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exacqVision Creates Secure Experience for Upcoming Super Cup at Dinamo Arena

The Challenge
After being selected as the host of the 2015 Supercup, Dinamo Arena needed to update their CCTV security system. The new system had to meet UEFA standards and provide a seamless way to utilize existing analog cameras and infrastructure.

Super Cup

The Solution
exacqVision provided the Arena with the most cost-effective solution to add new IP cameras and the latest video surveillance system. exacqVision gives Arena personnel greater functionality and better performance to better manage events and security.



  • Compatibility with existing cameras, access control system and LED screen
  • Easier to navigate and operate
  • Cost-effective, efficient way to advance security system
  • More effective crowd management with advanced search and PTZ capabilities
  • Faster response time to critical events
  • Improves arena security operations and protect spectators


Read the entire case study here

Updated Exacq IP Cameras Webpage Makes Searching Easier

The new Exacq IP cameras webpage allows you to filter by specific features to find all the supported cameras compatible with exacqVision in addition to using the search box. These new search filters make it easier for you to find the IP cameras you are looking for. The new filters include:

  • Megapixel (search for cameras with desired MP resolution)
  • Fisheye
  • EasyConnect (IP cameras compatible with exacqVision EasyConnect)
  • Audio
  • Two-way audio
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
  • Analytics
  • Edge
  • Encoder (search for analog to digital video encoders)
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • Multi-streaming
  • Other Devices (I/O modules, Surveillance Keyboards, etc.)

exacqVision supports more than 2,200 IP camera models from nearly 100 manufacturers. Additionally, you can sort by manufacturer, model, number of streams supported and more. Be sure to view the test results to see all the integration details and functionality.

IP Camera Search Filters

Sample Test Results
Sample Test Results

exacqVision A-Series Now Provides Higher Performance and Increased Reliability at a Lower Cost

exacqVision A-Series network video recorders (NVRs) now offer you higher performance and increased reliability at a lower cost. Through thousands of installations worldwide, the exacqVision A-Series recorders have provided an ideal balance of performance, reliability and capacity for mid-sized analog and IP camera recording applications. 

exacqVision A-Series NVR


Watch the New A-Series Video

Proven Performance

  • Continuously record up to 550 Mbps of video for high concentration of HD cameras
  • Stream up to 1,800 frames per second of live and recorded video to local/web/mobile clients
  • Optional quad network interfaces for fastest archiving or mass client performance


Designed for Reliability

  • Minimizes system boot time and failure risk with a high reliability sold-state drive
  • Record even with one failed drive on 4U with optional RAID5

exacqVision Recorded Video

Mainstream Capacity

  • Record up to 64 IP and 64 analog cameras
  • Includes 4 or 8 IP camera licenses
  • Store up to 32TB of video
  • Compatible with nearly 2,300 IP camera models, all exacqVision recorders and software for maximum scalability

Lower Cost

  • The new exacqVision A-Series NVRs are now even more affordable, with a price reduction over the previous generation

Visit the exacqVision A-Series product page to learn more.

VideoPush for Mobile and Faster Camera Discovery Highlight the exacqVision 6.8 Release

The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 6.8, is now available. The focus of this release centers around VideoPush for Exacq Mobile and faster camera discovery through EasyConnect. With added support for over 75 new cameras in this release and 250 new test records, the exacqVision VMS now supports nearly 2,300 IP camera models.

exacqVision 6.0 logoexacqVision 6.8 is available for download

Faster Camera Discovery

The EasyConnect feature on the exacqVision VMS allows users to find, assign, address and connect certain IP cameras to their network automatically. Camera scanning for EasyConnect in exacqVision 6.8 has been improved to find more cameras on busy and noisy networks, including cameras on different subnets.

  • More efficient: Scans complete in about half the time
  • Better performance: Find more cameras on busy networks
  • Hardened: Avoid conflicts with other services using discovery ports


 64-bit exacqVision for Windows®

Windows 64Use the exacqVision 6.8 64-bit version for improved operating system memory management for environments with high input/output (I/O) demands.

How to upgrade to 64-bit?

exacqVision Groups Enhancements

The exacqVision 6.8 groups page allows you to create logical groups of cameras and other items connected to one or more systems. This is useful when you have a large number of cameras spread across multiple buildings or a campus, and you would like to place cameras in logically named groups such as first floor or second floor instead of viewing your cameras in default groups based on their connection to the systems.

With exacqVision 6.8, you can now upload and assign custom icons to groups, making it easier to find groups of interest at a glance. You can now also sort items within a group.


VideoPush for Exacq Mobile

exacqVision 6.8 now supports video push to mobile devices. VideoPush gives exacqVision Enterprise users the ability to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor, such as a public view monitor (PVM), video wall and now to mobile devices.

This feature allows video to be sent and shared with officers on patrol or other remotely stationed personnel for on-the-go collaboration. For example, when users identify a suspicious event occurring in an area, the video can immediately be pushed directly to the mobile device of a person closest to that area.

video push mobile

VideoPush is available in the exacqVision Enterprise VMS at no extra cost, with no limitation on the number of public view monitors, video wall, or mobile device connections.

Exacq Mobile H.264 and other Mobile Improvements

Several usability improvements have been added to Exacq Mobile in this release including:

  • H.264 video compression format (also known as MPEG-4) playback support for iOS, Android, and Windows phone devices. This enhancement saves bandwidth and CPU on the server running the web service. The video is either streamed or transcoded to H.264 based on mobile device performance
  • Improved mobile device responsiveness, allowing touch-drag of cameras to display camera freeze frame while dragging
  • Pressed Exacq Mobile buttons now clearly show the pressed-button state
  • Exacq Mobile icons have been redesigned for better visibility and recognition

Exacq Mobile

  • View cameras by group, as defined in the exacqVision client. With support for groups, Exacq Mobile users can quickly view relevant cameras.
  • The Web Client now offers more configuration support of exacqVision recorders, including the System Information page and Add Cameras page, with the ability to enable/disable cameras and manually add new cameras.

Enterprise System Manager (ESM) Version 3.2

ESM Backup Configuration

Automate the backup of recorder configurations in Enterprise System Manager (ESM) 3.2. Administrators can schedule backups (exports) of multiple recorder configurations at once. These backups are stored on the ESM server and can be restored (imported) to the recorder to “reset” the recorder to a known earlier good state. This ability to configure and schedule exports on multiple servers simultaneously eases the management of large environments.

  • Export recorder configurations to ESM (backup)
  • Import recorder configuration from ESM (restore)
  • Exports are manually executed server by server
  • Imports (restores) can be scheduled and performed in bulk

ESM Event Duration Rules

Short events that occur frequently can result in hundreds or even thousands of entries in a batch email notifications. With ESM 3.2, you can filter those events from triggering multiple notifications using the new “lasts for at least” rule. This ensures that the event duration lasts long enough to warrant a notification.

Last for at least rule

ESM Bulk Server Edits

You can now edit all of the servers in the ESM server list using the new bulk edits option. Click on the new bulk edit iconbulk edit icon to update basic connection properties that should be the same on every recorder. The bulk edits feature also allows you to delete all servers in the list .

Bulk Edit

New IP Camera Support

We’ve added support for more than 75 new IP camera models in the exacqVision 6.8 release and updated over 250 new test records, bringing the total number of supported IP cameras to nearly 2,300!

IP Cameras

New IP Cameras

New native driver IP camera support and updates for the following cameras models are included in this release:

IllustraIllustra Flex

Now supported with Illustra3 plugin

  • Enables 4 motion windows in upcoming firmware version 3.0.X

Illustra EssentialsIllustra Essentials

  • IPC-HD1100CN
  • IPC-HD2200CN
  • IPC-HFW1100SN
  • IPC-HFW2200SN
  • IPC-HDW1100SN
  • IPC-HDW2200SN

AxisAxis Communications

  • P3365
  • Q3505
  • P3214
  • Q8414-LVS
  • Q6045-MKII PTZ
  • Digest authentication support


  • Client-side dewarping now available on the following camera models:
    • E919
    • E923
    • I51
    • I71
    • E98
    • E15
    • E16
  • Native driver support for the following models:
    • B24
    • B45
    • B27
    • B44
    • B41
    • B25
    • B84
    • B47
    • B81
    • B21
    • B85
    • I71


  • WV-SPW631(LT)
  • WV-SFV611(L)
  • WV-SPN311
  • WV-SPW611(L)
  • WV-SPN310
  • WV-SPN631
  • WV-SPN611


  • P1220 PTZ


  • Support for receiving analytic events


  • SNC-VB632D


  • FE8180
  • FD8154
  • FD8367
  • FD8169
  • FD8373
  • FD8165
  • FD8155
  • FD8173
  • FD8167
  • FE8391
  • SD8364E PTZ

 Other Integration Partners Recently Added

Download and Installation

The latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try


exacqVision and Illustra

Illustra IP camerasThe easiest high-definition cameras with exacqVision

exacqVision offers a complete high definition solution with the Illustra line of IP video cameras. Illustra cameras combined with exacqVision recorders provide the easiest, high quality, high definition video surveillance solution.

  • Illustra 610Pro Series cameras with excellent low-light color video quality, facial quality enhancement and blur detection
    • Blur detection: alerts when camera focus or cleaning is necessary
    • Facial quality enhancement: automatically increase video quality around detected faces
      Blur Detection
  • illustra-fisheye-825_p3_01_na_wFisheye cameras for 360 degree situational awareness
    • Multi-streaming to optimize and balance video quality, storage, and networking requirements
    • Pan, tilt, and zoom to the area of interest


  • Illustra PTZPTZ cameras with ultra-low latency, fast rotational speed and exceptional image quality in the most demanding low light conditions
    • Exceptionally responsive with low latency video transmission and fast 500 degree/second rotational capability
    • Amazing 1080p image quality even in the most demanding environments low light environments


  • Illustra FlexFlex Series cameras provide high quality video at an affordable price
    • Excellent low light color and BW video quality with true day/night with IR illuminator and IR corrected lens
    • Wide dynamic range for impressive high and low light video


Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range

All cameras feature:

Illustra IP CamerasLearn more about the Illustra line of high-quality, high-definition IP video cameras and how they work with exacqVision recorders on our website.

Edge and Edge+ Now Available: Complete VMS on an IP Camera

exacqVision Edge is a complete video management software solution that runs directly on an IP camera and stores video to an SD card in the camera. Experience the same powerful features of server based recording software without the server. View live and recorded video from multiple Edge and server based recorders simultaneously with the included client software. Upgrade to Edge+ to archive more video to an exacqVision S-Series network storage appliance. Install the included exacqVision WebService software on a separate PC to view video in your browser, tablet or smartphone.

Edge and SD Card

Ideal Edge Applications



  • Small Systems
    Save server and installation costs on small video surveillance systems
  • Fast Deployment
    Completely pre-configure video system prior to installation; no server installation required.
  • High Reliability
    No single server failure stops all video recording
  • Unreliable Networks
    Ideal in environments with unreliable wireless or WAN connectivity – camera records even when the network is down.
  • Independent Recording
    Ideal to monitor remote server rooms independently of building surveillance recording.
  • Low Density Locations
    Ideal for remote locations with low camera counts

Now, exacqVision Edge is available in two versions:

exacqVision Edge logo

exacqVision Edge – Simultaneously connect to up to 10 exacqVision Edge cameras to a single client (Windows/Linux/Mac).

Powerful live & recorded video features:

  • Pre and post alarm recording
  • Supports PTZ control from IP camera and digital PTZ on any camera
  • exacqReplay instant replay feature
  • POS & ATM serial text search
  • Thumbnail and Timeline search
  • Export to standard formats like AVI and MOV or stand-alone EXE
  • Client-side dewarp of fisheye/panoramic cameras

exacqVision Edge+ Logo

exacqVision Edge+ – Simultaneously connect over 1000 exacqVision Edge cameras to a single client (Windows/Linux/Mac).

All of the features of exacqVision Edge along with the following features:

  • Time Lapse Recording
  • Archiving & Extended Storage
  • Single & Nested Mapping
  • Audit trail
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Supports multi-streaming from IP camera
  • Remote System Monitoring with Email Notification
  • Two-way audio
  • Bookmarking & Case Management
  • VideoPush extended video wall


Visit the exacqVision Edge product page for details. 

Check our camera integration page for a full list of exacqVision Edge compatible IP cameras.

Bookmarking and Case Management Highlights exacqVision 6.2 Release

The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 6.2, is now available. This release adds bookmarking and case management, allowing users to permanently save, label and manage important video clips on the server. In addition, exacqVision 6.2 includes built-in EasySupport for highly detailed, same-day online support, along with Transacq Search for easier, more powerful searching through important serial data from sources like cash registers. With added support for over 80 new cameras in this release, the exacqVision VMS now supports nearly 2000 IP camera models.

exacqVision 6.0 logoexacqVision 6.2 is available for download at https:exacq.com/download

New exacqVision 6.2 features include:

Other new items in this release:

Bookmarking & Case Management

Preview the new Bookmarking & Case Management features via the latest video from our Online Training Series:

Bookmarking & Case Management


Our new bookmarking feature allows you to tag, name, and retain video clips, providing long term, server-based retention of important evidence.

Bookmark menu

  • Group multiple video, audio and data segments
  • Retain video on server or S-Series until user deletes the bookmark
  • Normal video deletion rules apply after bookmark is deleted

Create a bookmark by marking the video start and stop points, then click the new “Create Bookmark” button.


Give the bookmark a name and a description, then click the apply button to save the bookmark.

Save Bookmark

Bookmarking allows you to easily find important video from the exacqVision client.

  • Name groups of important evidence
  • Quickly find evidence in bookmarks list
  • All searching and playback is done from client interface

Bookmarking is available in exacqVision Professional and Enterprise.

Case Management

CasesThe new Case Management feature, available in exacqVision Enterprise, provides a tool to organize related bookmarks into cases.

  • Add and remove bookmarks from cases
  • Name cases for each search

Organize your bookmarks into named cases.

Add Bookmark to a Case

Search cases to find related groups of bookmarks.

Search Cases

Use case management and bookmarking together for long term storage of critical evidence.


Support DiagnosticsIn exacqVision 6.2, we’ve added a “Support Diagnostics” option. This feature streamlines your technical support issues by automatically sending important log files, system information and your notes to an exacqVision technical support specialist who will reply online, usually within a single business day.

  • Easily upload Support Diagnostics files
  • Response target: < 1 business day.
  • Faster than verbally relaying technical information
  • Available 24/7/365

When you select the Support Diagnostics menu option, you simply choose the server and the log files you wish to report, then upload them to your case.

Support Diagnostics Menu

The upload button initiates the online Support Request Form with several fields pre-filled for you.

Support Form

You will receive a confirmation with your case number, customer information, system information and a list of the support diagnostic files that were uploaded. Exacq Technical Support then reviews your files and responds with a solution or further diagnostic actions.

Improved Systems Grid

The new Systems page allows you to connect to your exacqVision servers from your client faster. This is specifically noticed by users who have high server counts. The updated Systems page also makes it easier to connect or disconnect to every server on the grid with just a single click.

Systems Grid

Transacq Search

With Transacq Search we’ve greatly simplified the serial data search feature in exacqVision 6.2, providing a tool to search important data such as cash register transactions synced with surveillance video.

Advanced Data Search

In addition, you can set up a recording event and other actions based on serial data. For example, record video when liquor is purchased.

Serial Event Trigger

Setting up the search rules is easy with the new rule configuration screen.

Easy Rules Editor

Increased PTZ Control Responsiveness

exacqVision Joystick

Version 6.0 of the exacqVision VMS included smoother control and faster response for a number of IP PTZ cameras. With the 6.2 release, these improvements have now been expanded to include more camera manufacturers including Pelco, ACTi, Hikvision and UDP. You’ll really notice these improvements when using the exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard.

Expanded Support for Client-Side Dewarping with Panoramic/Fisheye Cameras

Exacq continues to build on its list of supported panoramic or “fisheye” cameras that allow for client-side dewarping. With client-side dewarping the entire panoramic field of view is always available–whether the user is in live or recorded mode. This works with the exacqVision client, the web browser client and even with the Exacq Mobile app. Client-side panoramic dewarping is more resource efficient, recording one video stream and eliminating the possibility of redundant recording. Version 6.2 of exacqVision adds client-side dewarping for the Illustra 825 and the Samsung SNV-7010 fisheye/panoramic cameras.

Client-Based Panoramic Dewarping

Supported client-based dewarping cameras and technology partners include:

New IP Camera Support

We’ve added support for over 80 new IP cameras models in the exacqVision 6.2 release, bringing the total number of IP cameras supported to nearly 2000!

IP Cameras

New native driver support for the following cameras is included in this release:

American Dynamics

  • Illustra FlexIllustra 825  360° Fisheye camera now with client-side dewarping
  • Illustra 625 PTZ camera now with “Pattern and Peel”
  • Illustra 610 Compact Mini Bullet


  • SNV-7010 Fisheye with client-side dewarping
  • Multi-StrSamsung Logoeam support for:
    • SND-6013
    • SNV-6013
    • SND-7084
    • SNV-7084


  • PanasonicWV-SFN611L
  • WV-SFR611L
  • WV-SFN631L
  • WV-SFR631L


  • BoschMulti-stream support
  • FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000


  • SonySNC-HM662 Fisheye with client-side dewarping


  • VB-S800D
  • canon logoVB-S31D PTZ
  • VB-S30D PTZ
  • VB-S900F

ONVIFONVIF IP Camera Integrations

  • DSC – 2 new models
  • Dahua – 25 new models
  • Speco techonologies – 8 new models
  • Flexwatch – 5 new models
  • Dynacolor – 1 new model
  • ZTE – 10 new models

Web & Mobile Clients

Active DirectoryWeb Service AD/LDAP Support

  • Mobile and Web Client users can now use domain credentials
  • Log into web service, client software and Windows/Linux with the same account
  • LDAPEasier for your IT department to administer users

Web Client

The Web Client now supports:

  • Thumbnail Search
  • Timeline Search

exacqVision ESM Version 2.6

Several new enhancements are included in the release of exacqVision Enterrprise System Manager (ESM) 2.6 including:

Email Rules Engine design overhaul

  • Define rules using natural language “If-Then” structure
  • Create specific event start/stop rules
  • Create specific rules for different servers, cameras and server groups
  • HTML email format (prettier)

ESM Email

ESM Server Versions Page

  • Overhaul of GUI layout to improve usability
  • Identify old versions of exacqVision still deployed
  • Identify new versions of exacqVision available

ESM User Preference Persistence

  • All preferences for viewing servers, events and cameras are persisted
  • Preferences saved per user
  • Settings carry over between browsers

Download and Installation

As always, the latest versions of exacqVision client and server software can easily and quickly be copied over existing versions while retaining all user settings. The latest versions are available through “Check for Updates” in the “About” box in the exacqVision software.

exacqVision Server software is available in both Windows and Linux versions, and the exacqVision client software is available in Windows, Linux and Macintosh native versions. Any version of exacqVision client can connect to any version of exacqVision server.

Download exacqVision Software here: http://exacq.com/downloads

Try exacqVision software for free here: http://exacq.com/try


New Exacq IP Camera Integration Page

Exacq has launched a new IP cameras integration webpage. The new page features a simple, three-step process that shows more information up front and makes navigation easier.

  1. Choose your manufacturer. Click on any manufacturer logo to view all the camera models from that brand.Select IP Camera Manufacturer
  1. Choose camera model.

Displays more information initially including: video codec, motion, audio, I/O triggers, PTZ, analytics and important notes.

• New icons: one-way and two-way audio icons and important notes icon for visitors to quickly view features.

• A new, important notes box pops up when a user places the cursor over the important notes icon.

• Now, if you click anywhere in the row of a camera model, you are directed to the camera integration details page.

Select IP Camera Model

  1. Camera integration details. The full camera test results and functionality details are displayed on screen.

View Test Details

Search: The search box now has a permalink button to the right of it if you’d like to save a specific search.

Visit the all-new IP camera integration page and search the over 1,800 IP cameras integrated with exacqVision.