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EasyConnect and VideoPush Highlight the exacqVision 6.4 Release

The new EasyConnect feature found in exacqVision 6.4 provides the power of IP cameras with the simplicity of analog. With EasyConnect, IP cameras are not only discovered through the exacqVision client, they can also be assigned IP addresses and then automatically connected to a recorder—all from the same place. exacqVision 6.4 also includes the new VideoPush expanded video wall feature which allows user to push cameras, layouts, tours, groups and even views to other client users or public view monitors (PVMs) with a simple drag-and-drop control. Other highlights of the latest release include multi-location archiving, live view export, case management export and over 130 new IP camera integrations. In addition to updating exacqVision, we’ve improved the exacqVision web browser client and Exacq Mobile app, and updated Enterprise System Manger (ESM). We are also pleased to announce the availability of our new E-Series Encoders.

exacqVision 6.0 logo

exacqVision 6.4 is available for download at https:exacq.com/download

Other new items in this release:

Watch the exacqVision 6.4 Overview Video


The power of IP cameras with the simplicity of analog.

EasyConnectThe new EasyConnect feature allows users to find, assign and address certain IP cameras to their network automatically. The exacqVision client scans the network to find new IP cameras and, with a few clicks, the selected cameras are assigned IP addresses and connected to a server.  This feature saves time and greatly simplifies the process of adding IP cameras to a modern day, network-based video surveillance solution.

  • Eliminates need to use additional utilities
  • Reduces camera configuration time and effort
  • Makes connecting IP video cameras as easy as analog

EasyConnect supports IP cameras from multiple camera manufacturers with plans to expand compatibility to most or all of the leading brands. The initial launch includes support for Illustra and Illustra Flex cameras from American Dynamics, as well as support for IP cameras from Axis Communications and Arecont Vision. EasyConnect also works with the new E-Series line of encoders from Exacq Technologies.

EasyConnect Devices

 Watch our EasyConnect video to learn more.

EasyConnect from Exacq makes connecting to IP cameras as easy as analog.


More than just a video wall, VideoPush gives exacqVision Enterprise users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor, such as a public view monitor (PVM) or a video wall. Ideal for retail applications, VideoPush adds the opportunity for collaborative viewing of video between multiple locations and users. For example, when users identify a suspicious event occurring in one of their stores, the video can immediately be pushed directly to a video wall or to another exacqVision user’s monitor for immediate review of the situation to take the appropriate action.VideoPush Illustration


VideoPush is available in the exacqVision Enterprise VMS at no extra cost, with no limitation on the number of public view monitors or video wall connections.

Watch our VideoPush video to learn more.

Multi-Location Archiving

With exacqVision 6.4 advanced archiving, you can now archive video to multiple locations, such as the exacqVision S-Series storage servers or any CIFS network share. In addition, you can base your archive on camera, event type, or by setting up an archive schedule.Archive

Live View Image Export

With exacqVision 6.4 you can now export an image without having to leave the live view screen of the exacqVision client. Simply right-click and choose the “Save Image As..” option.

Export Live Page

Case Management Export

Now all bookmarks in a case can be exported in one easy step, eliminating the work of exporting individual bookmarks. If exporting to an exacqPlayer .EXE file, bookmarks are individually indexed. If exporting to .AVI or .MOP formats, individual video files are created for each bookmarked video stream. bookmark export

New IP Camera Support

We’ve added support for over 130 new IP cameras models in the exacqVision 6.4 release and updated over 300 new test records, bringing the total number of supported IP cameras to nearly 2100!

IP Cameras


EasyConnect support has been added to the Illustra, Axis, and Arecont Vision lines of IP cameras.

New native driver support and updates for the following camera manufacturers included in this release: New Cameras

ONVIF Integrations ONVIF Integrations

Client-Based Panoramic Dewarping

exacqVision 6.4 supports client-based dewarping of panoramic cameras. Camera-based dewarping provides the same view for all users and is resource intensive, recording multiple and possibly redundant video streams. Client-based dewarping gives every user independent PTZ control. Client-based panoramic dewarping is much more resource efficient, recording only one stream of video. Client-based panoramic dewarping is available on PC, web, and mobile clients. Currently, exacqVision 6.4 client-based dewarping is supported by these technology partners: Client-based dewarping partners

Improved Web & Mobile Clients

SpeedSearch is now available on the web client with exacqVision 6.4, providing an ideal interface for scrubbing through video over lower bandwidth connects. SpeedSearch Exacq Mobile version 3.8 now supports easier live monitoring, allowing you to set-up a tour of views. In addition, camera selection now supports long-press to clear and select new cameras, with better visual indication of selected cameras. Exacq Mobile

ESM Version 2.8

ESM 2.8 now supports mapping of active directory (AD/LDAP) groups to ESM server groups. Organizing ESM servers is now easier with nested ESM server groups, allowing you to define parent-child relationships. Users can only see servers in their group or child groups.

ESM Server Groups

E-SeriesE-Series Encoders

We are excited to announce the launch of our new E-Series Encoders. The E-Series Encoders are available in 1 and 4 channel models and are fully integrated with exacqVision, providing users with audio, PTZ control, alarm I/O and motion detection. Only 1 camera license is required per device. The E-Series Encoders will be available to order at the end of the month. E-Series

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software. exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server. Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try

exacqVision 4.1 Released

exacqVision 4.1Version 4.1 of exacqVision Video Management Software has just been released. This latest release, compatible with all exacqVision Hybrid and IP video surveillance systems, incorporates new features and enhancements, and continues our quest for rapid, incremental updates.

Version 4.1 is available for download here. Key features in the 4.1 Release:

  • Serial Data over IP
  • Viasys Video Analytics Support
  • Serial Data export to ePlayer
  • Expanded PTZ functionality
  • Expanded Maps functionality
  • Support for new IP camera models from Arecont, Ganz, IQeye, and StarDot

Here are some of the features in detail:

Serial Data over IP
Serial data can now be read over IP ports in addition to standard serial ports. A new window has been added to the Serial Port Setup page to configure the IP serial ports:

exacqVision 4.1 Seriel Port Setup screen

A close-up view of the IP Serial Setup window is here:

exacqVision IP Serial setup closeup

Up to 64 IP serial ports can be added per server, in addition to the standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports. IP serial port profiles are set up the same way as standard serial port profiles. Enabling serial over IP expands the ability of exacqVision servers to integrate with POS and ATM systems, access control systems, alarm systems, and video analytic systems, such as Viasys.

ViasysViasys Video Analytics Support
Viasys is a vendor of video analytics software that resides on the edge and runs on Axis IP cameras, on IQeye Pro-line IP cameras. As analytic events occur, ASCII data is sent over the IP port. Through the use of serial over IP, an exacqVision server can read the serial data from this network port, and trigger recording and other actions based on the associated analytic events.

Viasys routines include intruder detection, perimeter protection, and alarming, and include ability for Adaptive Outdoor Analytics, 3D Video-Awareness, Electronic Fence/Trip Wire, Directional Detection and Sabotage Detection.

In addition to edge analytics, Viasys software also runs on any exacqVision server, enabling full video analytics capability for all IP cameras supported in exacqVision, including Arecont Vision, ACTi, Panasonic, Vivotek, StarDot, and more.

You can download a fully-functioning 30-day trial of Viasys software here. Demo videos of Viasys in action are here.

Serial Data Export to ePlayer
Serial data, whether from serial ports or IP ports, can now be fully exported along with associated video cameras. This export enables the serial data to scroll in real-time with what is happening on the cameras. As the video scrub bar is used to rapidly forward or reverse through video, the serial data scrolls rapidly as well; likewise as you rapidly scroll through serial data, the video stays in sync.

Here’s a sample screenshot of exported video and serial data in the ePlayer:

exacqVision ePlayer serial data export screenshot

An exported clip of video and serial data in the ePlayer is available for download here
34.5 MB, requires reseller password

Expanded PTZ Functionality
With Version 4.1, additional commands have been added for mechanical PTZ cameras using the AD-422 and Pelco-D protocol, as well as for all analog and IP mechanical PTZ cameras.

Access PTZ Dome Menu – For Pelco and AD, you can now access the camera’s internal menu from within the exacqVision client (click images for a larger view):

exacqVision 4.1 Feature - PTZ Menu control 1

exacqVision 4.1 Feature - PTZ Menu control 2

More Joystick Commands – In addition, additional PTZ commands are now available from PTZ consoles and joysticks, including Menu On/Off, Run Patterns, and Flip.

Proportional PTZ via Mouse – New enhancements have been added for propotional PTZ control of mechanical cameras via a mouse. Graphical feedback appears showing the direction of the mouse. As the mouse moves farther from the center crosshair, the pan-tilt speed increases. This feature has always been available with PTZ joysticks, and is now available with the mouse:

exacqVision proportional PTZ via mouse

Record Dome Patterns – Dome Patterns can now be recorded from within the exacqVision client. A new Dome Pattern section appears on a right-click of a PTZ camera setup:

exacqVision dome pattern record

Dome patterns, both those that have been recorded within exacqVision or recorded externally, can be accessed from the right-click PTZ menu:

excaqVision dome presets menu

Video Demo – Here’s a brief video demo of the new enhanced PTZ features in exacqVision 4.1:

Import/Export Maps
Enhanced ability to import and export graphics used for Maps. Export/Import buttons along with a status bar are now included in the System Setup page:

exacqVision system setup screen with import/export graphics

exacqVision import/export graphics buttons

exacqVision 4.1 additions for Arecont, Ganz, IQeye and StarDotIP Camera Support Updates
Support for a number of new IP camera models has been added, including:

Arecont Vision – Support added for the new Arecont AV3135 D/N camera, as well as the new dual-mode AV10005 10-Mpixel/1080P IP camera

Ganz – Support added for the new CBC Ganz IP Dome Cameras ZN-D9312NHA and ZN-DN9312NHA

IQeye – Support added for the new IQeye HD1080P Series H.264 IP cameras. Usability improvements have also been added for the entire IQeye line, enabling port configuration and auto login.

StarDot – Support added for the new line of H.264 NetCam multi-megapixel cameras, models SDH500BN, SDH500B, SDH300B, SDH130BN, SDH130B.

Recent Releases
With this release we continue to make rapid progress with exacqVision, and incremental releases have hit about every 2 months. A large number of new features have been added in a short period of time. You can see the full release history of exacqVision here:
exacqVision Release History

Download and Installation
As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions can always be downloaded from the exacqVision Downloads page, or you can click on ‘Check for Updates‘ within the ‘About‘ box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.