The Indianapolis Star on Serial Entrepreneurism and Exacq Technologies

Exacq in The Indianapolis StarJohn Ketzenberger’s column in the business section of today’s Indianapolis Star profiles Exacq Technologies as it updates the storyline of the hotbed of digital video technology development and entrepreneurism that has been occurring in Indianapolis for over 20 years.

Way back in 1983, starting as an business venture within Bell Labs, Truevision was born, creating the legendary TARGA video capture boards that revolutionized desktop video production in the broadcast market in the mid 1980s. After Truevision was sold, many of the founders of that group went on to create Integral Technologies, which pioneered the use of desktop video capture for Photo ID and License systems in the mid 1990s. After selling Integral, many of the founders went on to create Exacq Technologies, which offers a whole new generation of products for the digital video recording of security cameras, combining traditional analog-camera digital video recording and network, IP-based video recording.

John spoke with us on Thursday, and his article came out today, focusing on the “serial entrepreneurism” aspect of the Exacq founders. It makes for interesting reading.

Exacq at National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference

Exacq at National Sheriffs' Association 2006The exacqVision Network DVR was shown at this week’s National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference in Orlando to great reception. The combination of features: analog and IP cameras, secure client-server architecture, ease of use, and, especially, high video quality, generated a high level of interest among the attendees.

The ability to seamlessly add IP cameras means that larger views: common areas, holding cells, and perimeter cameras can take advantage of the higher resolution of the IP-based megapixel cameras for more detail.

The Privacy Box function guarantees privacy by preventing selected areas of the video view from being recorded or viewed, even on the spot monitor output.

Scalability and security of the client-server architecture enables exacqVision to work in facilities with a few cameras or hundreds of cameras, and to be fully monitored and administered from any client at any location, providing a new level of flexibility and usability for digital video surveillance.

exacqVision Press Release

Exacq Technologies introduces powerful exacqVision system
Hybrid Network DVR security surveillance system merges analog cameras with IP network cameras

[INDIANAPOLIS] Exacq Technologies is proud to introduce the new exacqVision network digital video recorder (NDVR). The exacqVision system is a digital video surveillance system that incorporates video from traditional analog security cameras and the latest IP network cameras on a single system. ExacqVision is one of the first products designed from the ground up to merge analog and network cameras in a single system using a common user interface.

Designed around Exacq Technologies’ own eDVR security system engine, exacqVision seamlessly records both analog and IP cameras. The 2U (3 ½ inches tall) rack mount system is available with up to 16 or 32 analog cameras plus 8 or more IP cameras. Systems record real-time video for security applications—up to 480 ips (images per second) for a 16 camera server or 960 ips for a 32 camera server. Client servers are seamlessly connected to create an enterprise class system featuring a virtually unlimited number of analog and IP cameras.

Read the whole press release here

New exacqVision Disk Calculator Posted

exacqVision Disk CalculatorA new exacqVision Disk Calculator has just been posted to our downloads page. This disk calculator enables you to enter the number of cameras, the frame rate, resolution, compression type and activity for each camera and will return the estimated number of days of storage based on the various exacqVision hard drive configurations. It works for all types and resolutions of analog and IP cameras. This is a great tool to use for estimating days of storage, or in specifying the amount of hard drive storage needed.

The exacqVision Disk Calculator is in Microsoft Excel format.

exacqVision Financial at FSPA San Antonio

Exacq at FSPA 2006 San AntonioSaturday was the Manufacturer’s Showcase at this year’s FSPA conference in San Antonio. We showed the new exacqVision Financial (press release here), a version of our exacqVision Network Digital Video Recorder specifically designed for the security and reporting needs of financial institutions.

ExacqVision Financial adds features for digital video surveillance that are important for financial institutions:

  • exacqRecall button for a single-press automatic burning of video footage to CD or DVD after an incident
  • bank alarm system integration for automatic burning of video footage to CD or DVD when the alarm is activated
  • ATM Search enabling easy ATM transactional information search (card number, account number, etc) and viewing of video footage from associated cameras. The exacqVision ATM interface is available through serial or IP.
  • Privacy Box function allowing sensitive areas in the viewable screen (e.g., combination entry pads) to be blocked from viewing and recording
  • ability to add IP cameras seamlessly, enabling low-cost means of adding video at remote ATMs and drive-thru’s. The ability to add megapixel IP cameras enhances detail in large viewing areas such as a lobby.

There was a great deal of interest from the leading financial security integrators in FSPA and we remain impressed with the entire FSPA organization. Thank you to all who visited our booth, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s conference in Las Vegas!

exacqVision at FSPA

Exacq setup day at FSPA San Antonio

FSPA Setup DayGetting the booth set up for tomorrow’s Manufacturer’s Showcase at the Financial & Security Products Association convention in San Antonio. We’re introducing exacqVision Financial, the financial market version of our exacqVision product.

One of the highlights of exacqVision Financial is exacqRecall, which can connect to the financial institution’s alarm system and automatically burn video onto CD or DVD for a specified amount of time before and after the alarm. In the chaos of an incident, this can provide automatic video footage for law enforcement when they arrive.

Exacq at FSPA Convention in San Antonio

We will be introducing our newest vertical-market version of exacqVision, called exacqVision Financial, at the Financial & Security Products Association convention starting tomorrow in San Antonio.

We’re sponsoring a Breakfast Seminar on Friday morning at 8:00 am and breakfast is on us. We will be exhibiting in booth T-85 in the Manufacturer’s Showcase on Saturday.

If you’re coming to the convention, please stop by and see us. See you in San Antonio!

New exacqVision Spec Sheet

exacqVision spec sheet - June 5, 2006We’ve just updated the exacqVision spec sheet. Dated June 5, 2006, this new spec sheet reflects the latest features and user interface refinements that have been added in over the last month.

New features include the exacqRecall button, which enables a simple one-touch interface to automatically burn video and audio from selected cameras, as well as a player to view the multiple videos simultaneously and to do further search, to a CD/DVD. In the chaos of an incident, providing video surveillance footage to law enforcement by simply pressing a button is a powerful feature.

You can download the latest exacqVision spec sheet on the Exacq downloads page.

Use of Digital Video in Retail Loss Prevention

Exacq at NRF Loss Prevention Conference 2006Exacq is at this week’s NRF Loss Prevention Conference in Minneapolis, where the focus is on technology – specifically interoperability of technology – in reducing shrinkage.

Case Studies
A case-study presentation by Hallmark showed almost 6% shrinkage as a percentage of sales in the early 90s before audit measures, combined with new technology, began to be implemented. In the last couple of years Hallmark has upgraded their CCTV systems and added tie-ins with POS and audit software, among other measures. The result of this focus on loss prevention combined with investment in new interoperable technology has seen shrinkage decline to slightly over 1% of sales.

A case-study of Belk Stores emphasized the importance of network-based digital CCTV and interoperability with exception reporting, POS and alarm systems and the ability to sync the video with all other reporting processes.

ExacqVision network DVR offers unique advantages for retail Loss Prevention. The ability to have both analog cameras and IP cameras maximizes flexibility for all rooms and all locations. Client Server architecture provides a stable, secure platform and enables all stores to be monitored remotely. The ability to fully tie into existing POS systems, display POS data, search on POS data, and tie into exception reporting software makes exacqVision a powerful loss prevention verification tool.

Trends in Loss Prevention
The results of a survey of National Retail Federation members were presented, and showed digital video in use by 82% of respondents in 2005, up from 75% in 2004. With newer technologies such as exacqVision coming on line, a significant percentage of respondents are planning new investment in video surveillance for 2006:
(* % planning more utilization in the coming year)

  • Digital Video Recording Systems (39.7%)
  • Video Monitoring over Internet (39.7%)
  • POS Data Mining Software (19.9%)
  • POS exception-based CCTV (15.1%)

The exacqVision platform provides for scalable digital video recording from various types of video sources, allows for monitoring and managing of multiple locations over the internet, connects in with POS systems and data mining software, and provides lower cost/camera due to higher camera density, better compression, and the addition of IP cameras.

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