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exacqVision Z-Series: Better performance, lower cost

exacqVision Z-Series logo

The exacqVision Z-Series recorders for demanding applications


Record many high megapixel or multi-imager cameras Many simultaneous client connections


No single power source failure No single disk failure No single network failure


Store over 90 days of video Easily expandable to years of storage with exacqVision S-Series

  • High Performance Video Storage
    • Record up to 128 high resolution and 64 analog cameras
    • Surge capacity: record 200% of rated video for 15-30 seconds

Z-HD Cameras

  • High Performance Client
    • Ideal for many simultaneous client connections

Z Clients

  • High Performance Network Interface
      • 2×1 Gbps (Standard)
        • Up to 600 Mbps single stream recording
        • Isolated camera / client networks
      • 4×1 Gbps (Optional)
        • Ideal for 600-1200 Mbps recording and multi-streaming
        • NIC bonding eliminates single point of network failure
      • 2×1 Gbps +2×10 Gbps (Optional)
        • High capacity archiving/extended storage with exacqVision S-Series
        • NIC bonding eliminates single point of network failure
  • High Reliability Storage with RAID
    • Continuous recording without video loss during drive failure
    • RAID 5: Protect against single drive failure
    • RAID 6: Protect against two drive failures
  • Hot Swap Drives
    • Uninterrupted operation during drive replacement

Hot Swap Drives

  • Hot Spare Drive Option (available December 2014)
    • Even lower risk of complete storage failure
    • Automatically replaces failed drive with hot spare
    • RMA bad drive (becomes new hot spare)
  • Solid State Operating System Drive
    • No moving parts for highest reliability
    • Very fast boot-up

Solid State

  • High Reliability Power
    • Redundant power supplies
    • Continue recording even when one power source fails

Z-Series Power

  • High Reliability Monitoring
    • Monitor hardware health in exacqVision
    • E-mail/text notification of warnings/failures
    • Comprehensive video system monitoring in single exacqVision application
  • High Capacity Storage
    • Impressive internal storage for high definition video
    • Expandable storage with exacqVision S-Series
      • Add up to 320TB (Windows)
      • Add up to 1.6PB (Linux)

Z Storage

The  Z-Series NVRs deliver more for your most demanding surveillance applications. tweetthis

Visit the exacqVision Z-Series product page to learn more.

Announcing the exacqVision ELP NVR

Powerful Cost Effective 40 Camera Network Video Recorder

exacqVision ELP is now available from Exacq! The ELP server line is perfect for small to mid-size installations. Enjoy rich video management features with hardware and software optimized for high reliability operation and minimal setup time.

  • exacqVision ELPConnect up to 24 IP and 16 analog cameras per server
  • Pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional VMS software
  • Includes 4 IP camera licenses
  • Compatible with over 1,800 IP camera models
  • Up to 8TB of storage per server
  • 3 Year Warranty

Affordable Network Video Recording



  • Includes 4 IP Camera Licenses (expandable to 24 per server)
  • Up to 8 TB storage


Hybrid NVR

  • 8 or 16 Analog Inputs
  • Includes 4 IP Camera Licenses (expandable to 24 per server)
  • Up to 8 TB storage

ELP Includes

Comes Preinstalled with exacqVision Professional VMS

exacqVision Pro VMS

Scalable and Compatible with all exacqVision NVRs


Learn more about our new, powerful, and cost effective 40 camera network video recorder by visiting the ELP product page.

Exacq Introduces the New S-Series Enterprise

Networked Video Storage for exacqVision Recorders

The new S-Series Enterprise line of networked video storage servers from Exacq Technologies allows you to add extended storage and archived storage to any exacqVision server running the exacqVision Professional or Enterprise Video Management System (VMS). In addition, S-Series Enterprise servers can be used to archive video from exacqVision Edge IP cameras. ExacqVision Edge is a full-featured VMS that runs directly on compatible IP cameras.

S-Series Extended StorageSystems running exacqVision Professional and Enterprise can take full advantage of the S-Series for both extended storage and archiving. Users of the exacqVision Enterprise VMS will be able to utilize a simplified setup process ideal for multi-server installations.

  • Archive video and audio to the S-Series with instant search capability
  • Extend exacqVision storage without the need for additional video recorders
  • Unified VMS solution allows you to setup and access video servers and storage servers from a single client
  • Expandable storage and added reliability with up to 80TB of enterprise-class hard drives utilizing RAID 5/6 and redundant power supplies


S-Series Servers

Please visit our S-Series product webpage to learn more. If you have any questions, please contact your regional sales representative or give us a call at (317) 845-5710.

Exacq Releases USB I/O Module

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new exacqVision USB I/O Module. Use the I/O module to add configurable trigger inputs, outputs and serial connections to expand your surveillance system. Connect up to 8 exacqVision I/O modules per server for a maximum of 64 additional inputs and 40 outputs.

The exacqVision USB I/O module is compatible with all exacqVision hybrid and IP servers running version 5.8 or later and third-party servers running either Windows or Linux. The module installs in minutes with the included 6ft USB cable and software driver. No external power is required. The I/O Module can be configured in the exacqVision client software and comes with a 1-year hardware warranty.

For a complete list of features, photos, and specifications for the new exacqVision I/O module, visit our product webpage. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call us at 317.845.5710 and ask for inside sales.

The LC-Series Network Video Recorder is Here

exacqVision LC-SeriesExacq Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the exacqVision LC-Series network video recorder line. The exacqVision LC-Series line is a cost effective, versatile, all-in-one network video solution capable of video recording, web & mobile client hosting and local live video displayed on a single system.


The exacqVision LC-Series includes:

  • exacqVision Start video management system (VMS)
  • 4 IP camera licenses (expandable to 16 IP and 16 analog licenses)
  • Compatible with over 1,000 IP camera models
  • Easy, out-of-the-box deployment
  • 1, 2 or 3 TB storage drives
  • IP and hybrid versions
  • Ability to continuously record up to 100Mbps of video
  • Three-year hardware warranty
  • Three years of software updates included

exacqVision LC-Series Hybrid

The exacqVision LC-Series is expandable, allowing you to add cameras and/or additional exacqVision systems to grow your surveillance network. Visit our LC-Series product page to learn more about this powerful new enhancement to our video security line.

Exacq Announces S-Series

Archiving Storage for exacqVision Edge
The new S-Series Network Storage device provides a fully integrated video and audio archive solution for exacqVision Edge cameras. Simultaneously search local and network stored video with no special steps required. Easily administer exacqVision Edge cameras and S-Series storage devices using the free exacqVision client interface.

Expand Edge Camera Storage

S-Series Edge Storage Expansion

Archive High-Value Video and Audio or Everything

S-Series Archiving

High Performance Archiving

S-Series High Performance Archiving

Flexible Scalability
Available with 4 -32TB of raw storage space per S-Series. Add multiple S-Series devices to increase archiving capacity.

Visit the exacqVision S-Series page, or the product catalog for more information. To learn more about exacqVision Edge, click here.

Higher Performance Out of the Box: Latest Update to A and Z-Series exacqVision Servers

exacqVision Z-Series 3U Hybrid

We are pleased to announce several significant performance improvements to the A and Z-Series exacqVision hybrid and IP camera servers.

Up to 180% Higher Storage Rates
With the adoption of the latest Gen 3 Intel® Core processor family, the maximum video storage rate has increased in A and Z Series servers. Increases of up to
50%–180% are achieved in A-series servers. This enables storage of higher frame rates, larger image sizes or higher quality video, all at no price increase.

Doubled Hard Drive Storage
The A-Series and Z-Series servers were recently upgraded to include 4TB hard drives for storage, doubling the storage capacity of the entire product line. Hard drive configurations from 500 GB to 80 TB are now available.

Faster Local Client and Search Performance
The updates to the server processor and the new operating system has also contributed to faster local client display rates and faster video search times.

Install Approved Applications Directly on Server
Z-Series servers now have the ability to host Certified Software Applications (CSA) directly on the server. This can also be achieved on A-Series servers with a CPU upgrade. CSA third party applications include license plate recognition software, video analytics, point-of-sale solutions and more.

Double A-Series Memory Capacity
The introduction of 64 bit version of Windows enables double the RAM capacity with A-Series servers as well as providing a more efficient operating system.

A and Z Series Spec Update Highlights

  • Operating System
    • 64 bit Windows 7 Operating System now standard
    • Windows 2008 Optional
    • Linux Ubuntu Optional
  • Solid State Drives for Operating System
    • A-Series – 32 GB SSD standard on Linux OS systems, 64 GB SSD optional on Linux and Windows servers
    • Z-Series – 60 GB SSD standard on all systems
  • RAM Capacity
    • A-Series – 4 GB RAM standard with 8GB RAM optional
    • Z-Series – 8 GB RAM standard on all systems
  • New CPU
      • A-Series – Gen 3 Intel® Core i3 standard with Gen 3 Intel® Core i5 optional
      • Z-Series – Gen 3 Intel® Core i7 standard with Gen 3 Intel® Xeon E3 optional

 A- Series          exacqVision Z-Series

Visit the exacqVision A-Series page, the exacqVision Z-Series page, or the product catalog for more information.

Z-Series Servers Storage DoubledUp to 80TB/Server

Z-Series 4U Server with new coverexacqVision Z-Series hybrid and IP camera video surveillance servers now utilize 4TB continuous duty enterprise-class hard drives, increasing the maximum storage from 40 to 80TB per server.

Designed for demanding enterprise video surveillance applications, Z-Series servers accept up to 192 cameras (64 analog + 128 IP). Continuous recording rates of 520mbps enable high frame-rate recording at multi-megapixel resolutions per camera. The doubling of storage-per-server significantly reduces equipment cost for large system deployments utilizing multiple servers.

RAID 5 or 6 is standard on all Z-Series servers, protecting against data loss from 1 or 2 drive failures. Front-mount drive bays are hot-swappable for easy expansion and drive replacement. The new Z-Series front cover protects unauthorized users from accessing the drives.

exacqVision VMS Camera ViewAll exacqVision Z series servers now use the newest generation of drives with faster search times for stored video. For maximum throughput and video search times, 2TB drives are used for configurations of 40TB and under, and all systems configured for 48TB or greater use the 4TB drives for maximum capacity and speed.

Z-Series servers come pre-configured with exacqVision on internal SSD, and are ready for out-of-the-box deployment. All Z-Series configurations are available for immediate shipment, and the full listing of configurations is available here.