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Tyco AI is an ever evolving, deep learning solution that infuses artificial intelligence into the Tyco security portfolio. Enabled by the powerful algorithms in Tyco AI, object classification, behavior and facial recognition analytics become exponentially faster and more accurate, enabling the industry-leading suite of Tyco’s automation solutions for access control and video surveillance to produce critical and customizable operational intelligence data for nearly any customer application.

According to a Forbes Magazine article, 75% of enterprises are relying on AI-based platforms and solutions for network security today. While not quite as widespread, AI in physical security is beginning to take hold as designers leverage machine learning to perfect AI-enabled security applications, including facial matching solutions.

As you’d expect, there are some important differences amongst the many facial matching offerings available today. While there are certainly more than three, this trifecta of differentiators stands out:


Deep learning technology enables software to differentiate between humans, animals, objects, time of day, and weather conditions, and analytics can help distinguish between normal and suspicious behavior.  When you add human interpretation to assign classification to faces for context,  you achieve faster and more effective responses that are appropriate for each situation.

The Exacq Facial Matching solution lets you register facial images in different classifications (e.g. persons of interest, employees, guests, etc.) vs. a catch-all watch list so you can react appropriately to alerts and deploy the correct personnel.

Better response is a cornerstone of good security. Facial matching solutions must deliver the details that matter wherever you are – not a generic email notification that leaves you guessing about the nature of the alert.


Using Exacq Mobile with Exacq’s Facial Matching solution, you can automatically receive notifications to your mobile device with a visual display of the matched face when a POI event occurs.


Superior situational awareness that drives appropriate responses



Professionals across all kinds of industries including retail, healthcare, finance, etc. are looking to bolster security and efficiency by automating tasks and processes so security personnel can focus on things that add greater value.

Integrating solutions like facial matching with a video management system will hasten deployment, strengthen security and maximize efficiency. With the Exacq Facial Matching solution, facial registration cameras and rules, and facial match alerts are all configured directly in exacqVision VMS for quick deployment as well as easy management.

exacqVision gives you one comprehensive and intuitive management interface


If you are part of the 75% the Forbes article identified as looking for AI-enabled security tools like Facial Matching, you are undoubtedly interested in accuracy and privacy – two areas that have dogged Facial Matching (and AI-solutions in general) for years.


Data accuracy is dependent on data quality, and a big factor in achieving that quality is in the IP cameras you may have already vetted as trusted components of your security system.  While some facial matching systems will work with only select IP cameras, Exacq’s Facial Matching Solution lets you use any compatible IP HD camera and then leverages deep learning to provide reliable and accurate recognition of faces (even with hats or glasses) with minimal false positives.


Privacy concerns are ubiquitous when considering facial matching solutions and there is a perception that widespread adoption will inevitably lead to a loss of privacy. This is where trusted partners with proven compliance programs have a distinct advantage over manufacturers with less established programs and procedures.


As part of Johnson Controls Product Security Program, Exacq solutions are created in a culture focused on cyber resilience and are deployed with dedicated support to help keep customers’ data safe and secure.



If you work in retail loss prevention, or healthcare or finance security, you know all too well the need to quickly and accurately detect and act on incidents that can affect the wellbeing and bottom line of your organization.


The Exacq Facial Matching solution combines the power and accuracy of Tyco AI’s deep learning with the flexibility and robustness of exacqVision VMS to help you enhance and transform your physical security environment.






Exacq Technologies Integrates with Sensormatic Anti-Theft Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System

SensormaticexacqVision is now integrated with Sensormatic anti-theft electronic article surveillance (EAS) system.  The combination of exacqVision and the Sensormatic EAS system gives retail customers a unified solution to improve their loss prevention efforts and capture loss event data and video within one interface.

The Sensormatic pedestals capture valuable loss prevention data to create a surveillance zone at the end of checkout lane or at the store exit. When an alarm event occurs, the system notifies store employees when someone exits the store or if merchandise has the electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag attached.

With the exacqVision integration, retail customers have the benefit of an added layer of video surveillance and real-time loss event insights.

Sensormatic combined with exacqVision allows retailers to:

  • Connect surveillance device data with video
  • Notify employees when someone tries to remove an EAS tag from a location or exits the store
  • See live exacqVision video images of the alarm event as it is occurring
  • Search previous EAS system events and see the corresponding exacqVision video at the time the event happened
  • Quickly identify suspects for potential theft instances
  • Improve real-time response to shrinkage control

EAS Pedestal shot

This integration enables retail store managers to quickly identify suspects for potential theft instances and improve real-time response to shrinkage control.

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.6 or later, and Sensormatic Local Device Manager Configurator version 8.3.

Learn more about this exacqVision integration.

Exacq Integrates with TrueVUE Retail Analytics Solution

Exacq Technologies Combines with TrueVUE for Comprehensive Retail Surveillance Solution

TrueVUE logoexacqVision is now integrated with Tyco Retail Solutions’ TrueVUE inventory loss reporting system. The exacqVision integration provides users with the ability to utilize video associated to shrinkage events for better forensic analysis.

With the TrueVUE exacqVision integration, users have video evidence to support their object tracking and people counting reports to better understand store trends in loss prevention and enhance virtually every aspect of store operations. The key metrics of TrueVUE and the combined video from exacqVision retail customers are now empowered to make better decisions to ultimately lower costs.

The TrueVUE integration allows exacqVision retail users to:

  • Visually verify loss prevention events
  • Capture and send video clips to law enforcement for faster theft identification


  • Provide video evidence to support object tracking
  • Associate video to improve reporting on key metrics like loss prevention, inventory and traffic
  • Enhance store operations and lower costs

This integration requires exacqVision version 6.2 or later and exacqVision web service 3.9 or later, with a current exacqVision license using the TrueVUE 6.0 or later version.

Learn more about Exacq’s powerful integration with TrueVUE on our Retail Analytics page.

exacqVision and Jewelry Store Loss Prevention

A Crime of Passion - Security Products Magazine 11/08A couple of months back we blogged about an amazing sleight-of-hand jewelry store theft in Philadelphia in March of a $47,000 engagement ring.  The theft was discovered and the perpetrator caught because of sharp, clear video surveillance footage from a recently-installed exacqVision system and IQeye megapixel IP cameras.

The November issue of Security Products magazine has devoted a rather in-depth look at the theft. Sherleen Mahoney, associate editor for the magazine, starts out:

Love often drives people to do some crazy things. One man, Larry J. Hopkins, tried to steal his way into a woman’s heart. On March 14, he entered Carroll’s Jewelers in Doylestown, Penn. After more than two hours of looking at various engagement rings (i.e., waiting for the right moment), he palmed a $47,000 three-carat diamond solitaire ring in a platinum setting, one of the most expensive rings in the store, when the salesperson’s back was turned. Within two minutes, he was gone—and the salesperson didn’t realize the theft until a few minutes later.

We previously posted the frame-by-frame, digitally zoomed-in images of the actual theft here.  Ms. Mahoney continues on:

In a lucky twist of fate, a few months prior to the incident, Access Security Corp. of Warminster, Penn., a provider of integrated security systems, had upgraded the jewelry store’s legacy CCTV system, which consisted of a 10-year-old time-lapse VCR system linked to four analog cameras. The system had been replaced with an Exacq Technologies hybrid NVR and two megapixel cameras from IQinVision.

Dan Cogan, president of Access Security, was called in to bring the surveillance system up-to-date with the latest IP cameras.  The store also wanted to continue to use their analog cameras:

“Using existing infrastructure was important to the client,” Cogan said. “The exacqVision hybrid NVR system was chosen because it allowed us to integrate the existing analog cameras with the new high-resolution megapixel cameras from IQinVision.”

After realizing the theft had occurred, retrieving the video evidence and exporting it for law enforcement was easy:

A powerful feature of exacqVision is exacqReplay, which provides instant playback of video from any camera simply by right-clicking in that camera’s window panel and selecting the desired time segment, up to the last 15 minutes. This is a useful tool to assess alarms, as well as to quickly review something that just happened. The video or individual images can be easily exported for e-mailing, printing or burning to a CD or DVD.

It was the IQeye 753 that provided the critical surveillance video that led to Hopkins’ arrest. The video clearly shows a white man in his 50s with salt-and-pepper hair, wearing a navy baseball cap with a tan trim, a black leather jacket, blue jeans, a polo shirt and wireless glasses, holding the ring and quickly covering it with his fingers. Access Security exported approximately 10 minutes of video and still images to a CD for the police and media.

The thief, Larry Hopkins, was caught in two days, and was sentenced to up to 23 months in the county jail.  And he did it all for love:

According to a local newspaper, when the prosecutor asked Hopkins why he did it, Hopkins answered, “For love. I loved her so much that I went out of my mind.”

– The complete Security Products story is here.
– The original blog post with frame-by-frame images of the theft is here.

The original, high-resolution video clip is available to all exacqVision resellers.  It makes for an amazing demo of the capabilities of the product.  If you do not already have this clip, contact us here.

At Butiksleverantör in Stockholm with Gate Security

Gate SecurityWhile we’ve been busy in Las Vegas at ISC, our Swedish partner, Gate Security, has been hard at work showing the exacqVision video surveillance solution to the retail loss prevention market at the Butiksleverantör 2008 show, held this week at the Sollentuna Expo Center in Stockholm.

Butiksleverantör is the major trade fair in Sweden targeting buyers and specifiers from both national and independent retailers throughout Sweden, including security directors and loss prevention managers.  The show focuses on the latest technologies for retail operations.

Gate Security was showing their new NEXUS line of loss prevention security gates, as well as the exacqVision IP video surveillance systems.  Their demo setup included an exacqVision server connected to multiple cameras, two client stations with a number of monitors connected, and a large spot monitor.  Thomas Rasi, Marketing Manager for Gate, was very pleased at the level of interest in exacqVision from loss prevention and security managers at the show.

Congratulations to the whole crew at Gate Security for another successful trade show.  Gate Security can be reached as follows:

Web: www.gatesecurity.se
Phone: +46-5-453-6600
e-mail: info@gatesecurity.se

At Butiksleverantör Stockholm with Gate Security 2

At Butiksleverantör Stockholm with Gate Security 1

Loss Prevention in San Diego


We recently returned from the National Retail Federation’s annual Loss Prevention Expo – this time held in the San Diego Convention Center. We were showing our exacqVision IP video surveillance solutions in the IPVS Magazine booth. The NRF-LP Expo focuses on retail loss prevention, with emphasis on everything from designing floor layouts and surveillance systems, to combating counterfeit brands and organized retail theft rings.

The attendance at NRF-LP is primarily loss prevention officers from the larger retail chains worldwide. We met with many of these key LP decision makers and had an opportunity to discuss our exacqVision IP and hybrid video solutions. Also in the IPVS booth were vendors of companion technologies to exacqVision, such as IP cameras and managed networking gear. Key issues with these LP professionals included a desire for flexible and scalable video surveillance solutions, and the ability to access all locations from a single remote interface. The ability to scale an exacqVision system to any size, the ease-of use of the user interface, the tie-in to POS systems, and the ability to seamlessly mix both IP and analog video, thereby allowing them to use existing cameras, was of significant interest. We were able to make a number of great contacts at this show.

Our thanks again to Eric and the entire crew at IPVS Magazine for once again putting together a great booth. We’ll be with IPVS Magazine in the retail market again in November when we head to Atlanta for the National Association of Convenience Stores Annual Convention.

Exacq at NRF-LP

Report from National Retail Federation 2007, New York

Exacq at National Retail Federation BIG Show 2007We had a successful NRF show earlier this week in New York. Co-located with Axis Communications and their IP Cameras in the IPVS Magazine booth, we showed our exacqVision IP software in an all-IP megapixel camera environment.

The comments from the many integrators and retail loss prevention personnel who saw exacqVision IP focused on the following key points:

Low Cost – exacqVision IP is low-priced and simple to buy: one flat low price per video channel. Cameras can be easily added at any time. No additional server fees, enterprise fees, or charges for additional features.

Ease of Use – exacqVision IP NVR software is the most intuitive video surveillance software on the market.

True Scalability – whether you need just a couple of cameras for a convenience store, or hundreds of cameras across a chain of stores, excaqVision IP is an ideal solution.

Extensive IP Camera Support – exacqVision IP works with the most popular IP cameras on the market, including megapixel and PTZ IP cameras, from vendors such as Axis, Sony, IQeye, Panasonic, ACTi, and more.

Use of Existing Equipment – exacqVision IP can also integrate existing analog CCTV cameras seamlessly with the IP cameras, using the same user interface, with full frame rate and high quality images. No need to discard existing cameras, domes, PTZ units, etc.

POS Integration – exacqVision IP can integrate with POS systems, alarm systems, access control systems, and more.

In addition to sending all of the leads an evaluation copy of the exacqVision IP software, we’ll be forwarding the end-user leads to our dealer channel. Our thanks to Mark Bonde and the crew at IPVS Magazine for the terrific job they did with their booth at this year’s NRF show.

National Retail Federation 2007 a

National Retail Federation 2007 b