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exacqVision Web Service 2.1 released

exacqVision Web Service 2.1exacqVision Web Service 2.1 has just been released. The Web Service, available at no charge for all exacqVision deployments, powers the exacqVision Browser-based client, as well as the exacq Mobile iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps.

New features in Version 2.1 include:

  • Soft Triggers
  • Bookmarking

Here are the features in detail:

Soft Triggers
All "soft triggers" configured on exacqVision systems can now be accessed through the Browser client and the mobile apps. Version 2.1 adds a Triggers bar, in the lower left-hand corner of the exacqVision browser client, where the triggers can be accessed. The screenshots below show the new Browser client, the Triggers view, and an activated trigger.

exacqVision Web Browser Client

exacqVision Web Browser Client

exacqVision Web Browser Client

All exacqVision Browser views can now be saved as URLs. This is highly useful if you need to recall, save or e-mail specific views. The URL for the view used in the screenshots above is here:


Clicking on that link brings up the exact same view as used above.

Triggers in exacq Mobile
The new exacq Mobile apps, also available at no charge, also enable the use of Soft Triggers. Triggers can be easily turned on and off from the mobile device:

exacq Mobile 2.1 soft triggers

exacqVision Web Service Version 2.1 is available for download here:

exacqVision iPhone App update – Version 1.15

There are two versions of the exacqVision iPhone App on iTunes. The Lite version is free and fully functional. It connects to all of the exacqVision demo servers in Indiananapolis and California, which is a great way to demo the mobile capability of exacqVision. The full version, at $49.99, enables connecting to an unlimited number of cameras on an unlimited number of exacqVision servers.

For those with smaller camera count viewing requirements, an update to the Lite version of the iPhone app will be of interest. Version 1.15 of the lite app, now on iTunes, is a free download or update. In addition to free viewing of all cameras on the exacqVision demo servers, version 1.15 now enables users to add single cameras from their own exacqVision servers at a low, $4.99 per-camera price as an in-app purchase.  For deployments where mobile users only need to monitor a small number of cameras, this is a useful and cost-effective option.

NVR Viewer Lite is available at no charge on the iTunes store here. More information on the exacqVision iPhone/iPad app on our mobile page.

exacqVision iPhone app version 1.15

exacqVision iPhone & iPad app – Version 1.12 update

exacqVision iPhone & iPad surveillance appVersion 1.12 update of NVR Viewer, the exacqVision iPhone and iPad surveillance app, has just been posted to the iTunes app store. This latest release provides a host of new, useful features, including:

  • Expanded layouts
  • Instant replay on live video
  • Save & e-mail image
  • Drag live video fields from cell to cell
  • Updated graphics
  • Improved performance of live and recorded video
  • Added option to specify port of the web server
  • Added "camera disconnected" indicator
  • Added diagnostics

Expanded  Layouts
You can now display up to a 4×4 live view on both the iPhone and iPad.

exacqVision iPhone surveillance app 4x4 layout

Instant replay on live vid
When playing a single live camera, you are now able to instantly rewind and scrub through the video, just as you can through recorded video.

exacqVision iPhone surveillance app - instant replay

Save image, e-mail image
When viewing a single camera, press and hold to show additional options, including clear, save image, or e-mail image.

exacqVision iPhone surveillance app - save and e-mail image

NVR Viewer works with all exacqVision systems, and is available on the iTunes app store for $49.99. A free version is also available.

Demo videos of the iPhone app here, and of the iPad app here. Full information on NVR Viewer here.

Exacq at PSA-TEC 2010

Exacq at PSA-TEC 2010We have just returned from PSA-TEC 2010, the annual education, training and technology event that PSA Security Network holds for its members. We have found PSA-TEC to be of considerable value to us, as it affords us the opportunity to spend some in-depth time with the PSA member resellers.

One of the most important parts of the conference is the training sessions. We held one of our day-long exacqVision technical reseller training sessions on Tuesday, where we had a pre-registered full house as well as some dealers who added the course on-site.

Exacq receives Superstar Vendor Achievement Award at PSA-TEC 2010Wednesday morning was the Vendor Awards Banquet, the result of PSA member surveys ranking vendors on overall products, support, pricing, and service to the membership. We were very honored to receive the "Superstar Vendor Achievement Award" this year, the highest award PSA offers. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the entire PSA member base for this award.

After the awards breakfast was the trade show. This was the first year at the Rosemont Convention Center, and the upgraded facilities were a great change of pace. We had a packed booth the entire show, and the increased space and wider aisles were most welcome. We showed our latest exacqVision Version 4.1 features, as well as a sneak peek of the upcoming Version 4.2 features, including Sanyo IP camera support and ONVIF support, using Bosch and other ONVIF-compatible cameras. We also were using IP cameras from Axis, Vivotek, IQeye, Panasonic, ACTi, Sony, and Arecont Vision, who was also right across the aisle from us.

Additionally, we also featured our iPhone & iPad surveillance app, which allows full connection to all exacqVision servers, live viewing with multiple camera layouts, and search and playback of recorded video.

Sam Pfeifle of Security Systems News gave his take on the show in this blog post. Wednesday night was the popular PSA-TEC Jam Session, and Sam was live-streaming the band over his iPhone via ustream.com. He posted archival video of that event here.

Our thanks once again to the entire PSA organization for the great job they did with this years’ well-run event. Below are some pictures and a video from the show floor. Click on each for a larger image.

PSA-TEC 2010 7

PSA-TEC 2010 4

PSA-TEC 2010 6

exacqVision iPhone & iPad App now available

exacqVision NVR Viewer iPhone & iPad AppThe new exacqVision app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is now available. NVR Viewer is an incredibly useful app, a full featured video surveillance viewer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that complements any exacqVision installation. Designed for the exacqVision platform, NVR Viewer provides a host of client features including live view, live PTZ control, search and playback. Features include:

  • Connect to multiple exacqVision servers simultaneously
  • Uses existing user account privileges
  • Supports SSL when activated on exacqVision server
  • View, Search, Playback
  • View cameras from multiple servers on one screen
  • iPhone/iPad-style search
  • View recorded video from any camera
  • Scrub bar for recorded video
  • Full Live & Preset controls on PTZ cameras
  • Uses full portrait and landscape modes on iPhone and iPad

Here is a video showcasing the software in use on an iPhone:

More details on the exacqVision NVR Viewer iPhone/iPad app is on our mobile integration page.

NVR Viewer is available on iTunes. The free demo version, which connects to all of our demo exacqVision servers is available here. The full version allows connection to an unlimited number of exacqVision servers, and is available here for $49.95.