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exacqVision Version 5.0 Released

exacqVision Version 5.0 exacqVision 5, the latest software release for the exacqVision Video Management System is now available. This latest version updates exacqVision Start, Pro, Enterprise, and Edge; is compatible with all exacqVision servers (hybrid, IP and COTS). exacqVision 5 incorporates new features, third-party integration and improvements, continuing the delivery of regular quarterly software updates.

exacqVision 5 is available for download here:

Key exacqVision 5 features include:

  • Multistreaming Support for IP Cameras
    • Up to 4 or 8 streams/camera
    • All streams available for both recording and live viewing
    • No additional licensing required
  • Vastly Faster Client Performance
    • Up to 6x display speed increase
    • More fluid, smooth video display
  • Faster and Easier Search
    • 2x search download speed improvement
  • New Auto Export
    • Automated backups to user-selected storage
  • New IP Camera and Encoder Integration
  • New Video Analytics Integration
  • New PSIM Integration
  • New Version-level Upgrade Promotion

Multistreaming Support for IP Cameras
The new Multistreaming feature of exacqVision 5 allows the ability to set multiple, independent video streams from the IP camera. Each stream can be set at different frame rates, resolution and quality level, ideal if you require remote viewing over a limited-bandwidth connection, but want to retain the highest resolution for recording and local viewing. Up to four streams per camera can be selected, depending on the IP camera model. In addition, up to eight ‘Region of Interest’ streams can be setup on select Arecont Vision cameras, allowing for true cropping of individual, independent streams, and a full realization of the benefits of multi-megapixel cameras.

With exacqVision Multistreaming, all streams can be recorded, viewed live, saved to views, exported, and available in search and playback. All streams can be individually configured for recording schedules, storage rules and more. No additional licensing is required; the standard exacqVision camera license enables up to four video streams, and up to eight Region of Interest streams are available on Arecont Vision cameras. Supported IP cameras for multistreaming in Version 5 include Axis, Arecont Vision, Panasonic and ACTi, with more coming. Over 240 IP camera models are supported in multistreaming in this release, with more coming. Multistreaming is supported in exacqVision Pro, Enterprise, and Edge

The exacqVision configuration calculator has been updated to include multi-streaming.

exacqVision Configuration Calculator

exacqVision Pro, Enterprise, Edge

Vastly Faster Client Performance with Multi-Threading
The exacqVision 5client display speed has been vastly improved due to multi-threading and hyper-threading enhancements, taking advantage of multiple processor cores commonly found on most computers available today. Significantly smoother, more fluid video displays and screen redraw speeds of up to 6x are now available. This performance increase is independent of the operating system used on the client, whether it be Windows, Linux or OSX.

Faster and Easier Search
In addition to client display speed improvements, Search Download speed has been improved by 200%, resulting in noticile faster searched video downloads. Additionally, searching for specific cameras with the exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard and other compatible USB joysticks has been enhanced for more intuitive use, and the PTZ interface has been streamlined into a single window for easier use and navigation to presets.

Auto Export
The new Auto Export feature, a revamp of the former exacqRecall function, now enables automated time-based backup of user-selected cameras to user-selected storage. Date, time and other file name-based variables are appended to each export.

exacqVision 5.0 Auto Export

New Camera and Encoder Integration

Support has been added for the interlogix TruVision Open Standards box and dome series cameras (from standard VGA resolution to 5 megapixels) via the Onvif plug-in.

Support added for Vivotek VS8401, VS8801 and VS8102 encoders.

Support added for the Samsung SNB-5001, SND-5011, SND-5061, SNB-7001, SND-7011 and SND-7061 cameras via the Onvif plug-in.

Support added for the KCM-7911 hemispheric camera

IP Camera support and exacqVision Edge support added for the M1013 and M1014 cameras.

Onvif plug-in support added for a number of new JVC IP cameras including T16U, T216U, T216VPRU, H37U, H137U, H237U and H237VPU models.

New Onvif plug-in support for Messoa models NDF820, NCR870, NDF821, NDF831, NDR891, NCB855PRO and NCR875PRO .

Support added for GCI-C0735P, K0779P, K0589T, G0509B, H0503B, and K1526T models via the Onvif plug-in.

New Video Analytics Integration

Sony DEPASony DEPA Video Analytics
Event linking integration for Sony’s DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) Advanced video analytics supported by a number of Sony IP cameras has been added to exacqVision. Camera models include CH140, CH180, CH240, DH140, DH180, DH240, EX101, EX104, EX154, RH124, RH164, RS46, RS84 and RS86.

More information on Sony’s DEPA Advanced technology can be found here.

intuVisionintuVision Video Analytics Integration
Integration has been completed with the intuVision Panoptes Video Analytics software, and supports routines such as Line Cross, Loitering, Objects Taken/Objects Left Behind, and People Counting.

AcicAcic Video Analytics Integration
Integration has been completed with Acic Video Analytics, and supports analytic events such as people entering a zone, crossing a line, vehicle counting and traffic incident). Enriched video streams can also be received in real time, containing advanced motion detection, object position and track, counting and classification statistics. A video showing the integration with exacqVision is here.

New PSIM Integration

HoneywellHoneywell MAXPRO PSIM Integration
Integration has been added for the Honeywell MAXPRO PSIM.

New Version-level Upgrade Promotion
All exacqVision users with a current SSA (Software Subscription) can download Version 5.0 at no charge. For users who wish to upgrade but are outside of a current SSA, we are offering an upgrade promotion: a fixed price of US MSRP $250/server, regardless of the number of cameras, will get you current with Version 5.0. This promotion runs through December 14, 2012.

The part number for the Version 5 Upgrade Promotion is EV5-UPDATE-PROMO and is available through all authorized exacqVision resellers and distributors.

Recent Releases
With this release we continue to make rapid progress with exacqVision, and incremental releases hit quarterly with new features and functionality. The full release history of exacqVision VMS is here:
exacqVision Release History

Download and Installation
As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through ‘Check for Updates‘ in the ‘About‘ box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try