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Tyco AI is an ever evolving, deep learning solution that infuses artificial intelligence into the Tyco security portfolio. Enabled by the powerful algorithms in Tyco AI, object classification, behavior and facial recognition analytics become exponentially faster and more accurate, enabling the industry-leading suite of Tyco’s automation solutions for access control and video surveillance to produce critical and customizable operational intelligence data for nearly any customer application.

According to a Forbes Magazine article, 75% of enterprises are relying on AI-based platforms and solutions for network security today. While not quite as widespread, AI in physical security is beginning to take hold as designers leverage machine learning to perfect AI-enabled security applications, including facial matching solutions.

As you’d expect, there are some important differences amongst the many facial matching offerings available today. While there are certainly more than three, this trifecta of differentiators stands out:


Deep learning technology enables software to differentiate between humans, animals, objects, time of day, and weather conditions, and analytics can help distinguish between normal and suspicious behavior.  When you add human interpretation to assign classification to faces for context,  you achieve faster and more effective responses that are appropriate for each situation.

The Exacq Facial Matching solution lets you register facial images in different classifications (e.g. persons of interest, employees, guests, etc.) vs. a catch-all watch list so you can react appropriately to alerts and deploy the correct personnel.

Better response is a cornerstone of good security. Facial matching solutions must deliver the details that matter wherever you are – not a generic email notification that leaves you guessing about the nature of the alert.


Using Exacq Mobile with Exacq’s Facial Matching solution, you can automatically receive notifications to your mobile device with a visual display of the matched face when a POI event occurs.


Superior situational awareness that drives appropriate responses



Professionals across all kinds of industries including retail, healthcare, finance, etc. are looking to bolster security and efficiency by automating tasks and processes so security personnel can focus on things that add greater value.

Integrating solutions like facial matching with a video management system will hasten deployment, strengthen security and maximize efficiency. With the Exacq Facial Matching solution, facial registration cameras and rules, and facial match alerts are all configured directly in exacqVision VMS for quick deployment as well as easy management.

exacqVision gives you one comprehensive and intuitive management interface


If you are part of the 75% the Forbes article identified as looking for AI-enabled security tools like Facial Matching, you are undoubtedly interested in accuracy and privacy – two areas that have dogged Facial Matching (and AI-solutions in general) for years.


Data accuracy is dependent on data quality, and a big factor in achieving that quality is in the IP cameras you may have already vetted as trusted components of your security system.  While some facial matching systems will work with only select IP cameras, Exacq’s Facial Matching Solution lets you use any compatible IP HD camera and then leverages deep learning to provide reliable and accurate recognition of faces (even with hats or glasses) with minimal false positives.


Privacy concerns are ubiquitous when considering facial matching solutions and there is a perception that widespread adoption will inevitably lead to a loss of privacy. This is where trusted partners with proven compliance programs have a distinct advantage over manufacturers with less established programs and procedures.


As part of Johnson Controls Product Security Program, Exacq solutions are created in a culture focused on cyber resilience and are deployed with dedicated support to help keep customers’ data safe and secure.



If you work in retail loss prevention, or healthcare or finance security, you know all too well the need to quickly and accurately detect and act on incidents that can affect the wellbeing and bottom line of your organization.


The Exacq Facial Matching solution combines the power and accuracy of Tyco AI’s deep learning with the flexibility and robustness of exacqVision VMS to help you enhance and transform your physical security environment.







The new exacqVision G-Series Micro NVR is a cost-effective video recording solution designed for customers who want to leverage the enhanced accessibility and reliability of cloud video storage with low upfront costs.

exacqVision G-Series Micro NVR Feature Highlights:

Low Cost Gateway to the Cloud 

  • Supports exacqVision Cloud Drive storage
  • Supports up to eight IP cameras

Perfect Design for Customer Service-Oriented Businesses

  • Compact size ideal for space-constrained applications
  • Fan-less convection cooling offers quiet, failure-resistant operation

Reliable System that’s Quick and Easy to Set Up

  • Includes exacqVision Professional and two professional IP camera licenses
  • 3-year hardware warranty, and 3 years of free software updates

Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks Across Devices

  • Designed with safeguard controls to be resilient against cyber-threats
  • Role based access control


Feature Details:

Low Cost Gateway to the Cloud

 The G-Series Micro NVR supports the redundancy and higher security that cloud storage provides, including bookmarks and alarm-based recording, with low upfront costs and without requiring a sophisticated IT department. A compact ‘gateway’ to the cloud, exacqVision G-Series Micro NVR supports the newly released exacqVision Cloud Drive storage, giving customers an economical option to store, access, and search critical surveillance video in the cloud from up to eight IP cameras.


Perfect Design for Customer Service-Oriented Businesses

The G-Series Micro NVR is compact and can be easily mounted to a wall or in any covert location using the optional VESA mount, ideal for space-constrained applications such as retail shops, restaurants, banks, and other professional offices. The system’s fan-less convection cooling offers quiet, failure-resistant operation, and is ruggedized to handle environmental factors such as high temperatures and dust, making it ideal for businesses demanding zero disruption to operations.

A Reliable System That’s Quick and Easy to Set Up

Typically, our lower cost exacqVision value line recorders come with exacqVision Start licenses. However, because the G-Series Micro NVR was designed to support exacqVision Cloud Drive storage, it includes exacqVision Professional VMS software and two free professional IP camera licenses. As with all exacqVision recorders, the G-Series Micro NVR includes a 3-year hardware warranty and 3 years of unlimited software updates to ensure your system is current with all the latest features and functionality.

Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks Across Devices

exacqVision G-Series Network Video Recorders (NVR) have been designed to be resilient against cyber-threats. This solution includes role based access control that allows administrators to restrict access to functions and cameras by user role. Safeguard controls include an enhanced security mode which forces the use of complex, non-default passwords and encrypted communications. G-Series NVRs adheres to the rigorous standards of the Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program. The holistic approach to cyber protection is aimed at providing peace of mind to our customers. Our security mindset begins at initial design concept and is supported through deployment, including a rapid incident response to meet the comprehensive and evolving cybersecurity environments.


exacqVision v19.03 is the latest version of the popular VMS software known for its intuitive feature set and simple configuration and maintenance. The features introduced in this latest version provide users with greater flexibility and freedom for business-optimizing results.

exacqVision v19.03 Feature Highlights:

Respond More Quickly to Security Events

    • Enhanced map linking and navigation provides much-needed control and oversight
    • Advanced camera on-screen display configuration can save valuable time


Protect Video and Ensure Undisrupted Operations

    • Continuous recording with Hanwha cameras maintains system uptime
    • Improved failover experience for faster recovery


Feature Details:

Respond More Quickly to Security Events

Enhanced map linking and navigation provides much-needed control and oversight

Enterprise users can now more quickly navigate multiple maps of their facility – easily linking parent maps, child maps to parent maps, and vice versa. This provides much-needed control and oversight to security operators who need to respond quickly to security events, no matter where they occur.


Advanced camera on-screen display configuration can save valuable time

exacqVision users can now customize their cameras’ on-screen display (OSD) to show useful information such as city, state, asset tag or a custom description of the camera. This can save costly time spent searching for cameras that need maintenance, as well as help identify precisely which camera may have recorded critical video. Messages can be displayed on multiple lines in various font colors and text styles to help indicate levels of urgency or categories of information.


Protect Video and Ensure Undisrupted Operations

Continuous recording with Hanwha cameras

exacqVision now supports direct SD video recording capabilities with Hanwha cameras. When connectivity between supported cameras and an exacqVision NVR fails, video records directly onto the camera’s SD card. Once connectivity is re-established, recorded video transfers back to the exacqVision NVR and is automatically stored at the correct date and time. This continuous ‘uptime’ offers peace of mind to customers who use Hanwha cameras to maintain a safe work environment

Improved failover experience for faster recovery

In the event of a server failover, the exacqVision Client saves the user’s Live settings and dynamically switches live video from the failed primary server to the spare server. This includes video and audio, serial data, Maps, Groups, Views, and Event Monitoring profiles. Enterprise customers can set up automatic failover with an Enterprise Manager license and a properly licensed spare server, or they can set up manual failover with just an Enterprise license.

This release also adds faster detection of NVR failure with Enterprise Manager, signficantly cutting the detection time from 30-240 seconds to 5-20 seconds.


As the demand grows for faster incident responses in more cost-effective ways, security and IT teams are seeking solutions that provide the ultimate flexibility and accessibility without the exorbitant price tag. exacqVision 9.8 supports several new enhancements that will improve users’ ability to store, analyze and search for video. Most notably, exacqVision now supports the exacqVision Cloud Drive storage, a subscription-based solution which will provide an easy way to store, access, and search critical surveillance video in the cloud.

v9.8 Feature Highlights:

 Securely Store and Search Video in the Cloud

  • exacqVision Cloud Drive storage offers cost-effective, accessible storage

More Meaningful Information and Better User Experience

  • Deeper integration with Axis Perimeter Defender
  • More detailed audit trail information
  • Better control over auto-populating cameras in Live layouts

More Powerful and Efficient User Management for Enterprise System Manager (ESM)

  • Highly customized device level permissions for specific user groups on ESM
  • More intuitive ESM camera inspection feature

Feature Details:

Securely Store and Search Video in the Cloud

exacqVision 9.8 supports the newly introduced exacqVision Cloud Drive storage, a new way for users to easily store, access, and search critical surveillance video in the cloud. This solution allows customers to store an offsite copy of video as a safeguard against natural disasters, theft and other events, all while reducing capital expenses and increasing accessibility. exacqVision Cloud Drive storage helps security and IT teams lower their Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating some of the unnecessary hardware costs and management of storage infrastructure.

More Meaningful Information and Better User Experience

Stronger integration with Axis Perimeter Defender analytics

Many Exacq customers leverage Axis Perimeter Defender analytics as part of their video management solution. The latest exacqVision release helps to strengthen the forensic analysis of essential video by allowing customers to display those analytics – including bounding boxes, object trails, and object overlays – in live video and video searches.


More detailed audit trail information

Administrators can now better monitor server activity by logging more detailed system information, such as which segments of a recorded video clip were watched and by whom, and then export that information in a variety of report formats. 

Better user experience creating layouts from Groups/Views 

When creating layouts from a particular Group or View, users can now enable or disable auto-populating of cameras in the exacqVision Client. The ability to enable or disable this auto-populate feature gives users ultimate control over which cameras make up their layouts without disrupting those from other Groups or Views.

More Powerful and Efficient User Management for Enterprise System Manager

Highly customized device level permissions for specific user groups on ESM

Administrators can now assign highly customized device level permissions – whether video, audio, serial, or soft triggers – for specific user groups in ESM. For example, an administrator can grant ‘Live Only’ permissions for certain cameras, without allowing search capabilities. Setting device permissions is extremely intuitive with the list of devices grouped by NVR. NVR groupings of cameras are collapsible and expandable for fast configuration, allowing administrators to quickly and easily find and select specific cameras by name across all NVRs.

Seamless camera inspection in Enterprise System Manager

Camera inspection inside ESM is much more intuitive, now requiring zero setup to receive video streams. Enable live video viewing without complex steps such as setting up and configuring web services. With this release, ESM can natively display video from cameras, making it a breeze to perform camera inspection.


Having access to the massive amount of data that is generated by surveillance cameras and security systems is only part of the equation; understanding and reacting to that data is the most effective way to keep employees, visitors, and assets protected. exacqVision 9.6 allows users to harness the power of their data with reporting capabilities that provide unprecedented event insight. The latest version also provides important new features and integrations that ensure continuous surveillance and an even more intuitive user experience.  

v9.6 Feature Highlights: 

Complete Security to More Effectively Protect People and Property 

  • Visualization of data and trends provides actionable insight  
  • Integration with DMP intrusion panels offers more options for complete security solution

Ensure Undisrupted Security  

  • Continuous recording with Axis cameras, even in network loss 
  • Encrypted video streams from Axis and Samsung cameras  


More Intuitive, Global Experience 

  • Select Default Client Language 


Feature Details: 

Complete Security to More Effectively Protect People and Property 

Visualization of data and trends provides actionable insight  

A new Report Mode option within the exacqVision Search page gives users the ability to interpret events captured by the VMS and make more effective business decisions based on potential trends. By better visualizing analytic, recording, and event data, security operators can more efficiently evaluate and respond to events such as aberrant ‘door open’ alarms in restricted areas or unusually high numbers of motion detected events for a certain camera. This insight provides the high level of awareness required to mitigate potentially dangerous trends.  Data sets are also exportable in a CSV format and can be imported into other BI applications, which means users aren’t limited to analyzing data solely within exacqVision.g 


New integration with DMP intrusion panels strengthens exacqVision as a complete security solution 

exacqVision now integrates with DMP intrusion panels, giving users more options to build their complete security solution. By leveraging this powerful integration, users can arm, disarm, and bypass zones and partitions from the exacqVision client, as well as use DMP alarms to trigger other events within exacqVision. The ability to seamlessly execute arm/disarm actions vs. simply receiving alarm system events is an important distinction from other VMS systems’ intrusion integrations, and allows customers to better protect their businesses.   


Ensure Undisrupted Security  

Continuous recording with Axis cameras, even in network loss 

exacqVision 9.6 now supports direct SD video recording capabilities with Axis cameras, minimizing lost video due to unexpected network or NVR outage.  With this feature enabled in Axis cameras, motion events are always recording to the SD card.  If connection is lost between the camera and NVR, the video that was recorded during that time will transfer back to the exacqVision NVR upon reconnection and is automatically stored at the correct date and time. This offers peace of mind to customers who use one of the industry’s most popular camera lines to maintain a safe and compliant work environment. 


Encrypted video streams from Axis and Samsung cameras  

The growing complexity and interconnectivity of security systems has driven the need for more secure communication between cameras and video servers, and exacqVision 9.6 now offers an optional feature to encrypt the video streams from Axis and Samsung cameras to the video server. Encrypting the video stream ensures data can only be interpreted by the server itself, meaning any third-party that intercepts this stream is unable to decrypt or make use of this data in any way. This additional layer of security offers the cyber protection necessary to keep a customer’s system continually secured. 

More Intuitive, Global Experience   

Select Default Client Language  

Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision 9.6 further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision Client to display in, as well as easily switch languages without requiring complicated changes to the computer settings. Not only does this eliminate tedious and error-prone processes for the user, it simplifies region-specific installation and support for integrators.