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New Exacq On-Demand License Creation

The updated Exacq license key generator allows exacqVision dealers to automatically license systems being monitored by exacqCloud any time.

 exacqVision dealers have exclusive access to exacqCloud, a real-time, web-based health monitoring service to generate more profitable recurring revenue, at no costSign up now and create your first instance and attach your first server.

With exacqCloud and the new on-demand license key generator, you can:

  • Immediately license any recorder that is being monitored by exacqCloud
  • Simply press the new ‘generate temporary license’ button to quote camera licenses
  • Automatically pushes a 30-day temporary license key within 2 minutes. Upon purchase of quoted license, automatically pushes the permanent license key.
  • Save time and money with no required return visit to apply the permanent license

exacqCloud Introduces New Camera Inspection Available to Dealers at No Cost

New remote camera inspection service available in exacqCloud. For a limited time, you can utilize the new remote camera inspection feature within exacqCloud at no cost! Sign up today!
exacqcloud camera inspection

  • Visually compare live camera views to reference images for all cameras on the system remotely
  • Save time by identifying and denoting cameras that need adjusting before going on site
  • Easily document notes regarding the camera view and see the historical data
  • Simplify on-site camera services by generating camera assessment reports

To implement this feature, refer to our Knowledge Base article or contact exacqcloud@tycoint.com to set up your web service.

exacqCloud is exclusively available to exacqVision dealers. There is no cost to use exacqCloud; get started now.

exacqCloud Gives Ednetics Proactive, Turnkey VMS Monitoring

About Ednetics

Since 1997, Ednetics has been providing technology solutions to the educational and public markets including video surveillance and IP-based access control.

The Challenge

Ednetics, a video surveillance and IP-based access control dealer for education environments, needed a way to better manage their end user installations and improve their servicing and software updating.


The Solution

As an exacqVision Elite dealer, Ednetics had the opportunity to utilize exacqCloud to proactively service their customer’s video security system. exacqCloud gives Ednetics a dashboard to manage and monitor exacqVision recorders for many of their end users.

Today, Ednetics has more than 150 recorders and 9,000 cameras connected to their exacqCloud instance.

exacqCloud enables us to provide our customers with the proactive, turnkey support they need. Now with exacqCloud, we are calling our customers instead of them calling us.” — Dave Teague, Director, Ednetics Protect™

exacqCloud Monitoring


  • Increase revenue with service contracts for remote and onsite monitoring
  • View all software updates from one, centralized database
  • Easily identify trends with cameras, systems and firmware
  • Configure baseline notifications to send an email when a camera or recorder is offline

Read more about how Ednetics utilizes exacqCloud to increase value and service contracts.

Sign up for exacqCloud today.

Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Free Instance of exacqCloud

exacqCloud is exclusively available to exacqVision dealers. The real-time, web-based health monitoring service helps dealers generate recurring revenue through service contracts and SSA sales and streamline service calls.

Here are the top 5 reasons why exacqVision dealers should be taking advantage of this product now:

Take configuration backups for easy remote system restores
View all activity from one, centralized dashboard and receive instant notifications via email
Schedule remote software and license updates
Engage your customers with faster, proactive service
It’s free to sign up and only takes a few minutes to create your instance and add servers to exacqCloud

Sign up for exacqCloud now!

If you are not currently an exacqVision dealer but are interested in becoming one, learn more about our dealer program and complete the online application to take the first step today.

exacqCloud Enables Security Dealers Faster, Lower Cost Service, Gives End Users Peace of Mind

Platinum Protection Systems

It happens all too often; a customer calls saying they had an incident happen, but they do not have any video captured because a camera was down. How can we prevent this from happening in the future?

Exacq Cloud

Continuous Video Security Health Monitoring

Platinum Protection Systems went from personally checking on customers cameras to verify operation, to setting up email notifications and now instant camera and server status access via exacqCloud. Small customers typically do not have the time to monitor their security system. Therefore, Platinum Protection Systems needed a real-time system to easily access all of their customer’s surveillance equipment through one interface. They have deployed more than 1,000 cameras into the exacqCloud interface to continuously monitor critical video recording components.

michael terrizziHaving access to exacqCloud gives our customers another set of eyes and a constant reassurance of security system reliability.”  – Michael Terrizzi, Owner, Platinum Protection Systems, LLC

Enables More Service Agreement and Software Sales

exacqCloud gives Platinum Protections Systems a way to properly prioritize and coordinate service. Within minutes of seven cameras going down at a bus terminal customer, Platinum was able to contact them immediately, address the situation and dispatch a prepared technician with the appropriate tools needed to restore the cameras before any important video could be lost. This gave them an advantage against their competition to instantly notify customers of issues.


exacqCloud provides us a way to give our customers proactive support, faster and more cost-effective than ever before.” – Michael Terrizzi, Owner, Platinum Protection Systems, LLC

Increases Reliability and Trust

24-7Platinum Protection Systems had a customer with more than 300 cameras and 4 video recorders installed on their campus. The addition of exacqCloud enabled them to improve their service and ensure no storage alarm issues occurred. With exacqCloud, Platinum could ensure 24/7 reliability and respond immediately. Prior to exacqCloud, the end user and previous integrator only conducted a bi-annual audit of drive health and had no idea a RAID 5 drive failed.

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