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Exacq Technologies Integrates with CEM Security Management System

exacqVision is now integrated with CEM Systems AC2000 security management system (SMS). AC2000 is a powerful, fully integrated access control, alarm processing and photo badging system. The integration with CEM further unifies our integration with Tyco Security Products access control and physical security information management solutions.

The seamless integration between exacqVision and AC2000 enables users to associate access control alarms with digital video footage. AC2000 receives video alarms, such as video loss, motion and recorder offline, generated from the exacqVision system. These alarms are centrally displayed through the AC2000 system. Users can view up to 16 cameras on their exacqVision recorders in the DVR viewer application. With this integration, end users can utilize one control center to quickly view access control events with the related video and update camera presets.


Key features of the integration include the ability to manage the following VMS functions from the AC2000 interface:

  • Control pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras and adjust presets
  • Detect cameras and configure automatically
  • View video associated with alarms as they occur
  • Set up video alarm actions
  • Playback alarm videos and download live and recorded video clips

This integration requires exacqVision server 6.0 or later with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license. Learn more about the integration with CEM on our Access Control Integration page.