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exacqVision Creates Secure Experience for Upcoming Super Cup at Dinamo Arena

The Challenge
After being selected as the host of the 2015 Supercup, Dinamo Arena needed to update their CCTV security system. The new system had to meet UEFA standards and provide a seamless way to utilize existing analog cameras and infrastructure.

Super Cup

The Solution
exacqVision provided the Arena with the most cost-effective solution to add new IP cameras and the latest video surveillance system. exacqVision gives Arena personnel greater functionality and better performance to better manage events and security.



  • Compatibility with existing cameras, access control system and LED screen
  • Easier to navigate and operate
  • Cost-effective, efficient way to advance security system
  • More effective crowd management with advanced search and PTZ capabilities
  • Faster response time to critical events
  • Improves arena security operations and protect spectators


Read the entire case study here

Jeff Davis County Schools Selects exacqVision to Improve School Safety

Jeff Davis County Schools educates nearly 3,000 students and employs more than 300 faculty members in Hazlehurst, Georgia. The school district is comprised of 4 schools: primary school, elementary school, middle school and high school.

The Challenge
Jeff Davis Schools needed to replace their aging analog system with a new, updated IP security system. Their main goals for their surveillance solution were to have better quality video and an easier management software to search for relevant video.

The Solution

exacqVision VMS at Jeff Davis Schools


  • Nate Miller
    Nathan Miller, Network Engineer, Jeff Davis Schools

    Better image quality to identify students involved in incidents

  • Saves time searching for video evidence
  • Increased school safety
  • Improved student behavior and reduced student vandalism

“The biggest differentiator that set exacqVision apart from the competitors was its intuitive and user friendly interface. Our school administrators rely on exacqVision to prove what actually happened in incidents and remove the hearsay element.”

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JD Case Study

Tips for Selecting a Cost-Effective, Efficient Municipal Security System

Challenged with patrolling a large area and protecting thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses, local governments and police departments need an efficient video surveillance system. Today, municipalities face a variety of new security challenges including geographical disparity, scalability and remote monitoring.

Camera on Building

Government and municipal projects often have tight budget restraints and require a cost-effective surveillance system that covers a large area while providing expansion opportunities for future security needs.

Union City, N.J., and Prospect Heights, Ill., are two cities that have recently implemented cost-effective video surveillance systems. As a result, each city has seen a reduction in crime rates and a vastly improved public safety system by considering the following elements in their solution.

View Video Remotely
To provide a successful municipal surveillance system, find a video management system (VMS) software that law enforcement officials can easily use remotely. Police departments need to view live and recorded video from their desks, phones or vehicles from anywhere throughout the city, day or night.

Prospect Heights Police Department strategically placed cameras in the highest risk public areas. With exacqVision VMS software all government officials can download the free Exacq mobile app or run the free client software on any web browser. This allows them to assess situations as they are happening and provide guidance to on-the-scene officers. Additionally, the exacqVision software has given them the opportunity to monitor their risk, assess the environment they are entering and prioritize issues immediately from their devices. Remote video monitoring enhances situational awareness, enabling them to respond quicker and more effectively at crime scenes.

Implement a Wireless Solution
When tasked with monitoring a city consisting of thousands of residents, consider implementing a wireless mesh network for the most effective security system. In Prospect Heights, Illinois, the surveillance system acts as a force multiplier, allowing the police department to keep more officers patrolling the streets and letting the cameras cover high crime areas. With this solution, video from the cameras is transported wirelessly to a nearby building and then transmitted to the police station over the secured network. The wireless system connects the police department with the community  areas for real-time viewing of activities. By leveraging this capability, Prospect Heights can monitor crime in neighborhoods without the need for full-time police officers to constantly patrol the area.

Police Station VMS Monitors

Be Resource Efficient
Replacing an entire security system can be very expensive. As an alternative, law enforcement officials can leverage their current infrastructure, wiring and analog cameras while also updating their security system. This maximizes the initial security investment while providing the flexibility to upgrade the system later. Union City, N.J. was able to utilize their existing analog infrastructure while also adding new technology, while Prospect Heights Police Department fully integrated the surveillance system with their broadband wireless network to better leverage resources.

Find an Easy-to-Use VMS Software
Simplify the process of searching and exporting video by selecting an easy-to-use VMS software. Most police departments and local governments suffer from lack of time and limited resources. The exacqVision client greatly improved operations and reduced investigation time for Prospect Heights Police Department. In the event of a reported crime, police officers can use the exacqVision VMS software for post-incident investigation and research. Officers can quickly search the exacqVision client for the time of the incident and can then export real-time evidence and footage to be used in court if necessary. Chief of Police Jamie Dunne noted, “The exacqVision software has allowed us to quickly capture video clips of incidents that we have used to bring criminal investigations to successful conclusions.”

exacqVision Search

Prepare for Future Growth
Communities continually grow and crime hot spots change. Therefore, municipalities need to be forward thinking when designing a security solution. Scalable solutions provide an easy method to add cameras and expand the security system as the population demographics adjust. Prospect Heights initially designed their wireless security solution with future additions in mind. They accounted for the ability to add cameras moving forward and adjust the system as needed.

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exacqVision Provides Video Security to the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg Russia

IcePalaceLogoThe Ice Palace is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex and serves as the home arena for SKA St. Petersburg. Beyond ice hockey, the arena hosts concerts, fairs, circus shows, exhibitions and acts as a skating rink. The five-story building can hold up to 12,300 people.

The Challenge
With the increasing demand and more than 10,000 square meters of space and several floors, the Ice Palace needed a surveillance system to increase their security operations and better monitor all activity at the facility.

The Solution
The Ice Palace selected the scalable exacqVision VMS using:

ice palace main office



  • Control crowd and reduce number of disturbances
  • Protect staff, fans, players and performers
  • Ensure positive experience and safety
  • Improve image quality and search functionality
  • Easily export video evidence clips

Read the entire case study here.

Ridley College Secures Campus With exacqVision

Ridley CollegeRidley College is Ontario’s largest co-educational boarding school. Since 1889, Ridley College has prepared students for university. The school currently has an enrollment of more than 600 students from 35 countries.

The Challenge
Find an open architecture system that would allow them to utilize their existing analog cameras and integrate with their current Keyscan access system.

The Solution
iPad in Ridley College Patrol CarThe exacqVision A-Series hybrid servers gave Ridley College the opportunity to grow and migrate their surveillance system. With the hybrid server, Ridley College utilized their existing infrastructure and analog cameras while also integrating with their current access control system for an all-in-one video surveillance solution.


  • Utilizes existing infrastructure
  • Deters theft and crime
  • Protects liability with the pool and fieldhouse
  • Read Ridley Case StudyProvides sense of security for students, faculty and staff
  • Manage video with free, easy-to-use Exacq mobile apps

“The exacqVision system provides a sense of confidence, security and protection. We can view the entire campus from anywhere in our security vehicles, which is spectacular. Since we’ve installed the exacqVision system we’ve been able to recoup minimally the loss of the damage we’ve incurred. With the wide range of users we have, I was impressed with how easily everyone picked up the system and could capture video clips with ease.”

– Julia Bertollo
Director of the Physical Plant
Ridley College

 Read the entire case study here.

exacqVision Case Study: 600 Brickell High-Rise

600 BrickellThe February issue of Security Sales & Integration magazine contains a new installation case study, written by Rodney Bosch, of 600 Brickell high-rise in Miami, involving the integration of exacqVision VMS, Gallagher access control, EasyLobby visitor management, Gunnebo optical turnstiles, Thyssen Krupp elevator control, Vivotek IP cameras, and more. The integrator was Security Innovative Solutions (SIS) in Davie, FL.

The story starts out:

600 BrickellRising above Miami’s financial district, the new Brickell World Plaza is the Sunshine State’s first commercial real estate tower to be pre-certified platinum under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Also referred to as 600 Brickell, the 40-story structure, which topped out in March 2011, is in fact one of only a handful of buildings like it in the world with a LEED rating of platinum.

With a goal to represent a new standard for technology in office development, 600 Brickell’s developer likewise sought to fortify the tower with state-of-the-art electronic security systems. To that end, Security Innovative Solutions (SIS) of Davie, Fla., was commissioned to provide the access control and video surveillance systems based on its advanced integration design philosophy and ample experience with other tower projects.

The original Pelco security system was being replaced:

“JMA brought us in because of the antiquation and the lack of scalability of the original security system,” says SIS Project Executive Maurice Gerovitz. “It was more designed to lasso the building owner and keep them tied down with licensing all different types of things for a long time.”

Discussing the equipment used:

A big motive for selecting the (Vivotek) 2-megapixel cameras was the capability for Exacq’s video management system (VMS) client to provide full digital p/t/z functionality, offering superior clarity for even facial recognition purposes. SIS installed two exacqVision Z-Series servers. These are standard off-the-shelf products; no major modifications were made to the hardware or software.

“The Z-Series is designed to meet the performance and storage requirements of enterprise video surveillance deployments and was clearly the right fit for this application,” notes Scott Dennison, senior product manager for Exacq Technologies. “While one of the servers is an IP camera server designed solely for network cameras, the other is a hybrid, which allows them to bring in analog and IP cameras on a single server.”

The networked cameras are spread out on the two servers and accessed via the VMS client in the tower’s 24/7 security command center. Since Exacq’s client software is free, the end user can deploy it anywhere to provide easy access for other security personnel and management, provided they have a network connection. …

“The exacqVision [VMS client] can be run on pretty much any workstation,” Santos explains. “My main concern from the get-go was to eliminate bottlenecks on the network. The custom computer gives us the flexibility to use up to 12 screens on the video wall. Otherwise, our solution would have to have a video wall controller with at least five different computers managing pieces of information.”

Concluding the story:

Bruner continues: “If you take into account that Brickell has a Gallagher access control system, an EasyLobby visitor management system, an ExacqVision video management solution, all integrated together with the [Gunnebo] optical turnstiles, [Thyssen Krupp] floor-by-floor elevator control, E-mail and SMS text notification, and photo ID badging, it is truly an integrated system.”

exacqVision Video Wall at 600 Brickell
exacqVision Video Wall at 600 Brickell

The full case study is well worth reading, and is available here:

Our thanks to exacqVision integrator Security Innovative Solutions for this successful deployment.

exacqVision Case Study: Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of MusicThe case study for the exacqVision installation at the Berklee College of Music has just been posted.

There is nothing typical about Berklee, which presents many challenges with regards to physical security. The student body of nearly 4,200 is served by approximately 1,000 faculty and staff members. The campus is made up of 30 different buildings spread across multiple city blocks in downtown Boston.

“Some of our buildings are over 100 years old,” notes Roy Murphy CPP, Director of Public Safety for Berklee. “They’re used to house students, classrooms, music studios, performance venues, editing facilities and more. People associated with the school are moving about the campus regularly throughout the entire day. Our situation is unique in that we also serve as a landlords to many retail tenants who occupy the lower levels of some of our buildings.”

Working with exacqVision integrator GS Security, Berklee replaced 16 legacy DVRs with exacqVision Hybrid servers as well as commercial servers, connecting to the existing 200 analog cameras, as well as adding over 100 IP cameras from Axis and Panasonic. In their security control center, a six-monitor video wall powered by the exacqVision client enables viewing of all 300+ cameras simultaneously.

The exacqVision native Macintosh client was one of the key factors in their decision:

Given the fact that Berklee is a highly creative environment, it’s not surprising to find many Apple Computer products on campus. In fact, Macintosh is the standard platform of the school and Macintosh computers are issued to students and faculty. “The fact that the exacqVision client is freely available on Macintosh computers, as well as Windows and Linux, was another huge selling point for us,” notes Nick Costa, Systems Manager with Berklee. “In addition to using the client on a Mac, many of our faculty members and even students use the free exacq Mobile app on their iPhones, iPads and even Android devices.”

The complete case study is here:

Our thanks to Joe Gillis and Nick Sink and the team at GS Security for this impressive and professional installation.

exacqVision Case Study: Denison State Bank

Denison State BankThere’s another addition to our Case Studies page. Denison State Bank, one of the top 50 largest banks in Kansas, recently installed exacqVision Hybrid video management systems and software at their branches in the state to help protect customers, employees and assets, replacing aging time-lapse VCRs.

In addition to connecting to an existing installed base of analog cameras, new IQeye 3 MPixel cameras were strategically placed in the lobby and behind the tellers to provide high resolution video images on anyone entering the bank. Each branch manager has the exacqVision client giving them access to the cameras in their branch, and the security directors at the main location have access to all cameras at all of the branches for viewing live and recorded video and remote administration. 

Oppliger Banking SystemsExacq Technologies partner, Oppliger Banking Systems, a Lenexa, KS based security products & service provider for financial institutions in Kansas and Missouri, installed exacqVision EL Hybrid Servers and cameras in the bank’s five branches.

You can read the Denison State Bank case study here.
More case studies are available on our Case Studies Page.

Denison State Bank - Teller Line

Denison State Bank - Surveillance

exacqVision case study: NC Dept of Corrections

There’s a new case study on the exacq website for the North Carolina Department of Correction.

exacqVision Hybrid Video Management Systems (VMS) were installed in North Carolina Department of Correction to maximize the safety of staff and inmates.

Sixty (60) exacqVision Hybrid Systems, connected to 1,600+ analog cameras and 300+ IP cameras, were installed to replace aging DVR’s in prisons throughout of North Carolina.

Each prison has the exacqVision hybrid servers and client software installed on the control room’s PC that have access to only those cameras located in their building. When an incident is reported staff will search digital video recorded to investigate and support their findings. Video can be easily exported to a DVD or USB flash drive and can be shown to police as evidence. Video evidence helps NC DOC reduce repeat offences.

Exacq partner Enterprise Security Systems, Inc., a Charlotte, NC based full service technical solutions supplier of video surveillance technology, provided the 60 exacqVision Hybrid Systems to NCDOC.

You can read the full case study here.

exacqVision - NC Dept of Corrections installation

exacqVision - NC Dept of Corrections installation

Heavy Metal Protection – An Installer Case Study

Security Sales & Integration magazine’s April 2010 cover story, entitled Heavy Metal Protection, details the unique IP video installation by Oklahoma City-based STAMPSCO for the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) building. This interesting case study is definitely worth a read. It begins:

When is a quarter of a million dollars a bargain? When it pays for a comprehensive security solution that safeguards a fortune in gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars. As one of the nation’s largest online retailers of precious metals, the American Precious Metals Exchange Inc. (APMEX) is understandably dead serious about security. Its recent move to the site of the former Federal Reserve Bank of Oklahoma City prompted an upgrade of the existing access control, burglary and CCTV systems.

APMEX security director Adrian Neal:

“We were looking for a state-of-the-art security system, access control system and CCTV system that would protect our employees and our inventory,” says Neal. “We also wanted a CCTV system that could be accessed via a secure Internet connection from anywhere. We believed a combination of these three components would provide complete protection for APMEX’s inventory.”

The building presented many installation challenges, including drilling through a three-foot-thick steel vault door, running all wiring in conduit, and a highly accelerated timeline amid inclement weather. STAMPSCO selected the equipment that would best suit the customer’s needs:

To provide a system that would meet the client’s needs and desires, was best suited for the application, and could be counted on for reliability and support, the integrator selected several well-known brands but also some impressive newer ones. The main vendors were: Honeywell, Exacq Technologies, Stardot, Hirsch Electronics and Dell.

“Hirsch and Exacq were instrumental in the project and made site visits to assist us with any issues. We used IP megapixel cameras specifically for better quality video with broader viewing capability. This reduced the number of analog cameras it would have taken to obtain the coverage needed, and gave us more flexibility with recording,” says Rodney Stamps. “We utilized Honeywell’s Vplex addressable technology to reduce the amount of wiring on the security system portion of the project.”

Three NVRs were installed in the basement’s video room and another upstairs in the control room. Control and storage is handled by exacqVision’s VMS and 16TB IP servers.

APMEX’ Adrian Neal was pleased with the outcome:

“We are very impressed. This state-of-the-art equipment provides peace of mind. We also enjoy the ability to have remote viewing of the facilities,” says Neal. “We are very happy with STAMPSCO’s work and all the equipment they installed. The security in this building now exceeds our wants and needs.”

Our congratulations to Rodney Stamps and the entire crew at STAMPSCO for this well-done installation! The full article can be read here.

exacqVision Video Wall