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Exacq Technologies Integrates with AxiomV Access Control

RBHExacq Technologies recently finished testing the integration of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS) software with the AxiomV Enterprise Security Management System from RBH Access Technologies, Inc. Information on this new access control integration with exacqVision is now available on the Exacq web site. .

Axion Exacq

This integration makes responding to events faster and seamless by allowing the user to link video with events in real-time through a single platform. Users can simply right click to search live and recorded video associated with specific events or times.

RBH Exacq Video

RBH Exacq BrochureIntegration benefits:

  • Improve alarm response time
  • Unify access control and VMS search capabilities into one interface
  • Utilize PTZ control

The integration is available with AxiomV version 5.2.79 and higher. For more information and to view the integration guide, visit the Exacq RBH Access Control Integration page.