyword. Event monitoring keywords will change the way the client displays cameras, views and video in general. For example if a business wanted to monitor everyone that came in and out of a private, authorized personnel only door, they could set up a keyword in event monitoring with the action type to show the video for that door when triggered.

Line Masks
exacqVision users can create line masks to mask out entire line segments. The line mask will match a character string entered by the user to a character string embedded in the serial data segment. When a match is found, the entire line segment is removed from the transaction.  For example, a retail store may want to remove credit card numbers or confidential personal information that should not be publically displayed. They can create a line mask within exacqVision to delete that information. By enabling line masks, stores can maintain confidentiality and a less cluttered look.

String Replacements
exacqVision gives users the option to replace a character string in the serial data with a character string defined by the user. If a retail store wanted to change a string so it made more sense to the security guard monitoring the video, they could change the wording. If the wording was F12=14, which indicated an alarm, they could simply change that character string to say alarm, which gives more meaningful data to the guard when watching the video.

Line Masks

Serial Rules
Serial rules can be used in event linking, event monitoring and serial search. Users can create a rule that includes logic cases such as “equal to”, “less than” or “greater than” so that if a rule becomes true an action takes place. In a situation within a corporate building, a rule may be created if F12=14 occurs then go to PTZ preset 3 and record video for 5 minutes.

This document presents guidance for configuring and understanding how the serial interface works within the exacqVision VMS software. Learn more in our serial integration guide.

exacqVision Now Integrates with Tokheim Fuel Point-Of-Sale Solution

TokheimExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new integration with Tokheim, a fuel point-of-sale (POS) solution. Tokheim can be integrated with any existing or new exacqVision system.

The Tokheim software seamlessly connects to the existing exacqVision system and passes the electronic point of sale (EPOS) serial data to the exacqVision server. The Tokheim integration takes a snapshot image at the start and completion of fueling at each pump. These images can be sent via ftp to the point-of-sale system. Additionally, the data can be quickly searched and retrieved through the exacqVision video management system (VMS) software to view the relevant, corresponding video for the event. Users can search by receipt, pump number, event or time.

Fuel and retail business end users can use this new integration to better manage their fuel management and security. By installing the Tokheim integration, exacqVision users have another tool in their video security system to minimize forecourt losses through drive-offs and reduce fuel fraud.

Tokheim and exacqVision

Please visit our Integration page to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

PlateSmart License Plate Recognition Software Integration

PlateSmartExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new integration with PlateSmart Technologies, a license plate recognition (LPR) software-only solution. The PlateSmart software can be easily integrated into any exacqVision system. Once the PlateSmart software is connected to the camera and exacqVision system, it continually searches for license plates. The recognized license plate goes through the PlateSmart analytics, the metadata is sent to the exacqVision server and then the plate information is shown in the exacqVision VMS software. The information displayed in the exacqVision software includes the following data:

  • PlateSmartLicense plate number
  • Timestamp of when the license plate was captured
  • Camera name
  • State
  • Longitude and latitude
  • Path to the image

This new PlateSmart integration is available for integration with exacqVision systems within the United States. It provides exacqVision end users with a seamless addition of a LPR solution to their existing video security system.

PlateSmart exacqVision IntegrationPlateSmart Integration Example

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

Prism Skylabs Integration with exacqVision

Prism SkylabsExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a new integration with Prism Skylabs. This integration gives exacqVision customers a turnkey solution to more effectively manage their business, including:

  • Powerful analytics, from foothpaths to counting to product lift
  • Infinite cloud storage of data and images
  • Real-time access to enhanced and privacy-protected images that can be viewed on a phone, laptop, or tablet

Prism Skylabs’ cloud service service analyzes video from any exacqVision system camera to create easy-to-understand visual summaries and reports that can be simultaneously accessed by any number of users. The visual summaries and reports help business owners understand traffic patterns and user behavior in the store.

Prism Skylabs Pathmap example
Prism Skylabs Pathmap Example

Prism Skylabs Heatmap Example
Prism Skylabs Heatmap Example

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

Agilence Point of Sale Retail Transaction Logging Integration with exacqVision

We are pleased to announce a new integration with Retail 20/20 from Agilence, Inc.  Retail 20/20 pulls data directly from the POS (point of sale) transaction logs and synchronizes it with the exacqVision VMS software, linking an individual item with its associated video image. Together, Retail 20/20 and exacqVision provide retail loss prevention and operations teams with a single solution to identify operational inefficiencies and reduce fraud.

Agilence Retail 20/20 and exacqVision
Agilence Retail 20/20 Integration With exacqVision


“The integration of Retail 20/20 and our exacqVision VMS will provide customers with a high quality retail analytics solution to improve loss prevention,” said Dave Underwood, President, Exacq Technologies. “We look forward to working with Agilence to offer this innovative POS integration to our customers.”

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

ELERTS App Integration with exacqVision

ELERTS LogoWe are excited to announce a new integration with ELERTS Corporation. ELERTS provides a smartphone app used to report incidents as they happen. The ELERTS integration with exacqVision uses the GPS location information obtained from the smartphone reporting the incident to pull up the nearest camera connected to an exacqVision Video Management System (VMS). This integration gives exacqVision users the capability to intercept and appropriately act upon suspicious activities as they are happening at their facilities.

ELERTS exacqVision Integration

Visit our Integration page and read our press release to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.