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exacqVision LC-Series IP Network Video Recorder Features Enhanced

The exacqVision LC-Series IP network video recorders now offer enhanced features for greater reliability.

  • Faster local client performance of 270 FPS
  • HDMI monitor output
  • Enhanced long-term security with Ubuntu Linux 14.04
  • Improved performance at the same price
exacqVision-LC-Series video recorder
exacqVision LC-Series network video recorder

Learn more about the exacqVision LC-Series IP recorders on our webpage.

If you have questions, contact your local sales representative or call 317.845.8710.

Introducing New exacqVision A-Series IP NVR Models for Greater Capacity in One Recorder

The new exacqVision A-Series IP network video recorders (NVR) now have 50% more maximum storage capacity. The A-Series recorders provide an ideal balance of performance, reliability and capacity for mid-sized recording applications.


  • Increased storage capacity – Store up to 48TB of video
  • Reduced rack space necessary – Higher density storage reduces rack space requirements
  • Lower power consumption – Improve energy efficiency and reliability with fewer recorders
  • Reduced cost – Purchase fewer, high density recorders to reduce your system hardware expenses

The new A-Series IP recorders eliminate the need for purchasing multiple servers, reducing the cost of ownership. Each A-Series IP NVR records up to 64 IP cameras, includes 4 IP camera licenses, and stores up to 48TB of video.

Learn more about the exacqVision A-Series IP recorders. See all the new A-Series models available.

Announcing the exacqVision ELP NVR

Powerful Cost Effective 40 Camera Network Video Recorder

exacqVision ELP is now available from Exacq! The ELP server line is perfect for small to mid-size installations. Enjoy rich video management features with hardware and software optimized for high reliability operation and minimal setup time.

  • exacqVision ELPConnect up to 24 IP and 16 analog cameras per server
  • Pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional VMS software
  • Includes 4 IP camera licenses
  • Compatible with over 1,800 IP camera models
  • Up to 8TB of storage per server
  • 3 Year Warranty

Affordable Network Video Recording



  • Includes 4 IP Camera Licenses (expandable to 24 per server)
  • Up to 8 TB storage


Hybrid NVR

  • 8 or 16 Analog Inputs
  • Includes 4 IP Camera Licenses (expandable to 24 per server)
  • Up to 8 TB storage

ELP Includes

Comes Preinstalled with exacqVision Professional VMS

exacqVision Pro VMS

Scalable and Compatible with all exacqVision NVRs


Learn more about our new, powerful, and cost effective 40 camera network video recorder by visiting the ELP product page.