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exacqVision 7.4 Provides Complete Security Solution

The latest version of exacqVision video management system (VMS) software version 7.4 is now available.

Complete Security Solution

exacqVision 7.4 offers a complete platform for users to manage video surveillance, intrusion and access control from one easy-to-user interface. The new DSC PowerSeries Neo native integration combined with the Kantech access control integration introduced in version 7.2, give exacqVision users greater control to operate all security operations at once, reducing complexity for security personnel while saving time and money.

Complete Security Solution

Watch the exacqVision 7.4 Overview Video

Kantech EntraPass Access Control & New DSC PowerSeries Neo Intrusion Integration

exacqVision 7.2 introduced the Kantech EntraPass integration providing users with the ability to control doors and locks directly from the live view page of the exacqVision client. In 7.4, exacqVision offers a complete platform for users to management video surveillance, access control and now intrusion from one easy-to-use interface. Through exacqVision CameraLinks, users can arm and disarm the system by simply clicking in live view and entering the access code.

exacqVision NEO Alarms Map

PowerSeries NEOWith the DSC PowerSeries Neo integration users can:

  • Arm and disarm the system
  • See partition and zone status on cameras
  • See partition and zone status on maps
  • Configure event linking actions
  • Configure event monitoring actions

New icons

Exacq MobileExacq Mobile CameraLinks

Exacq Mobile also provides access to intrusion and access control actions directly from live cameras. With the new CameraLinks feature now supported in Exacq Mobile, users can receive push notifications and review video footage when the security system goes into an alarm state. CameraLinks puts the most needed commands at your fingertips improving response time.

  • Arm and disarm the system from Exacq Mobile
  • Receive push notifications for triggered alarms


A new filtering feature gives exacqVision users the ability to find cameras and servers faster in the exacqVision client. Large-scale, enterprise installations can quickly locate a specific server by typing in the new filter box at the top of the live, search and configuration navigation trees.

The new tree filtering feature is available on exacqVision StartPro and Enterprise.

exacqVision 7.4 filtering

Health Indicators

Version 7.4 further simplifies operation with new indicators for health events. Users will now receive real-time notifications in the client when camera or recorder health needs addressed. These new health setup indicators will maximize system uptime and increase reliability.

Health Indicators are available in exacqVision Professional and Enterprise with a current Software Subscription Agreement (SSA). Power users and admins have the ability to dismiss all indicators of a certain type.

Health indicators include:

  • Archive contentHealth-Indicators
  • Archive task
  • Device failure
  • Storage error
  • Subscription expiration
  • Video throttling
  • Video loss
  • System voltage
  • System temperature
  • System fan
  • Archive connection
  • Outbound connection loss
  • IP camera connection loss
  • IP camera audio connection loss
  • Serial connection loss

Resume Export

exacqVision video export will now automatically resume exporting after a system disconnects or reconnects. With this new feature, users will not need to restart a download.

Switch Client Keyboard Command

A new command gives exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard users the ability to switch client instances from the keyboard. With this new feature, exacqVision users can seamlessly and quickly control multiple clients from a single keyboard without ever taking their hand off the joystick.

exacqReplay in Web Client

The web client now supports exacqReplay. Simply right click the camera view to replay the video in increments of 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes. This will open a new pop-up window or new tab in the current browser instance.

Enterprise System Manager Coordination

In Enterprise System Manager, administrators can ensure only one user is actively making changes to the server with the new server management feature. In environments where multiple ESM servers are used, the first ESM instance will define itself as the owner of the server, while other ESM servers will no longer have the ability to change settings. This new functionality automatically syncs actions being performed across multiple servers.

New IP Camera Integrations

We have added support for more than 50 new IP camera models in exacqVision 7.4 release and updated over 175 test records. exacqVision now supports nearly 3,000 IP cameras.

Illustra IP camerasIllustra

  • Region of Interest supported for cameras using the Illustra3 plugin.


  • F34
  • Q3505
  • Q1775
  • P5515
  • P5514
  • M3037
  • Q3709
  • Client-side dewarping available for Windows and Linux

Arecont VisionArecont Vision

  • MicroDome G2 Series
  • MegaVideo G5 Series


  • SNF-8010 native support
  • Wisenet Lite Series including corridor mode


  • Flexdome Panoramic
    • Dewarping support on Windows
  • Support for IVA events via ONVIF for CPP4 and CPP6 cameras


  • WJ-GXE500
  • WV-SFV481
  • WV-SFV781L


  • E925


  • CC8370-HV
  • FD8338-HV


  • ZN-B2MTP

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try

Exacq Now Integrated with Quintron Systems

exacqVision is now integrated with Quintron access control system for faster response to critical events. Quintron

  • Associate access control events to video for improved visitor identification management
  • View live and recorded video from exacqVision VMS software
  • Search and playback video connected to intrusion alarms

Quintron Integration

This integration requires exacqVision version 7.2 or later with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license using AccessNsite version 7.9.5.

View more about the integration.

Dubai Courts Rely on exacqVision

Dubai CourtsSince 1970, Dubai Courts has provided justice, equality, ingenuity, excellence, teamwork and independence

The Challenge
Dubai Courts wanted to implement a way to easily monitor day-to-day operations and easily export video of incidents. They needed a reliable server that stores video for a long period of time.

Dubai Courts Building

The Solution
Dubai Courts selected a security solution that included Arecont Vision cameras, exacqVision network video recorders (NVRs) and exacqVision video management system (VMS) software.

Dubai Courts VMS


  • Reduces the number of disturbances
  • Easily monitor video remotely
  • Protects employees and visitors
  • Improves image quality
  • Enhanced server operation and stores video longer

Read the entire case study here.

Milan Cathedral Migrates to IP with exacqVision Hybrid Solution

Milan CathedralLocated in the city center of Milan, the Milan Cathedral is one of the most important Italian monuments. The Cathedral hosts more than five million tourists yearly.

The Challenge
The Milan Cathedral had an aging CCTV analog security system in place. To upgrade to new IP technology, they wanted a security solution that would allow them to utilize their existing infrastructure while adding new IP cameras.

The Solution
The exacqVision solution proved to be the most cost-effective and efficient. The solution included:

Milan Cathedral VMS


  • Utilized existing infrastructure
  • Improved image quality
  • Easier search functionality
  • Scalable for future additions
  • Safeguards historic value and assets
  • Assists to better monitor visitors and deter crime

Read the entire case study here.

Exacq Technologies Partners with VoloForce

The VoloForce integration provides exacqVision users with a new brand and product management retail solution

VoloForceWe are pleased to announce that exacqVision is now integrated with the VoloForce Real Cadence, a software as a service (SAAS) real-time retail execution solution. Real Cadence goes beyond loss prevention to provide retailers with a tool to manage strategic branding and store operations.

VoloForce Integration

Real Cadence by VoloForce enables exacqVision users to control their global brand appearance and improve the customer experience through operational insight. With the integration, users can visually see their product placement in each individual store throughout the world and ensure their brand is being properly executed. This integration allows corporate office users and regional store managers to associate the exacqVision video of specific retail locations with corporate checklists and brand processes within Real Cadence, saving them time and reducing operational costs of traveling to each location.

VoloForce Brochure

Video from the appropriate camera is automatically mapped to the zone within the store department. Real Cadence also connects exacqVision video to the traffic counter feature to verify the video with the number of people entering and exiting the store. At any time, a regional manager can view and receive the necessary insight into all locations operations.

This integration requires an exacqVision server with a current exacqVision Professional or Enterprise license.

Learn more about the integration with VoloForce on our Retail Integration page.