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Z-Series Field Repair Kits

Give Your Customers Additional Peace-of-Mind with exacqVision Z-Series Field Repair Kits

Increase the reliability assurances of your exacqVision Z-Series customers by supplementing the high reliability design with single trip, onsite repairs of the most common hardware service requests.


Z-Series Spare DriveexacqVision Z-Series field repair kits include hard drives, power supplies, fans and instructions to address over 90% of hardware service calls anytime without having to call Exacq Tech Support. Once complete, you can exchange the serviced part for a new one with the RMA form included in the kit.

Order repair kits using the following part numbers:

  • 5000-65000 – Z-Series 2U and 3U field repair kit
  • 5000-65001 – Z-Series 4U field repair kit

View the Exacq product catalog for more information.

exacqVision Z-Series Increases Reliability with Hot Spare Drive Option

The new hot spare drive option for the exacqVision Z-Series recorders automatically replaces a failed disk with a hot spare to make sure you’re still recording data from your VMS. Users can define one or more drives as hot spares when ordering a Z-Series recorder, allowing them to repair RAID volumes faster.

Hot Spare Drive

The Z-Series offers the highest performance, reliability and capacity recorders for the most demanding video surveillance applications. These recorders are now available at a lower cost.



  • Continuously record up to 1,200 Mbps of video
  • Records up to 128 multi-megapixel cameras per recorder
  • Simultaneously connect up to 500 PC clients or 100 web/mobile clients


  • No single power source failure
  • No single disk failure
  • No single network failure


Hot Spare  Drive Option Part Numbers:
Part# 5000-32002 – 2TB Hot Spare Drive
Part# 5000-34002 – 4TB Hot Spare Drive

See the maximum hot spare drives per recorder.