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Whether it’s a store from a big box retailer in a local shopping center, the resident branch of a bank or a nearby convenience store, businesses with smaller locations can benefit from an all-in-one video surveillance solution with an attractive total cost of ownership.

Supporting up to 24 IP and 16 analog cameras and bringing together an optimal combination of performance and affordability, the new exacqVision Q-Series offers security administrators the flexibility to choose from IP-only or hybrid systems to incorporate existing analog cameras and IP cameras into the same network video recorder.

Many businesses across distributed locations where there are smaller footprints might be currently utilizing an analog camera network, with years of service still possible. Choosing a flexible solution like the Q- Series is cost-effective, allowing businesses to leverage the benefits of a truly hybrid system, while slowly migrating to IP cameras as necessary.

Keeping costs down with centralized servers and storage clusters is a common video management strategy, but for business locations with smaller footprints, the Q-Series is an ideal solution, accommodating local storage needs and is quite easy to setup and maintain.

Shipping with 4 exacqVision Professional software licenses, this system combines NVR functionality and live monitoring in a single box. Surveillance personnel can monitor the display with 16 live, full-HD streams simultaneously at 15 frames per second. And with support for thousands of camera models, the Q-Series offers the freedom and flexibility to architect a security solution that best fits the customer needs, rather than being restricted to specific camera manufacturers.

To learn more about the benefits of an IP-capable system without sacrificing any existing analog infrastructure, check out the exacqVision Q-Series product page.

Face mask detection applications offer a proactive approach to facility safety

Over the past few months, businesses of all sizes have been tasked with maintaining safe, healthy environments for staff and visitors against the backdrop of COVID-19.  From educational and healthcare campuses to corporate offices and retail stores, many organizations are seeking to implement safeguards such as mandatory face masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Intelligent applications that can help to automate compliance with new health and safety procedures are being introduced to the market, which can quickly put valuable information into the hands of facility decision makers.

A new generation of video analytics, powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, is enabling higher levels of accuracy and speed than traditional pixel-based analytics, ensuring that organizations who depend on accurate results and high throughput can maintain the pace of their operations without having to deal with unnecessary alerts and alarms.  For environments such as hospitals or healthcare organizations, where mask wearing is a critical part of a risk mitigation strategy, it’s crucial for video management systems with mask detection to operate real-time monitoring and alerting of No Mask events – making it easier to take prompt corrective action, optimize safety protocols and enhance situational awareness.

Organizations looking to audit their internal processes for improvement or regulatory compliance should also have the ability to search for No Mask events in stored video to be able to produce reports or track organizational compliance over time. Many of these functions are made easier with deep or even native integrations of video analytics into a video management system, such as the new exacqVision 20.09 with Face Mask Detection. With a seamless, cost-effective face mask detection solution, integrated from Tyco AI directly to the exacqVision VMS, this solution will continue to assist facility managers in adapting to new guidelines, and investing in cost-effective, scalable and efficient technology to help mitigate risks.

Maximize uptime with OS redundancy to ensure high availability and peace of mind

As security systems are often part of critical business infrastructure, maximizing uptime is an essential consideration. exacqVision now offers an operating system (OS) redundancy feature as an option available on multiple systems to ensure high availability and peace of mind in the event the system experiences a solid-state drive failure.

Benefit from fault tolerant systems that save time and effort in a failure scenario 

The new exacqVision OS Redundancy feature – now available as an option on Z-Series, S-Series, EM-Series, and A-Series  R4A and F2A systems – guarantees that the system will continue to operate as expected in the event of a solid-state drive failure. The dual solid-state drives that ship with this option contains data mirrored between drives, allowing for one of them to step in when the other fails.

The solid-state drives not only contain the operating system, they also store exacqVision binaries and associated configuration data of the video security solution.  These configuration setups are a result of significant investment of time and effort by customers, setting up the VMS to their specific needs. By mirroring this data on a redundant drive, the system is able to tolerate a drive failure and continue to perform security functions seamlessly.
Stay current with software event notifications

Stay informed and trigger corrective action when the system experiences drive failure. exacqVision Client or the Enterprise Manager will proactively alert users, so that a replacement solid state drive can be sourced and scheduled for replacement,  all while the system continues to operate as expected despite the unexpected drive loss. This minimizes disruption to the business and allows for immediate and actionable situational awareness surrounding the health of the operating system.


Synthesize services and support from a single vendor

Customers can leverage the benefits of having service and support from a single vendor. When a redundant operating system fails on a third-party hardware, customers may not be notified and face the task of replacing the faulty drive independently. With exacqVision VMS running on exacqVision hardware, not only does the VMS generate alerts on any storage systems failure, a single support team can address all aspects of troubleshooting, seamlessly taking the required detailed steps to restore the systems to its original healthy state.

Strengthen Your First Line of Defense with exacqVision 20.06

Now more than ever the safety of employees and customers is top of mind for businesses, and the newest features available in exacqVision 20.06 are designed to support the needs of today’s dynamic security environments.

Be Proactive Against the Spread of Infection

We are living in a new normal, where businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic are looking for ways to detect persons who may be exhibiting symptoms of the virus such as an elevated body temperature. exacqVision 20.06 introduces support for select thermal detection cameras integrated directly into exacqVision, allowing operators to be alerted of potentially infectious individuals.


Facial Matching Custom Classifications

Customers that use Exacq Intelligent Alert Facial Matching can now create customized classifications to better reflect their unique business environment. Previously, they were restricted to using 5 pre-defined classifications (Person of Interest, Loyalty Customer, Guest, Employee, and Trespasser), which may not be relevant for every customer. For example, a school district isn’t likely to use the Loyalty Customer classification for facial matching. Adding the flexibility to create custom classifications makes this solution more scalable for today’s dynamic business environments.

Exacq Facial Matching customers now have the ability to adjust confidence thresholds to fine tune their face match results. These thresholds are set to 95% by default, but they can be overridden with custom values. For example, retail environments using a higher confidence percentage for Employee classifications would yield fewer matches, while a lower value for Person of Interest classifications would result in more matches.

Backup and Restore Enterprise Manager Configurations

The new Enterprise Manager configuration backup and restore provides customers with peace of mind that their data is protected in the event of a system hardware failure, natural disaster, or as in recent events, a global pandemic. Previously there was no way to back up Enterprise Manager configurations, so in the event of a catastrophic failure Enterprise Manager had to be re-configured. With the newest release, administrators can back up their Enterprise Manager configuration either manually or based on a schedule. These backups can be used to quickly restore the system in the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster, providing redundancy and ensuring high availability for enterprise deployments.


Tyco AI is an ever evolving, deep learning solution that infuses artificial intelligence into the Tyco security portfolio. Enabled by the powerful algorithms in Tyco AI, object classification, behavior and facial recognition analytics become exponentially faster and more accurate, enabling the industry-leading suite of Tyco’s automation solutions for access control and video surveillance to produce critical and customizable operational intelligence data for nearly any customer application.

According to a Forbes Magazine article, 75% of enterprises are relying on AI-based platforms and solutions for network security today. While not quite as widespread, AI in physical security is beginning to take hold as designers leverage machine learning to perfect AI-enabled security applications, including facial matching solutions.

As you’d expect, there are some important differences amongst the many facial matching offerings available today. While there are certainly more than three, this trifecta of differentiators stands out:


Deep learning technology enables software to differentiate between humans, animals, objects, time of day, and weather conditions, and analytics can help distinguish between normal and suspicious behavior.  When you add human interpretation to assign classification to faces for context,  you achieve faster and more effective responses that are appropriate for each situation.

The Exacq Facial Matching solution lets you register facial images in different classifications (e.g. persons of interest, employees, guests, etc.) vs. a catch-all watch list so you can react appropriately to alerts and deploy the correct personnel.

Better response is a cornerstone of good security. Facial matching solutions must deliver the details that matter wherever you are – not a generic email notification that leaves you guessing about the nature of the alert.


Using Exacq Mobile with Exacq’s Facial Matching solution, you can automatically receive notifications to your mobile device with a visual display of the matched face when a POI event occurs.


Superior situational awareness that drives appropriate responses



Professionals across all kinds of industries including retail, healthcare, finance, etc. are looking to bolster security and efficiency by automating tasks and processes so security personnel can focus on things that add greater value.

Integrating solutions like facial matching with a video management system will hasten deployment, strengthen security and maximize efficiency. With the Exacq Facial Matching solution, facial registration cameras and rules, and facial match alerts are all configured directly in exacqVision VMS for quick deployment as well as easy management.

exacqVision gives you one comprehensive and intuitive management interface


If you are part of the 75% the Forbes article identified as looking for AI-enabled security tools like Facial Matching, you are undoubtedly interested in accuracy and privacy – two areas that have dogged Facial Matching (and AI-solutions in general) for years.


Data accuracy is dependent on data quality, and a big factor in achieving that quality is in the IP cameras you may have already vetted as trusted components of your security system.  While some facial matching systems will work with only select IP cameras, Exacq’s Facial Matching Solution lets you use any compatible IP HD camera and then leverages deep learning to provide reliable and accurate recognition of faces (even with hats or glasses) with minimal false positives.


Privacy concerns are ubiquitous when considering facial matching solutions and there is a perception that widespread adoption will inevitably lead to a loss of privacy. This is where trusted partners with proven compliance programs have a distinct advantage over manufacturers with less established programs and procedures.


As part of Johnson Controls Product Security Program, Exacq solutions are created in a culture focused on cyber resilience and are deployed with dedicated support to help keep customers’ data safe and secure.



If you work in retail loss prevention, or healthcare or finance security, you know all too well the need to quickly and accurately detect and act on incidents that can affect the wellbeing and bottom line of your organization.


The Exacq Facial Matching solution combines the power and accuracy of Tyco AI’s deep learning with the flexibility and robustness of exacqVision VMS to help you enhance and transform your physical security environment.






Sophisticated Performance from an Affordable NVR


The G-Series PoE network video recorder offers an easy-to-use video recording solution for customers looking to utilize the full sophistication of exacqVision MS on an affordable NVR, without the hassle of wiring cameras to a power supply.

Customers have substantial flexibility on camera choices and provides a simple plug-n-play setup. The G-Series PoE also doubles as a live-view monitoring station, with 8 full-HD simultaneous streams at 15fps, providing a high-quality experience when viewing live or searching stored video. With a generous PoE budget, it delivers 15 watts simultaneously on all ports, and up to 30 watts on any port. For select camera models, just plug a camera into one of the PoE ports, and the NVR automatically finds and configures the camera and starts recording.

Shipping with free IP camera licenses that complement either 4 or 8 PoE ports and unlimited software updates for 3 years, the G-Series is a versatile, cost-effective network video recorder.

Currently the G-Series PoE is only available in the United States and European Union.

For more features and specifications, please refer to the G-Series PoE Data Sheet.

Tyco HD Encoder

The Tyco HD Encoder offers an attractive, simple solution for customers looking to take advantage of high definition video and the affordability of analog HD cameras, providing a seamless way to achieve full integration with exacqVision.



Customers with both HD and SD analog cameras can integration with modern VMS systems, leveraging the benefits of IP while utilizing their existing analog infrastructure. The Tyco HD Encoder is an out-of-the-box solution, providing streams at H.264 and supports up to 4MP resolution.

Tyco provides comprehensive solutions by offering everything you need to simplify support and maximize uptime. Using a single vendor for both NVR and encoder makes purchasing and setup seamless, minimizing support complexities or compatibility issues that can arise down the road. The Tyco HD Encoder is fully supported by exacqVision, making it easy to add into existing systems or as part of a new system.

For more features and specifications, refer to the Tyco HD Encoder Data Sheet.

Spot Trends and Simplify Updates for Large Scale Deployments with the new EM-Series 500

Administrators that need to spot trends or monitor camera health can do so easily with exacqVision Enterprise Manager. With the newest addition to our Enterprise solution, the EM-Series 500 server is equipped to help you monitor and manage up to 500 network video recorders. This server comes pre-loaded and pre-configured for a seamless out-of-the-box experience.



Through the intuitive dashboard of Enterprise Manager, you can maintain large user bases, maximize uptime, and easily transfer camera licenses between NVRs, leveraging the benefits of an enterprise-level solution on a robust, performant platform. Using a single vendor for software and hardware needs can also minimize installation and maintenance complexities. Featuring RAID 6 and front-loading hard disk drives for uninterrupted operation, the EM-Series is an ideal and cost-effective solution for installations in the retail, education, and government markets.

Introducing exacqVision Facial Matching Solution at NRF 2020

exacqVision’s new Facial Matching solution debuts this weekend at the NRF 2020 show in New York, January 12-14. Using highly accurate deep learning analytics, Facial Matching provides immediate recall of recognized visitors that arrive on premise, such as a suspected shoplifter returning to the store, or to detect persons of interest entering a high-profile sporting event or a place of business.

Surveillance with the retail industry is a crucial part of loss prevention and operational safety. Whether your surveillance needs are for a single location or if you are a large retailer with multiple sites looking to optimize storefront operations, prevent shoplifting or fraudulent activities, the intuitive features of exacqVision can help:

  • Match faces prior to loss prevention instances
  • Match faces to prior loyal customer events
  • Register faces based on events or manual tagging
  • Scan faces upon entry and send notification on match
  • Send push notifications to Exacq Mobile with the date, time, and image of matched person of interest
  • Manage cases, easily transfer camera licenses, and the ability to push video to public view monitors with exacqVision Enterprise Edition VMS software
  • POS Integration with keyword triggers and transaction details overlaid on camera

In a retail setting, exacqVision Facial Matching continuously compares faces against saved profiles, even with hats, glasses and facial hair, providing instant confirmation of the presence of persons of interest with color-coded facial bounding boxes. Integrated directly into exacqVision for easy configuration and deployment, the solution can capture and automatically enter into the database acceptable facial views triggered by Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) pedestals or Point of Sale (POS) keywords, growing the database of faces with minimal user interaction. Users can also be added manually into the system.

In addition to retail businesses, Facial Matching is also ideal for the education, healthcare, and commercial business markets. This solution is currently being offered in an early adoption phase before the official market launch in 2020. For more information, or to inquire about participating in a field trial of this new solution, please contact Jordan Linback, exacqVision product manager.

Enhance security and communication with ONVIF 2-way audio support with exacqVision 19.12

New in exacqVision 19.12, ONVIF camera integration supports the ability to talk and listen through IP cameras equipped with audio I/O. This new feature is perfect for businesses who utilize entryway cameras to authorize visitors. Operators can hear what a visitor is saying and communicate back using the camera’s outbound audio.

Exacq continues to enhance enterprise management capabilities, camera licenses can now be bulk purchased and unused licenses stored within Enterprise Manager to deploy as needed. Additionally, camera license SSAs will not age on Enterprise Manager.



This new software release also offers exacqVision Edge support to Illustra Pro Gen3 customers, providing a way to run exacqVision Edge on the Pro Gen3 cameras.




Exacq Mobile features a more mobile friendly camera-user experience and improved performance when viewing multiple camera streams. By tapping a camera panel, mobile users can display a full-screen view of the stream, as well as access camera-specific options. Tapping a single-camera panel no longer disconnects a user from other live streams, providing a way to quickly jump to other streams when navigating back to the multi-camera live view.

Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) stream management is now built into the exacqVision server, allowing users to configure an RSTP stream for a camera directly from the exacqVision client, which is much more user-friendly for customers integrating with exacqVision.