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Dubai Courts Rely on exacqVision

Dubai CourtsSince 1970, Dubai Courts has provided justice, equality, ingenuity, excellence, teamwork and independence

The Challenge
Dubai Courts wanted to implement a way to easily monitor day-to-day operations and easily export video of incidents. They needed a reliable server that stores video for a long period of time.

Dubai Courts Building

The Solution
Dubai Courts selected a security solution that included Arecont Vision cameras, exacqVision network video recorders (NVRs) and exacqVision video management system (VMS) software.

Dubai Courts VMS


  • Reduces the number of disturbances
  • Easily monitor video remotely
  • Protects employees and visitors
  • Improves image quality
  • Enhanced server operation and stores video longer

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Milan Cathedral Migrates to IP with exacqVision Hybrid Solution

Milan CathedralLocated in the city center of Milan, the Milan Cathedral is one of the most important Italian monuments. The Cathedral hosts more than five million tourists yearly.

The Challenge
The Milan Cathedral had an aging CCTV analog security system in place. To upgrade to new IP technology, they wanted a security solution that would allow them to utilize their existing infrastructure while adding new IP cameras.

The Solution
The exacqVision solution proved to be the most cost-effective and efficient. The solution included:

Milan Cathedral VMS


  • Utilized existing infrastructure
  • Improved image quality
  • Easier search functionality
  • Scalable for future additions
  • Safeguards historic value and assets
  • Assists to better monitor visitors and deter crime

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Tips for Selecting a Cost-Effective, Efficient Municipal Security System

Challenged with patrolling a large area and protecting thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses, local governments and police departments need an efficient video surveillance system. Today, municipalities face a variety of new security challenges including geographical disparity, scalability and remote monitoring.

Camera on Building

Government and municipal projects often have tight budget restraints and require a cost-effective surveillance system that covers a large area while providing expansion opportunities for future security needs.

Union City, N.J., and Prospect Heights, Ill., are two cities that have recently implemented cost-effective video surveillance systems. As a result, each city has seen a reduction in crime rates and a vastly improved public safety system by considering the following elements in their solution.

View Video Remotely
To provide a successful municipal surveillance system, find a video management system (VMS) software that law enforcement officials can easily use remotely. Police departments need to view live and recorded video from their desks, phones or vehicles from anywhere throughout the city, day or night.

Prospect Heights Police Department strategically placed cameras in the highest risk public areas. With exacqVision VMS software all government officials can download the free Exacq mobile app or run the free client software on any web browser. This allows them to assess situations as they are happening and provide guidance to on-the-scene officers. Additionally, the exacqVision software has given them the opportunity to monitor their risk, assess the environment they are entering and prioritize issues immediately from their devices. Remote video monitoring enhances situational awareness, enabling them to respond quicker and more effectively at crime scenes.

Implement a Wireless Solution
When tasked with monitoring a city consisting of thousands of residents, consider implementing a wireless mesh network for the most effective security system. In Prospect Heights, Illinois, the surveillance system acts as a force multiplier, allowing the police department to keep more officers patrolling the streets and letting the cameras cover high crime areas. With this solution, video from the cameras is transported wirelessly to a nearby building and then transmitted to the police station over the secured network. The wireless system connects the police department with the community  areas for real-time viewing of activities. By leveraging this capability, Prospect Heights can monitor crime in neighborhoods without the need for full-time police officers to constantly patrol the area.

Police Station VMS Monitors

Be Resource Efficient
Replacing an entire security system can be very expensive. As an alternative, law enforcement officials can leverage their current infrastructure, wiring and analog cameras while also updating their security system. This maximizes the initial security investment while providing the flexibility to upgrade the system later. Union City, N.J. was able to utilize their existing analog infrastructure while also adding new technology, while Prospect Heights Police Department fully integrated the surveillance system with their broadband wireless network to better leverage resources.

Find an Easy-to-Use VMS Software
Simplify the process of searching and exporting video by selecting an easy-to-use VMS software. Most police departments and local governments suffer from lack of time and limited resources. The exacqVision client greatly improved operations and reduced investigation time for Prospect Heights Police Department. In the event of a reported crime, police officers can use the exacqVision VMS software for post-incident investigation and research. Officers can quickly search the exacqVision client for the time of the incident and can then export real-time evidence and footage to be used in court if necessary. Chief of Police Jamie Dunne noted, “The exacqVision software has allowed us to quickly capture video clips of incidents that we have used to bring criminal investigations to successful conclusions.”

exacqVision Search

Prepare for Future Growth
Communities continually grow and crime hot spots change. Therefore, municipalities need to be forward thinking when designing a security solution. Scalable solutions provide an easy method to add cameras and expand the security system as the population demographics adjust. Prospect Heights initially designed their wireless security solution with future additions in mind. They accounted for the ability to add cameras moving forward and adjust the system as needed.

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JM Lexus Improves Customer Satisfaction and Saves Money

LexusJM Lexus, the only retail automobile dealership owned and operated by JM Family Enterprises, is the world’s largest volume Lexus dealership since opening in 1992.

The Challenge
JM Lexus wanted to build a security infrastructure that would replace an aged analog system with a state-of-the-art IP system. With millions of dollars of inventory, they needed a reliable security system to perform three vital functions: management, security and real value-added benefits for JM Lexus customers.

The Solution
JM Family deployed exacqVision Z-Series servers with pre-installed exacqVision Enterprise VMS software. The new enterprise-class video security system has greatly improved business operations, saved time searching for important video and increased the level of trust between JM Lexus and its customers.

Service officers monitor video from multiple JM Lexus Family locations in the security operations center.
Service officers monitor video from multiple JM Lexus Family
locations in the security operations center.



  • Minimize additional service expenses and saved $85,000 to date
  • Store at least 30 days of video
  • Better manage business operations and traffic flow
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Faster navigation and search capabilities
  • Better image quality in low-light conditions

Brad Schafer“The biggest benefit beyond the cost savings is the level of trust the security system has brought to our relationship with our customers. At the end of the day, we can show our customers video evidence from start to finish of their car repair, which has given them 100 percent assurance and faith in JM Lexus.”    – Brad Schafer, Fixed Operations Director, JM Family


Download Case StudyRead the entire case study here.

JM Family Lexus selects exacqVision Z-Series and Axis IP cameras to secure their dealerships.

exacqVision Provides Video Security to the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg Russia

IcePalaceLogoThe Ice Palace is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex and serves as the home arena for SKA St. Petersburg. Beyond ice hockey, the arena hosts concerts, fairs, circus shows, exhibitions and acts as a skating rink. The five-story building can hold up to 12,300 people.

The Challenge
With the increasing demand and more than 10,000 square meters of space and several floors, the Ice Palace needed a surveillance system to increase their security operations and better monitor all activity at the facility.

The Solution
The Ice Palace selected the scalable exacqVision VMS using:

ice palace main office



  • Control crowd and reduce number of disturbances
  • Protect staff, fans, players and performers
  • Ensure positive experience and safety
  • Improve image quality and search functionality
  • Easily export video evidence clips

Read the entire case study here.

Building A Safe Community – a Case Study

Aug-11 Network-Centric SecurityThe cover story in this month’s Network-Centric Security magazine is Building A Safe Community.

It is an interesting case study, detailing the unique security challenges facing Northridge Cooperative Homes, a non-profit housing development in the Bayview-Hunters Point area of San Francisco. The article starts out:

The community campus is located next to a decommissioned naval shipyard, Hunters Point, and near San Francisco’s downtown area situated in one of the city’s prime hilltop locations. However, the area surrounding the community contains some of San Francisco’s rougher neighborhoods.

It’s a security struggle that many condo associations and housing authorities endure: safely managing their interior grounds while holding at bay outside threats with no ties to the community.

They started out with just 24-hour guards, but:

What they didn’t account for at first, however, was that, as a large open site with multiple buildings that lacked any secure perimeter, the property presented substantial opportunity for trespassing, illegal dumping and general criminal activity. With only street lighting in place, perpetrators could use the low-light conditions at night to their advantage, as most criminals do.

After repeated incidents, NCH realized it needed a surveillance system in place—and fast—to establish safer grounds for its community members and help reduce the crime, vandalism, violence and illegal drug activity. Specifically, NCH sought out a system that would monitor vehicles and their occupants entering the community and capture vehicle license plate numbers.

NCH chose San Francisco-based integrator Applied Video Solutions:

Northridge Cooperative HomesNCH enlisted the expertise of local integrator Applied Video Solutions to provide a full security and system needs analysis at the property. The integrator completed a full site survey and needs assessment, and designed a tailor-made video management solution that would aid in tackling the various challenges of the community and help manage the specific issues of the property’s aesthetic layout.

Applied Video Solutions’ analysis provided NCH with a clear understanding of what it would need to control when it came to physical security. The question then became, given the challenges of the site, what technology should NCH use in order to deliver the desired outcomes?

After significant lab and field testing, including a wireless interference survey, products from Axis Communications, Exacq Technologies and Hautespot Wireless Networks were selected for their performance and reliability.

The full article makes great reading and is available here. This installation was also highlighted in a case study done by Applied Video, available here.

This installation will also be featured in the seminar entitled "Run a Tight Ship: New Tools to Enhance Site Security" at the upcoming AHMA-NCNH Conference in Santa Clara, Sept 15-16.

Securitronics secures LPGA championship

Wegman's LPGA ChampionshipThis week’s Security Systems News has a detailed story on the security and surveillance system installed at this year’s Wegman’s LPGA Championship in Rochester, NY, by exacqVision integrator Securitronics.

Organizers of the Wegman’s LPGA Championship decided to augment their security operations with electronic security this year for the first time in the history of the 35-year-old event.

Wegman’s brought in the Securitronics Company to secure the event. Owned since 1997 by Jeff Heath and Terry Rivet, Securitronics is an 18-person systems integrator with offices here and in Syracuse and a remote location in Buffalo. Rivet, Securitronics’ EVP, said the bulk of the company’s work is in card access and IP camera installations. It also does some intrusion, intercom and emergency phone work. It focuses on the health care, financial and education verticals across its statewide footprint.

The article goes on to describe the installation, which includes exacqVision servers, Axis Communications IP cameras, and a Fluidmesh 10-node network:

Securitronics leaderboardSecuritronics installed eight Axis cameras, (two thermal cameras, two interior fixed dome cameras and four fixed-position day/night cameras) which were used to watch the delivery area, operations area (where all the maintenance people resided), a carts storage area, the medical area (where drugs were stored), and the expo tent—inside and out.

“The thermal cameras were used in the areas of the golf course that are accessible at all hours and completely dark at night,” explained Mark Robinson, Securitronics director of operations.

The cameras were monitored via an ExacqVision server at a portable mobile security office that was set up in an RV.

Security personnel could watch the video from the security trailer and from a smartphone while onsite or offsite. “This system greatly increased [the security operation’s] eyes on the site,” Rivet said.

The full article can be read here.

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security recognized Wegman’s LPGA for their achievement in security this year at an awards ceremony yesterday at the NCS4 Conference in New Orleans.

"The reason for this new award is to allow professional leagues, NCAA member institutions and amateur organizations to honor outstanding safety and security achievements," NCS4 Director Dr. Lou Marciani said in a statement. "These achievements involve actions above normal operational activities whereby a safety or security issue may have been tackled."

We want to thank Securitronics for their excellence in deploying this security system. Pictures of the Securitronics booth in the registration tent at the event are below.

In the Expo tent at @WegmansLPGA 2011 tournament on Twitpic

In the Expo tent at @WegmansLPGA 2011 tournament on Twitpic