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exacqVision Version 2.6 Released

exacqVision Version 2.6 ReleaseWe’ve just released Version 2.6 of the exacqVision IP video surveillance software. This latest release continues our quest to issue incremental releases about every six weeks to continually add customer-requested features.

Version 2.6 can be downloaded here.

Key features in the Version 2.6 Release

  • exacqReplay – instant right-click replay from any camera view
  • Joystick support – added support for all USB joysticks for PTZ functionality
  • Arecont 5100 support – 5 Mpixel IP camera
  • Improved Axis integration
  • New 6×5 widescreen view
  • Shortcut Function key support – function keys for help, hide navigation panel, hide toolbar, and full screen.

Here are some of these features in detail:

We’ve implemented one of the key usability features we’ve wanted in exacqVision. With exacqReplay, you can right-click on any live window window and see the last few seconds or few minutes of video recorded on that camera.

exacqVision client - exacqReplay menu 1

Here’s a close-up of that right-click menu:

exacqVision client - exacqReplay menu 2

exacqReplay then pops up a window showing that camera’s video for the selected time:

exacqVision client - exacqReplay window 1

That window can be resized and displayed in-line or on another monitor. The video selection can be “scrubbed” back and forth, and you can step thru the clip frame by frame, both forward and backward. You can also right-click to bring up a menu where you can save individual images, video clips, and even burn directly to a CD-R or DVD-RAM.

exacqVision client - exacqReplay window 2

Joystick Support
Axis 295 USB Joystick ControllerWe’ve added support for USB joysticks to control the PTZ functions within exacqVision client. Using a USB joystick, you can control not only specific PTZ cameras, analog or IP, but also control fixed camera PTZ using our Digital PTZ functionality.

Any USB joystick will work, including gaming joysticks. However, we recommend the Axis 295 Professional USB Joystick. We will list additional professional-grade USB joysticks on our website soon.

Arecont Vision 5100 5 Mpixel IP Camera Support

We now support the Arecont 5100 5 Mpixel IP camera. This unique high-resolution camera delivers spectacular images, at 15 fps, at a resolution of 2560×1600.

Improved Axis IP Camera Integration
Axis 223M 2 Mpixel IP cameraWe have improved the integration with many of the newer Axis IP cameras, adding support for unique frame rate, resolution and audio support.

  • Axis 221 – We now support 45 ips in D1 resolution, and 60 ips in CIF mode from this camera
  • Axis 223M – We now support the 2 Mpixel mode of this camera
  • 207MW – We now support the AAC audio format from this camera
  • Corrected maximum frame rates for all Axis cameras

exacqVision New 6x5 View
New 6×5 Widescreen View

When running exacqVision client on widescreen monitors, an additional widescreen live view mode, 6×5 appears

New Shortcut Function Keys
The following new Shortcut Functions have been added, conforming to standards used in popular Windows programs:

  • F1 = Help (just like all Windows apps)
  • F4 = Hide Navigation Panel (just like in Adobe Acrobat)
  • F8 = Hide Toolbar (just like in Adobe Acrobat)
  • F11 = Full Screen (just like in Internet Explorer)

We have made a great deal of progress with our feature set so far this year. We released Version 2.0 in December of 2006, and have had almost monthly releases since then. Here’s a recap of some of the recent release highlights:

Version 2.5 Release, May 7, 2007
– Bandwidth Throttling
– View Tour & Enhancements
– Enhanced exacqRecall

Version 2.4 Release, March 27, 2007
– Arecont & Panasonic IP Camera Support
– Audio support on Axis Cameras
– Time-Lapse Mode
– Pre-Motion Recording

Going back further, we had IP Camera Finder in Version 2.3 (Feb 07), Multi-Monitor support in Version 2.2 (Jan 07), and many, many other enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6 of exacqVision is available on our Downloads page. As always, new versions of both client and server can be installed on top of previous versions while fully retaining all user settings.

exacqVision Support for Latest Axis IP Cameras

Exacq and AxisexacqVision supports a wide array of IP cameras from a variety of vendors. One of the the leading IP camera vendors is Axis Communications. Exacq Technologies is an Application Development Partner with Axis, and we support their full line of IP cameras and servers.

Axis has recently expanded their line of IP cameras, adding the 209FD-R, the 233D and the 247S. We are fully supporting all of those new cameras in the current shipping version of exacqVision. Our complete support for Axis camera models is listed below.

Fixed Network Cameras: Indoor PTZ and Dome Cameras
Axis 206/206M Axis 212
Axis 207 Axis 213
Axis 207MW Axis 214
Axis 207W Axis 231D+
Axis 209FD-R Axis 232D+
Axis 210 Axis 233D
Axis 210A
Axis 216FD 1-Port Video Servers
Axis 2216FD-V Axis 241S
Axis 241SA
Fixed Network Cameras:
Axis 242S IV
Axis 243SA
Axis 211 Axis 247S
Axis 211A
Axis 221 4-Port Video Servers
Axis 223M 240Q
Axis 225FD 241Q

Our complete listing of exacqVision IP camera support from all vendors is here.